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CAREER PROGRAMS: Park Management - Major Requirements

Major Requirements

A.S. Degree and Certificate Required Courses
Course Number      Course Name      Units     
PKMGT 10 Intro. to Park Management 3
PKMGT 11 Park Communications 2
PKMGT 12A Basic Outdoor Skills  
PKMGT 12B Int. Outdoor Skills for the Park Ranger 3
PKMGT 13 Fire Suppression and Use 2
PKMGT 14 Conservation of Natural Resources 3
PKMGT 15A Duties of the Ranger 3
PKMGT 15B Natural & Cultural
Resource Interpretation
PKMGT 15C Intro to Park Maintenance 3
PKMGT 16A Intro to GIS & GPS 3
PKMGT 17 Basic Horticulture for Parks 3
PKMGT 18 Park Planning & Design 2
PKMGT 19 Wilderness First Responder 5
PKMGT 20A/B Park Internship Seminar 3-3
PKMGT 21 Park Operations Lab 1
Bio 14 California Plants & Animals 3
Geol 1A Physical Geology 4
Geol 15 Geology of California 3
AJ 1601 PC 832 Laws of Arrest, Search & Seizure 3
Total Units 51-52

Recommended Electives:

Course Number      Course Name      Units     
PKMGT 23 Powersaws 1.5
PKMGT 12C Advanced Outdoor Skills
for the Park Ranger
PKMGT 24 Wilderness Navigation 1

NOTE: Park Management students cannot take Lead 20A/B or PKMGT 16A for general education credit. See your counselor.

To be awarded an A.S. degree, a student must complete:

  1. All the major requirements
  2. Additional units to meet the college general education graduation requirements.
  3. Students should check with a counselor to verify their catalog rights and program requirements.


Semester      Course Name     
1st Semester (Fall) PKMGT 10, PKMGT 12A or 12B, PKMGT 13, General Ed. Courses
2nd Semester PKMGT 11, PKMGT 14, PKMGT 19, AJ 1601, Bio 14, Gen. Ed. Courses
3rd Semester PKMGT 15B, PKMGT 15C, PKMGT 20A, PKMGT 21, Geol 15, Gen. Ed. Courses
4th Semester PKMGT 15A, PKMGT 16A, PKMGT 17, PKMGT 18, PKMGT 20B, Gen. Ed. Courses


Geographic Information Science Certificate Requirements
Course Number      Course Name      Units     
PKMGT 16A Intro. to GIS and GPS 3
PKMGT 16B Intro. to Desktop GIS 3
PKMGT 16C Spatial Analysis for GIS 3
PKMGT 16D Cartographic Design for GIS 3
PKMGT 16E Database Design and Management for GIS 3
PKMGT 16F GIS Internship 3
PKMGT 16G Intro to Remote Sensing 3
GEO 1 Introduction to Physical Geography 3
GEO 2 Introduction to Cultural Geography 3
Total Units 27


  • 32-Hour Basic Fire Fighters Course
  • Basic Rock Climbing and Low Angle Rescue
  • Technical Rescue and Recovery
  • First Responder - Nat'l Standard Curriculum
  • Wilderness First Responder - Wilderness Medical Society
  • Chainsaw Safety and Operations, Level I (limit less than 12" dbh)
  • Wildland Fire Supression
  • Four Wheel Drive Performance Course & Power Winch Training
  • Mountain Medicine Seminar

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