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Welcome to the Art Department

The Art Department at WVC offers coursework in a variety of media including drawing, painting, design, sculpture, ceramics, photography, art history, computer arts and animation.

Photo of girl Painting in class

About The Art Department:

Our facilities include a bronze foundry, state-of-the art computer labs and lecture halls, ceramics, painting, and drawing studios and the Student Center Art Gallery.

NEW A.A.Transfer Degree (ADT) "Roadmaps" of suggested course sequence:

See more information about the Art Associate Degree for Transfer

Note:  The Associate Degree for Transfer can be seen as a minimum requirement for acceptance as a junior to CSU/UC and other transfer institutions. Many programs require additional portfolio reviews once accepted to the university. We recommend using the ADT as a great starting point, and adding as much extra art media experience that your course schedule will allow, in addition to the GE requirements.



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