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CAREER PROGRAMS: Health Care Technologies - Orthopedic Technician

Major Requirements

Orthopedic Technician Certificate
Course Number      Course Name      Units     
Htech 4 Structure & Function of the Human Body 3
Htech 6 Advanced Medical Terminology 3
Htech 54A Internship 2
Htech 54B Internship 2
Htech 55 Vital Signs and Charting 2
Htech 57 Sterile techniques 2.5
Htech 64 ECG and Ortho Tech 2.5

A grade of C or better must be earned for all certificate programs.

Students who need additional time to practice computer skills are encouraged to take advantage of the open lab time in the Technology Center.

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Department Chair
Kristine Gaiero
e-mail:  kris_gaiero@westvalley.edu

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