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World Languages

French Français

is a Romance language spoken in France, Belgium and Switzerland, and parts of Canada. It is an official language of 25 countries. It is also an administrative language in many international organizations. It is spoken by about 90 million people.



Marie Bertola, Instructor


Degree(s) / Institution:

M.A. French, Paris VII University, Paris France

Major: Teaching French as a Second Language


Robert Joseph Chavez, Instructor


Highest degree/ Institutions: M.A. Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas

Major: Spanish, French, Mexican-American Studies

Classes at WVC: All levels of Spanish

Experience: International Purser for trans World Airlines, High School-College Instructor

Personal message: The importance of foreign languages becomes more apparent every day. The world is smaller and we need to understand ourselves better as well as our neighbors. Foreign languages help do this.

Personal interests or areas of research: Pre-Columbian history

Foreign languages and cultures


Janice Letson, Instructor


Degree(s) / Institution:

M.A. French Literature University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa

B.A. French, Social Studies (minor) Fresno State, CA

Classes at WVC:

Intermediate & Advanced French, 2A 2B, 3A 3B


41 years High School Teacher , French 1-5 AP

2 years Community College-Part Time Instructor

Personal message to prospective students:

The ability to speak French and to know the cultures of Francophone areas enriches and expands ones possibilities in life.

Academic interests or areas of research:

African literature of Maghreb and South Sahara Regions

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