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CAREER PROGRAMS: Health Care Technologies - Insurance Billing Specialist

Major Requirements

Insurance Billing Specialist Certificate Required Courses
Course Number      Course Name      Units     
Htech 1 Introduction to Health Care 1
Htech 2 Medical Information Processing 2
Htech 5 Basic Medical Terminology 3
Htech 6 Advanced Medical Terminology 3
Htech 7 Medical Law and Ethics 2
Htech 8 Communication for Health Care Personnel 2
Htech 41 Basic Medical Office Procedures 3
Htech 42 Insurance Billing & Coding 2
Htech 43 Basic Medical Accounting and Record Keeping 3
Htech 54A Internship 2
Total Units 23
Recommended Electives
Course Number      Course Name      Units     
Comm 12 Intercultural Communication 3

NOTE: Helpful tips for Htech 2

  • working knowledge of use and functioning of computers
  • ability to work independently with Microsoft Word

A grade of C or better must be earned for all certificate programs. Students who need additional time to practice computer skills are encouraged to take advantage of the open lab time in the Technology Center


Semester      Course Name     
First Semester (Fall) Htech 1, 2, 5, 41, 42
Second Semester (Spring) Htech 6, 7, 8, 43
Third Semester (Summer) Htech 54A (Internship)

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Department Chair
Kristine Gaiero
e-mail:  kris_gaiero@westvalley.edu

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