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Photography Department


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Professional Improvement Courses


The following single concept classes may be useful for professional improvement purposes.

Please check the college catalog for necessary prerequisites.

Photo 101

Basic Digital Photography

3 units


Intermediate Digital Photography

3 units

Photo 30D

Color Digital Photography

4 units

Photo 60
Introduction to Photoshop for Photographers
3 units

Photo 61
Intermediate Photoshop for Photographers
2 units

Photo 62
Advanced Photoshop for Photographers
2 units

Photo 65
Current Trends and Issues in Imaging
2 unit

Photo 72
Environmental Portraits
1 unit

Photo 73
Photographing Your Art
1 unit

Photo 74
Close-Up Photography
1 unit

Photo 120

Lightroom For Photographers

3 units




Studio portrait

Photo of Bodie in the snow

Donner Lake

For additional information: Please contact the department chair:

Brian Tramontana
Email: brian_tramontana@wmv.edu
Phone: 408-741-2547

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