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Reading Department

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Course Offerings

What kinds of things can I learn in a Reading class?

  • How to study more effectively and efficiently

  • How to critically think through information

  • How to read and study textbooks

  • How to improve vocabulary

  • How to find the main idea and topic of a piece of text

  • How to analyze the author's purpose and intent of a piece of writing

  • How to enjoy reading more

Reading Course Offerings

Reading 53: Critical and Efficient Reading

3 units, transferable to CSU, fulfills Reading Proficiency requirement for an AA degree

This course offers the opportunity to improve comprehension and critical reading of college-level texts and to increase reading efficiency and enjoyment of recreational reading. Satisfactory completion of this course can meet the West Valley College Reading Proficiency requirement for graduation.


Reading 961: Effective Reading

3 units

This course is designed to prepare students for college-level reading. Students can expect improvement in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and study skills. This course is a prerequisite for English 1A.


Reading 960: Reading Fundamentals

3 units

This course is designed to improve vocabulary and reading comprehension to prepare students to function at the college preparatory level.


Reading 915: Reading Support: Special Topics

1 unit

This course offers reading support to students simultaneously enrolled in a designated collegiate level course. Students are instructed in reading and study strategies and are guided in group study. Courses supported may vary. See class schedule for current offerings.


Reading 975 A, B, C, D Reading Skills

.5 units

The Reading Skills Lab will provide individualized instruction in one or more of the following areas: comprehension, critical thinking, vocabulary development, study skills, reading rate improvement, reading for pleasure. Auto-instructional materials will be assigned based on diagnostic testing and the student's goals.

Reading Center

The Reading Center is located in the Library next to the Writing Center.
Hours vary each semester.
Courses taught in the Reading Center: Reading 975 A, B, C, D Reading Skills
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