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Line Spacing

To start a new line without adding additional line spacing, use Shift + Enter. Using the Enter (or Return) key by itself will create double-line spacing between paragraphs.

Column Alignment

Tables should be used to align text in columns. Spaces, tabs, or other formatting will give inconsistent results and text will not be aligned when using different devices and/or browsers.

Known Issues

Problem with self closing tags OU

OU Campus will attempt to self-close a pair of empty tags. When this happens, it causes the page to break. We have encountered the issues with <textarea> tags and <script> tags.

The work around for a textarea input is to add a non-breaking-space between the opening and closing tags i.e. <textarea>&nbsp;</textarea>

The work around for a script tag includes commenting out the non-breaking space. If the space is not commented out, the page will break. The correct format for a script tag is <script type="text/javascript">//&nbsp;</script>

Calendar Issues

Ampersands "&" do not render correctly in our Calendar Application. Please spell out the word "and" instead to work around this problem.


ADA Best Practices Tool Kit. Website Accessibility

Section 508 Website. Website Accessibility Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool Web Accessibility Checker website

US Government Best Practices for Websites

Adobe Acrobat accessibility guide

Color Blindness Simulation Upload an image or screenshot to see how it would appear to people with color deficient vision.


WVC Identity Standards Quick Start Guide (700K, PDF)

WVC Identity Standards Guide (7.5 MB, PDF)

WVC Identity Standards Web Content (450 K, PDF)

Online Web Development Resources Help with coding HTML and JavaScript

W3C Validation Service for validating markup of web documents

W3C CSS Validation Service for validating stylesheets

WVC Logos

Logo usage must follow West Valley College Usage Guidelines. Download the Identity Standards Quick Start Guide.


West Valley College Logo 


West Valley College Logo  

West Valley Logo

Vector (EPS)

Training Files:

Download the ZIP containing PDFs, Word Docs, and Excel XLS files for training.

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