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Name Title Department Phone Email
Clay, Whitney Reading Instructor Reading (408) 741-2619 whitney.clay@westvalley.edu
Kambeitz, Gus Music Instructor - Instrumental Jazz Music (408) 741-2460 gus.kambeitz@westvalley.edu
Sandford, Betsy Librarian Library (408) 741-2478 betsy.sandford@westvalley.edu
Cryer, Chris Division Chair, Fine Arts Art Faculty (408) 741-4013 chris.cryer@westvalley.edu
Wagner, Naomi Associate Instructor Psychology 408.741.2045 (x3704)
Hurst, Karen Biology Instructor Biology karen.hurst@westvalley.edu
Keller, Tiina Fashion Design Instructor Fashion Design (408) 741-4039 tiina.keller@westvalley.edu
Eaton, Jennifer Counselor Counseling (408) 741-2009 jennie.eaton@westvalley.edu
Fabian, Mitra Art Instructor Art mitra.fabian@westvalley.edu
Mani, Padma Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2045 x3170
Passarella, Dorothy Community Education Instructor Community Education Office dorothy.passarella@westvalley.edu
Shoemaker, Lance Business / Real Estate Instructor Business (408) 741-2436 lance.shoemaker@westvalley.edu
Zsadanyi-Yale, Amy Theatre Arts Instructor Theater (408) 741-2045 x3746 amy.zsadanyi@westvalley.edu
Tinsley, John Community Education Instructor Community Education Office john.tinsley@westvalley.edu
Lerma, Jess English Instructor English (408) 741-2512 jess.lerma@westvalley.edu
Tchang, Pat Court Reporting Instructor Court Reporting (408) 741-2045 x3607
McIntosh, Jean Instructor Digital Media (408) 741-2435 jean.mcintosh@westvalley.edu
Winkler, James Kinesiology/Football Instructor Kinesiology (408)741-2170 james.winkler@westvalley.edu
Zamora, Levy Communication Studies Instructor Communication Studies (555) 555-5555 firstname.lastname@westvalley.edu
Stachnick, Michal Reading Instructor English (408) 741-2045 x3560 michal.stachnick@westvalley.edu
Pavan, Carol Counseling Faculty Counseling (408) 741-2441 carol.pavan@westvalley.edu
Hasty, Joseph Geography Instructor Anthropology/Geography (408) 741-2521 joseph.hasty@westvalley.edu
DeDen, Tom Sociology Instructor Sociology (408) 741-2543 tom.deden@westvalley.edu
McCann, Steve Kinesiology Instructor Kinesiology (408) 741-4005 steve.mccann@westvalley.edu
Sciaky, Enrico Administration of Justice Instructor Administration of Justice enrico.sciaky@westvalley.edu
Lobato, Ana Student Enrollment and Financial Services Advisor Admissions & Records (555) 555-5555 ana.lobato@westvalley.edu
Abrams, Jeremy Instructor Political Science Jeremy.Abrams@westvalley.edu
Clark, Pauline Counselor Counseling (408) 741-2411 pauline.clark@westvalley.edu
Donnelly, Lorraine Community Education Instructor Community Education Office lorraine.donnelly@westvalley.edu
Erickson, Susan Instructor, Health Care Technology Health Care Technologies (408) 741-2045 x3399 susan.erickson@westvalley.edu
Schein, Joan Biology instructor Biology joan.schein@westvalley.edu
Aufhauser, Kim Department Chair Park Management (408) 741-2403 kim.aufhauser@westvalley.edu
Kim, Yanghee Librarian Library (408) 741-2484 yanghee.kim@westvalley.edu
Orion, Walter Health Care Technology Instructor Health Care Technologies walter.orion@westvalley.edu
Miller, Cheryl Director, Disability and Educational Support Program DESP (408) 741-2620 cheryl.miller@westvalley.edu
Starks, Paul Head Athletic Trainer / Kinesiology Instructor Kinesiology (408) 741-2005 paul.starks@westvalley.edu
Pauker, Michael Fine Arts Instructor Art (408) 741-2045 x3594
Staudacher, Elena Community Education Instructor Community Education Office elena.staudacher@westvalley.edu
Harrison, Blaine Chemistry Instructor Chemistry (408) 741-4017 blaine.harrison@westvalley.edu
Wright, Christopher Interior Design Instructor Interior Design (408) 741-2049 christopher.wright@westvalley.edu
Malmuth-Onn, Ann Dance Instructor Kinesiology (408) 741-2524 ann.malmuth-onn@westvalley.edu
Meng, Hongyan Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2045 x3415 hongyan.meng@westvalley.edu
Bell, Lauren English Instructor English (408) 741-2045 x3367 lauren.bell@westvalley.edu
Eitelgeorge, Scott Kinesiology Instructor Kinesiology (408) 741-2173 scott.eitelgeorge@westvalley.edu
Lawson, Linda Court Reporting Instructor Court Reporting (408) 741-2439 linda.lawson@westvalley.edu
Hurd, Diane Division Chair, Applied Arts and Sciences; Instructor, Interior Design Interior Design (408) 741-2110 or (408) 741-2406 diane.hurd@westvalley.edu
Chyorny, Galina Foreign Language Instructor World Languages (408) 741-2045 x3362 galina.chyorny@westvalley.edu
Ratchford, Timothy Accounting Instructor Accounting (408) 741-2045 x3437
Wise, Adriano Political Science Instructor History (408) 741-2045 x3552 adriano.wise@westvalley.edu
Zajac, Michelle Communication Studies Instructor Communication Studies (408) 741-2485 michelle.zajac@westvalley.edu
Bautista, Jose Instructor & Department Co-Chair Psychology 408.741.2492
Peters-Stanton, Christine Biology Instructor Biology (408) 741-2626 christine.peters@westvalley.edu
Wilson, Susan ESL Instructor ESL (408) 741-2045 x3709 wilson.esl@yahoo.com
Zilg, Christopher Business Instructor General Business (408) 855-5835 christopher.zilg@westvalley.edu
Kardevani, Hashem Economics Instructor Economics hashem.kardevani@westvalley.edu
Boudreaux, Paulette English Instructor English (408) 741-2430 paulette.boudreaux@westvalley.edu
Callner, Jim TV/Film Instructor Theater (408) 741-2456 jamescallner@sbcglobal.net
Ghahramani, Soroush Department Chair, Architecture & Landscape Architecture Architecture & Landscape Architecture (408) 741-4097 soroush.ghahramani@westvalley.edu
Burrill, Leigh English Instructor English (408) 741-4054 leigh.burrill@westvalley.edu
Ho, Jen Instructor Sociology (408) 741-2540 jen.ho@wvm.edu
Canote, Jennifer Community Education Instructor Community Education Office jennifer.canote@westvalley.edu
Edmondson-Shih, Christina Associate Instructor Psychology
Noormanesh, Behindokht Financial Aide Specialist Financial Aid (408) 741-4639 behin.dokht@westvalley.edu
Sargenti, Anthony Italian Instructor World Languages anthony.sargenti@westvalley.edu
Salcido, Melissa Transfer Center Director & Counselor Counseling (408) 741-2102 melissa.salcido@westvalley.edu
Lisha, Sara English Instructor English (408) 741-2045 x3559 sara.lisha@westvalley.edu
Segal, Jory Kinesiology Instructor Kinesiology jory.segal@westvalley.edu
Vaughn, Mel Physics, Physical Science & Mathematics Instructor Physical Science and Mathematics (408) 741-2483 melvin.vaughn@westvalley.edu
Michals, Nils English Instructor English (408) 741-2550 nils.michals@westvalley.edu
Wong, Wanda International Student Counselor / Athletics Counselor Counseling (408) 741-2528 wanda.wong@westvalley.edu
Linthacum, Darrell Chemistry Instructor Chemistry (408) 741-2570 docdhl@pacbell.net
Sanford, Tom Dept. Chair Engineering (408) 741-4608 tom.sanford@westvalley.edu
Hegstrom, Edward Community Education Instructor Community Education Office edward.hegstrom@westvalley.edu
Dundurs, Karina Computer Applications Instructor Computer Applications (408) 741-2414 karina.dundurs@westvalley.edu
Bucher, Joe Counselor Counseling (408) 741-2614 joe.bucher@westvalley.edu
Smith, Richard Architecture Instructor Architecture (650) 428-2507 dick@casarch.com
De Les Dernier, Bruce Theatre Arts Instructor Theater (408) 741-2045 x3233
Reed, Michelle Instructor & Department Co-Chair Psychology 408.741.4029
Girardi, Judith English Instructor English (408) 741-2045 x3265 judith.girardi@westvalley.edu
McGinley, Leann Assessment Coordinator Counseling (408) 741-2402 leann.mcginley@westvalley.edu
Bengochea, Sandra Music Instructor Music (408) 741-2045 x3568 sandra.bengochea@westvalley.edu
Mendelsohn, Benjamin Astronomy Instructor / Planetarium Director Astronomy (408) 741-4018 benjamin.mendelsohn@westvalley.edu
Rudy, Diane Division Chair/Instructor Kinesiology (408) 741-4032 diane.rudy@westvalley.edu
Sandhu, Malkiat Economics Instructor Economics malkiat.sandhu@westvalley.edu
Kaaz, Lisa Distance Learning Coordinator Instructional Computer Technology (408) 741-2623 lisa.kaaz@westvalley.edu
Ko, Shannon Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-4040 shannon.ko@westvalley.edu
Barczak, Steve Community Education Instructor Community Education Office
Cisneros-Diaz, Rebecca English Instructor English Department (408) 741-4014 rebecca.cisneros@westvalley.edu
Zarghami, Fatemeh Child Studies Instructor Child Studies (408) 741-2045 x3445 fzarghami@earthlink.net
Faulstich, Marge Administration of Justice Instructor Administration of Justice (408) 205-3647 marge.faulstich@westvalley.edu
Hinojosa-Pate, Lisa Child Studies Instructor Child Studies lisa.hinojosa-pate@westvalley.edu
Burns, Wes Art Instructor Art (408) 741-2045 x3405
Mueller, Stacy Position Library (555) 555-5555 stacy.mueller@westvalley.edu
Lowry, Laura Theater Arts Instructor Theater (408) 741-4016 laura.lowry@westvalley.edu
Hegstrom, Catherine Community Education Instructor Community Education Office catherine.hegstrom@westvalley.edu
Shue, Terry Child Studies Instructor Child Studies (408) 741-2007 terry.shue@westvalley.edu
Ghodrat, Nancy Accounting Instructor Accounting (408) 741-2442 nancy.ghodrat@westvalley.edu
Handa, Larry Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2573 larry.handa@westvalley.edu
Truongson, Bon-Tai Economics Instructor Economics Phone: None bon-tai.truongson@westvalley.edu
Nash, Carolyn Counseling Services Counseling (408) 741-2608 carolyn.nash@westvalley.edu
De La Rosa, Lou Music Instructor Music (408) 741-4663 lou.delarosa@westvalley.edu
Sundaram, Vidya Biology Instructor Biology (408) 741-3053 ext. 3375 vidyodhaya.sundaram@westvalley.edu
Moss, Brianna French Instructor World Languages brianna.moss@westvalley.edu
Pang, Chi-Yin Math Instructor Mathematics chi-yin.pang@westvalley.edu
Quintana, Manuel Spanish Instructor World Languages (741) 741-xxxx manuel.quintana@westvalley.edu
Kalpin, Robert Biology Instructor Biology (408) 741-3053 ext. 3770 robert.kalpin@westvalley.edu
Vlahos, John Athletic Director Kinesiology (408) 741-4606 john.vlahos@westvalley.edu
Hernandez, Leticia Counseling Faculty Counseling (408) 741-2597 leticia.hernandez@westvalley.edu
Dotson, Ronald Music Instructor Music (408) 741-2045 x3157 ron.dotson@wvm.edu
Satyapal, Anuradha Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2045 x3573 anuradha.satyapal@westvalley.edu
Zhang, Holly Associate Librarian Library (408)741-2021 holly.zhang@westvalley.edu
Desiervi, Rosemary Health Care Technologies Instructor Health Care Technologies (408) 741-2045 x3276 rosemary.desiervi@westvalley.edu
Richey, Jeanette English Instructor English (408) 741-2481 jeanette.richey@westvalley.edu
Llerena, Christina Counselor Counseling (408) 741- 2009 Christina.Llerena@westvalley.edu
Bruntz, Jeanette Community Education Instructor Community Education Office jeannette.bruntz@westvalley.edu
Purser, Owen Administration of Justice Instructor Administration of Justice (408) 741-2045 x3635
Barta, Gail ESL Instructor ESL (408) 741-2482 gail.barta@westvalley.edu
Clay, William Theatre Arts Instructor Theater (408) 741-2470 william.clay@westvalley.edu
Dyer, Chris Mathematics Instructor Mathematics Department (408) 741-4675 chris.dyer@wvm.edu
Wiens, Richard Kinesiology Instructor Kinesiology richard.wiens@westvalley.edu
Gilani, Matt Kinesiology Instructor Kinesiology (408) 741-xxxx
Valko, Lori Community Education Instructor Community Education Office lori.valko@westvalley.edu
Pritchard, Melvin Instructor History 408.741.4024 melvin.pritchard@westvalley.edu
Scheper, Maria Counselor Counseling (408) 741-4036 maria.scheper@westvalley.edu
Choubabka, Vladimir Community Education Instructor Community Education Office vladimir.choubabka@westvalley.edu
Gaiero, Kris Health Care Technology Instructor Health Care Technologies (408) 741-4019 kris.gaiero@westvalley.edu
Ligocki, Christel Kinesiology Instructor Kinesiology (408) 741-2459 christel.ligocki@westvalley.edu
Jolly, Jennifer Biology Instructor Biology (408) 741-3053 ext. 3303 jen.jolly@westvalley.edu
Ortega, Sylvia ESL Instructor ESL (408) 741-2465 sylvia.ortega@westvalley.edu
Min, Kaee (Kyunghi) Fashion Design Instructor Fashion Design (408) 741-2418 kaee.min@westvalley.edu
Guzman, Ron Art Instructor Art (408) 741-2455 ron.guzman@westvalley.edu
Wagner, Jennifer English Instructor English (408) 741-2615 jennifer.wagner@westvalley.edu
Betz, Harry Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2045 x3175 hbetz10411@aol.com
Fasano, Carolyn English Instructor English (408) 741-2045 x3517 carolyn.fasano@westvalley.edu
Jamison, Dennis Community Education Instructor Community Education Office dennis.jamison@westvalley.edu
Abohatab, Carol Kinesiology Instructor Kinesiology (408) 741-3217 carol.abohatab@westvalley.edu
Clancy, Christopher Architecture Instructor Architecture (408) 741-2045 x3368 christopher.clancy@westvalley.edu
Cornejo, Robert Director: Scoring for Film, TV and Gaming/Composition - Music Theory Coordinator Music (408) 741-2464 robert.cornejo@westvalley.edu
Lily, Jane Interior Design Instructor Interior Design (408) 741-2081 jane.lily@westvalley.edu
Dale, Elizabeth Theater Arts Instructor Theater (408) 741-2045 x3597 elizabeth.dale@westvalley.edu
Tolomei, Gary Art Instructor Art (408) 741-2045 x3241
Deruiter, Cristina Spanish Instructor World Languages (408) 741-2045 x3640
Rochon-Ellis, Nellie Counselor Counseling nellie.rochon-ellis@westvalley.edu
Friedman, Ira S. Associate Instructor, Interior Design, Graphic Techniques Interior Design (408) 741-2045 x3392 irasheldon20004@yahoo.com
Mohammadi, Oli Communication Studies Instructor Communication Studies (408) 741-2613 oli.mohammadi@westvalley.edu
Dawkins, Stefani Paralegal Instructor Paralegal (408) 741-2045 x3211
Reiss, Cynthia Art History Instructor Art (408) 741-2533 cynthia.reiss@westvalley.edu
Bernardi, Anna Spanish Instructor World Languages anna.bernardi@westvalley.edu
Saito-Liu, Leslie English Instructor, Department Chair English (408) 741-4010 leslie.saito@westvalley.edu
Grant, David Community Education Instructor Community Education Office david.grant@westvalley.edu
Woodram, Brenna Kinesiology Instructor Kinesiology (408) 741-xxxx brenna.wundram@missioncollege.edu
Patterson, Sara Counseling Faculty and Instructor, International Student Counselor/PDSO and Athletics Counselor Counseling (408) 741-2694 sara.patterson@westvalley.edu
B. Bangle, Ed.D., Angelica Counseling Faculty Counseling (408) 741-2009 Appointments angelica.bangle@westvalley.edu
Cardenas, Alicia Counselor Counseling (408) 741-2023 alicia.cardenas@westvalley.edu
Throndson, Marjorie Business General Business (408) 741-2448 marjorie.throndson@westvalley.edu
Rios, Sylvia Art Instructor Art (831) 726-2193
Lindsay, Andriea Associate Instructor Psychology 408.741.2019
Cook, John Geology Instructor Geology (408) 741-2045 x3252 geojcook@comcast.net
Mills, Maryanne Instruction & Outreach Librarian Library (408) 741-4661 maryanne.mills@westvalley.edu
Liden, Daphne Community Education Instructor Community Education Office daphne.liden@westvalley.edu
Lodi, Edward Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2045 x3588 ed.lodi@westvalley.edu
Sargent, Aloha Associate Faculty/Librarian Library (408) 647-6719 (for quickest response, use email) aloha.sargent@wvm.edu
Kerwin, Jennifer Kinesiology Instructor / Women's Soccer Coach Kinesiology (408) 741-2527 jennifer.kerwin@westvalley.edu
Torres, Frank Administration of Justice Instructor Administration of Justice (408) 741-2045 x3374
Rodgers, Jo Anthropology Instructor Anthropology/Geography (408) 741-2045 x3117 jo.rodgers@westvalley.edu
Dailey, Allen English Instructor English (408) 741-2045 x3288 allen.dailey@westvalley.edu
Kaaz, Mark CIS Instructor/DESP Alt Media Specialist Computer Information Systems/DESP 408 741-2063 mark.kaaz@westvalley.edu
Javanmardian, Faraneh Health Care Technologies Instructor Health Care Technologies (408) 741-2498 faraneh.javanmardian@westvalley.edu
Piatt, Victoria Kinesiology Instructor Kinesiology victoria.galindo@westvalley.edu
McKown, Joel Kinesiology Instructor Kinesiology (408) 741-xxxx joel.mckown@westvalley.edu
Warecki, Rebecca Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2045 x3707 rebeccamw@earthlink.net
Brueckner, Heidi Instructor Art (408) 741-2472 heidi.brueckner@westvalley.edu
Sherrill, Susan Instructor, Learning Disabilities Specialist DESP (408) 741-2452 susan.sherrill@westvalley.edu
Rankin, Wiley Community Education Instructor Community Education Office wiley.rankin@westvalley.edu
Eldridge, Glenn Chemistry Instructor Chemistry (408) 741-2569 glenn.eldridge@westvalley.edu
Cruz, Chris Department Contact, Instructor Park Management (408) 741-2622 chris.cruz@westvalley.edu
Bulut, Cigdem Interior Design Instructor Interior Design (408) 741-4638 cigdem.bulut@westvalley.edu
Otte, John Anthropology Instructor Anthropology/Geography (408) 741-2045 x3462 john.otte@westvalley.edu
Thomson, Barry Biology Instructor Biology (408) 741-3053 ext. 3244 barry.thomson@westvalley.edu
Mercado, Nancy Business Instructor Business (408) 741-2045 x3578 nancy.mercado@wvm.edu
Wagner, Phillip Career Prog.-Work Exp. Career Ed/Workforce Development phillilp.wagner@westvalley.edu
Van Dorn, Eric Court Reporting Instructor Court Reporting eric.vandorn@westvalley.edu
Cuttler, Nicole English Instructor English (408) 741-2488 nicole.cuttler@westvalley.edu
Kindon, Andrew Department Chair-Anthropology Instructor Anthropology/Geography (408) 741-2554 andrew.kindon@westvalley.edu
Parravi, Betsy Community Education Instructor Community Education Office betsy.parravi@westvalley.edu
Louderback, Patricia Health Education Instructor / Program Chair Health Education Office Number: (408) 741-4604 patricia.louderback@westvalley.edu
Malabuyo, Chesney Foreign Languages Instructor World Languages chesney.malabuyo@westvalley.edu
Sun, Huai Math Instructor Mathematics huai.sun@westvalley.edu
Chin, Brad Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2189 brad.chin@westvalley.edu
Hotta, Leslie Child Studies Instructor Child Studies (408) 741-4603 leslie.hotta@wvm.edu
Green, Yvette Paralegal Instructor Paralegal (408) 741-2045 x3371 yvette.green@westvalley.edu
Weiner, Susan Science Instructor Science & Math (408) 741-2594 susan.weiner@westvalley.edu
Taniguchi, Naoki Music Instructor Music naoki.taniguchi@westvalley.edu
George, Fred CIS Instructor Computer Information Systems (408) 741-2428 fred.george@westvalley.edu
Lopez, Robert Geology / Oceanography Instructor Geology (408) 741-2437 robert.lopez@westvalley.edu
Carnes, John Park Management Instructor Park Management
Urdiales, Eva Biology Instructor Biology eva.urdiales@westvalley.edu
Castello, Randy Accounting Instructor Accounting (408) 741-2427 randy.castello@westvalley.edu
Smith, Ross Counselor-DESP Counseling (408) 741-4027 ross.smith@westvalley.edu
May, Gabriele German Instructor World Languages (408) 741-3053 Ext. 3230 gabriele.may@westvalley.edu
Choubabka, Alla Community Education Instructor Community Education Office alla.choubabka@westvalley.edu
Gladden, Mary Community Education Instructor Community Education Office mary.gladden@westvalley.edu
Cuenca, Diana Administration of Justice Instructor Administration of Justice (408) 741-2045 x3206
Epperson, Doug Physical Science Instructor Physical Science (408) 741-4662 doug.epperson@westvalley.edu
Deister, Laura Community Education Instructor Community Education Office laura.deister@westvalley.edu
Byers, LCSW, RYT, Michael Faculty Counseling Department (408) 741-2196 michael.byers@westvalley.edu
Fischer, Carol Theater Arts Instructor Theater (408) 741-2045 x3598 carol.fischer@westvalley.edu
Jones, Tony Real Estate Instructor Business Administration & Real Estate (408) 802-7288 tony.jones@westvalley.edu
Butcher, Alyson Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2590 alyson.butcher@westvalley.edu
Ricar, Sondra Humanities and Political Science Instructor Political Science n/a instructorsondra@gmail.com
Berlani, Roberta Biology Instructor Biology (408) 741-2115 roberta.berlani@westvalley.edu
Brichko, Anna Foreign Language Instructor, Department Chair World Languages (408) 741-2489 Anna.Brichko@westvalley.edu
Castillo, Victor Administration of Justice Instructor Administration of Justice victor.castillo@westvalley.edu
Davis, Heidi Physical Education / Fitness Instructor Kinesiology (408) 741-2522 heidi.davis@westvalley.edu
Trafalis, Sandra Associate Instructor Psychology 408.741.2045 (x3493)
Martin, William Community Education Community Education Office william.martin@westvalley.edu
Mathieson, Peggy Co-Chair, Paralegal Program Paralegal (408) 741-4635 peggy.mathieson@westvalley.edu
Pape, Eric (Ronald) English Instructor English (408) 741-4605 eric.pape@westvalley.edu
Gutierrez, Nichola Political Science Instructor Political Science (408) 741-2557 nichola.gutierrez@wvm.edu
Conza, Ruth Spanish Instructor World Languages (408) 741–xxxx ruth.conza@westvalley.edu
Kea, Janis Economics Instructor Economics (408) 741-2538 janis.kea@westvalley.edu
Henderson, Jim Business and Accounting Instructor Accounting (408) 741-4609 jim.henderson@westvalley.edu
Hughes, Heide Computer Applications Instructor and Work Experience Coordinator Computer Applications (408) 741-2114 heide.hughes@westvalley.edu
Kelly, Tim History Instructor History (408) 741-2546 tim.kelly@westvalley.edu
Mihnea, Tatiana Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2045 x3579 tatiana.mihnea@westvalley.edu
Pham, Kim Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2587 kim.pham@westvalley.edu
Nguyen, Nam Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2045 x3612 ndnguyen@aol.com
Masters, Janet Community Education Instructor Community Education Office janet.masters@westvalley.edu
Geary, Michelle Biology Instructor Biology (408) 741-2572 michelle.geary@westvalley.edu
Aitken, Sally Fashion Design Instructor Fashion Design (408) 741.2003 sally.aitken@westvalley.edu
Neumann, Derek Park Management Instructor Park Management (408) 687-2580
Parsano, Al Architecture Instructor Architecture al.parsano@westvalley.edu
Langlois, William Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2045 x3486 clubdeuce@yahoo.com
Hopkins, Stacy Co-Chair Paralegal Program Paralegal (408) 741-2445 stacy.hopkins@westvalley.edu
Silveira, Gaspar Kinesiology Instructor / Men's Soccer Coach Kinesiology (408) 741-2583 gaspar.silveira@westvalley.edu
O'Donnell, Erin Sign Language Instructor World Languages enodonnell@yahoo.com
Upson, Irene World Languages Instructor World Languages (408) 741-2045 x3364 irene.upson@westvalley.edu
Stubbe, Joan Music Instructor Music (408) 741-2045 x3676
Drion, Yoka Piano Instructor Music (408) 855-5567 x5764
Francis, Michelle Reading Instructor Reading (408) 741-4082 michelle.francis@westvalley.edu
Morgan, Tim Administration of Justice Instructor Administration of Justice tim.morgan@westvalley.edu
Pirofski, Florence Instructor Emeritus Child Studies (408) 741-2413 florence.pirofski@westvalley.edu
Wasserbauer, Ann Marie ESL Instructor ESL (408) 741-2486 am.wasserbauer@westvalley.edu
Paquier, Renee Instructor/Department Chair Administration of Justice (408) 741-2180 renee.paquier@westvalley.edu
Allen, Jerry Theater Arts Instructor Theater (408) 741-2045 x3590 jerry.allen@westvalley.edu
Colson, Judy DESP Instructor DESP (408) 741-2450 judy.colson@westvalley.edu
Vu, Amy Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2567 amy.vu@westvalley.edu
Steinhardt, Alicia Biology Instructor Biology (408) 741-3053 ext. 3391 alicia.steinhardt@westvalley.edu
Russo, Denise Nutritional Studies Instructor Kinesiology (831) 479-5100, 1, 1761 denise.russo@westvalley.edu
Gerzanics, Janine English Instructor English (408) 741-4073 janine.gerzanics@westvalley.edu
Svensson, Peter Biology Instructor Biology (408) 741-2558 peter.svensson@westvalley.edu
Ovens, Donna Health Care Technologies Instructor Health Care Technologies (408) 741-2045 x3323
Hernandez, Roberta Child Studies Instructor Child Studies (408) 741-2045 x3465 roberta.hernandez@westvalley.edu
Navarro, Jason Administration of Justice Instructor Administration of Justice jason.navarro@westvalley.edu
Allen, Greg Mathematics Instructor Mathematics (408) 741.4051 greg.allen@westvalley.edu
Davis, Bill English Instructor English (408) 741-2683 bill.davis@westvalley.edu
Ybarra, Evette ASL Instructor World Languages (408) 741-xxxx evette.ybarra@westvalley.edu
Zill, Stephen Economics Instructor Economics stephen.zill@westvalley.edu
Chapman, Scott Kinesiology Instructor Kinesiology (408) 741-2045 x3344 scott.chapman@westvalley.edu
Rodriguez, Willo Kinesiology Instructor Kinesiology (408) 741-xxxx willo.rodriguez@westvalley.edu
Ukudeeva, Jamilya Political Science Instructor History jamilya.ukudeeva@westvalley.edu
Biswas, Mitali English Instructor English (408) 741-2045 x3509
Moore-Wines, Katherine Child Studies Instructor, Department Chair Child Studies (408) 741-4601 katherine.moore-wines@westvalley.edu
Cassell, Carol Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2045 x3453 carol.cassell@westvalley.edu
Schwab, Charles Community Education Instructor Community Education Office charles.schwab@westvalley.edu
Bowers-Gachesa, Wendy Nutrition Studies Instructor Nutritional Science (408) 741-4003 wendy.bowers-gachesa@westvalley.edu
Gray, Dulce María English Instructor English (408) 741-2577 dulce.gray@westvalley.edu
Hillhouse, Susan Art Instructor Art (408) 741-2045 x3273
Harris, Lenore English Instructor English (408) 741-2586 lenore.harris@westvalley.edu
Schrey, Maureen Biology Instructor Biology (408) 741-2585 molly.schrey@westvalley.edu
Dillon, Meredith Assistant, Athletic Trainer Kinesiology (408) 741-2408 meredith.dillon@westvalley.edu
Leitner, Michael Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 605-0585 michael.leitner@westvalley.edu
Arnold, Kathy Professor of Art Studio and Art History Art (408) 741-2510 kathy.arnold@westvalley.edu
Ravey, Benjamin History Instructor History benjamin.ravey@westvalley.edu
Upton, Barbara Philosophy Instructor Philosophy (408) 741-2458 barbara.upton@westvalley.edu
Norris, Nathan Biology Instructor Biology (408) 741-2634 nathan.norris@wvm.edu
Ma, Lih-Joun Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2045 x3562
Ahmed, Shabeena Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-3052 x3348 shabeena.ahmed@wvm.edu
Djordjevich, Nikola Engineering Instructor Drafting/Engineering nik.djordjevic@LMCO.com
Leighton, Geneva Counselor Instructor Counseling (408) 741-2604 geneva.leighton@westvalley.edu
Oliveira, Brian Instructor Psychology 408.741.2541
Bradley, Owen History Instructor History (408) 741-2045 x3574 owen.bradley@westvalley.edu
Alexander, Mary Ann Community Education Instructor Community Education Office
Lett, Krystyna Communication Education Instructor Community Education Office krystyna.lett@westvalley.edu
Brockmann, Bettina Associate Faculty, Communication Studies Communication Studies bettina.brockmann@westvalley.edu
Nobriga, Mark Art Instructor Art (408) 741-2045 x3458
Coburn, Justin History Instructor History (408) 741-2045 x3575 justin.coburn@westvalley.edu
Mora, Marta Coordinator/Counselor-CalWORKs Program Counseling (408) 741-4007 marta.mora-evans@westvalley.edu
Lieberman, Robert Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2045 x3497 DrMath.WVC@gmail.com
Garrido, Jeremiah Administration of Justice Instructor Administration of Justice jeremiah.garrido@westvalley.edu
Condon, Deborah English Instructor English (408) 741-4054
Kalivitis, Vicky English Instructor English (408) 741-2552 vicky.kalivitis@westvalley.edu
Hambleton, Dave Kinesiology Instructor Kinesiology (408) 741-xxxx dave.hambleton@westvalley.edu
Naik, Tejal Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2045 x3116 naiktd@gmail.com
Barrilleaux, Ann Adapted Physical Education (APE) DESP (408) 741-2459 ann.barrilleaux@westvalley.edu
Woodard, Dustin Kinesiology Kinesiology (408) 741-xxxx dustin.woodward@westvalley.edu
Logsdon, William English Instructor English (408)741-2045 x3443 billlogsdon@mac.com
Challas, Jason Art Instructor Art (408) 741-2542 jason.challas@westvalley.edu
Bodas, Medha Math Instructor Mathematics
Ortiz, Margaret Court Reporting Instructor, Department Chair Court Reporting (408) 741-2559 margaret.ortiz@westvalley.edu
Zerweck, David Community Education Instructor Community Education Office david.zerweck@westvalley.edu
Coleman, Sue Court Reporting Instructor Court Reporting (408) 741-2045 x3366
Hackworth, Cheryl Biology Instructor Biology (408) 741-2562 cheryl.hackworth@westvalley.edu
Gallardo, Leticia Biology Instructor Biology (408) 741-2416 leticia.gallardo@westvalley.edu
Anderson, Stephanie Communication Studies Instructors Communication Studies (555) 555-5555 firstname.lastname@westvalley.edu
Linduska, Mary Music Instructor Music (408) 855-5838 mary.linduska@westvalley.edu
Sussman, Heidi Kinesiology Instructor Kinesiology heidi.sussman@westvalley.edu
Cognetta, Freba Transfer Counselor & Articulation Officer Counseling Department (408) 741-2491 freba.cognetta@westvalley.edu
Teerlink, Cindy Community Education Instructor Community Education Office cindy.teerlink@westvalley.edu
Ehlers, Gretchen Math Instructor, Student Success Coordinator, FYE Coordinator Mathematics (408) 741-2054 gretchen.ehlers@westvalley.edu
Yurtseven, Lale Position Department 408 741-XXXX lale.yurtseven@westvalley.edu
Hannigan, Ph.D, John Department Chair, Communication Studies Communication Studies (408) 741-2629 john.hannigan@westvalley.edu
Juarez, Steve Instructor & Department Chair History 408.741.2556 steve.juarez@westvalley.edu
Hatter, Amber Business Instructor Business (510) 984-4413 amber.hatter@westvalley.edu
Shmakova, Marina Physics Instructor Physics (408) 741-2045 x3243 marina.shmakova@westvalley.edu
Morrison, Jennifer Communications Instructor Communications (555) 555-5555 jennifer.morrison@westvalley.edu
Ma, Susan Librarian Library (408) 741-2021 susan.ma@wvm.edu
Finch, Jean Counselor-DESP Counseling (408) 741-4034 jean.finch@westvalley.edu
Sandoval, Rachel Librarian Library (408) 741-2479 rachel.sandoval@wvm.edu
Louden, Lesley Photography Instructor Photography (408) 741-2045 x3474 lesley.louden@westvalley.edu
Rascov, Jeff Digital Media / Internet Services Instructor Information Technology (408) 741-2432 jeff.rascov@westvalley.edu
Farrell, Meg Communication Studies Instructor Communication Studies (408) 741-2490 meg.farrell@westvalley.edu
Forehan, Jeff Director of Commercial Music Music (408) 741-2520 jeff.forehan@westvalley.edu
Smith, Mary Ann Kinesiology Instructor Kinesiology (408) 741-2045 x3230 maryann.smith@westvalley.edu
Burke, Michael Business Instructor General Business (408) 282 4003 mike.burke@colliers.com
Golaw, Tina English Instructor / Writing Lab Coordinator English (408) 741-4053 tina.golaw@westvalley.edu
Flosi, Edward Administration of Justice Instructor Administration of Justice edward.flosi@westvalley.edu
Khalouyan-Pivk, Helen EOPS Counselor & TRiO Angel Facilitator Counseling (408) 741-2471 helen.khalouyan@westvalley.edu
Jones, Cathy English Faculty English 831-325-6518 cathy.jones@wvm.edu
Trayer, Todd Administration of Justice Instructor Administration of Justice todd.trayer@westvalley.edu
DeLaRonde, Chris Position Department (555) 555-5555 Chris.DeLaRonde@wvm.edu
Ogle, David Art Instructor Art (408) 741-2467 david.ogle@westvalley.edu
Woolever, James Philosophy Instructor Philosophy (408) 741-2045 x3479 james.woolever@westvalley.edu
Henderson, Jim Business and Accounting Instructor Business (408) 741-4609 jim.henderson@westvalley.edu
Vallejo, Adelina Community Education Instructor Community Education Office adelina.vallejo@westvalley.edu
McChesney, Michael Music Instructor Music (408) 741-2045 x3769
Weiss, Betty Mathematics Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2596 betty.weiss@wvm.edu
Maddux, Faun Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2591 faun.maddux@westvalley.edu
Trinh, Tu–Lan Student Records Advisor Admissions and Records (408) 741–2537 tu-lan.trinh@westvalley.edu
Smith, Jim Administration of Justice Instructor Administration of Justice (408) 741-2553 jim.smith@westvalley.edu
Fabian, Rika Sociology Instructor Sociology rika.fabian@westvalley.edu
Golbetz, Tom Counselor Counseling (408) 741-4022 tom.golbetz@westvalley.edu
Gerola, Ronald Engineering Instructor, Certified Networking Consultant Drafting/Engineering (408) 741-2045 x3414 ronald.gerola@westvalley.edu
Liu, Sam Economics Instructor Economics (408) 741-2147 sam.liu@westvalley.edu
Engelking, Linda Counselor / Instructor Counseling linda.engelking@westvalley.edu
Jackanich (Freeman), Kristen Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-3950 kristen.jackanich@wvm.edu
Behzadi, Jaleh Community Education Instructor Community Education Office jaleh.behzadi@westvalley.edu
Schock, Kenneth Business Instructor General Business (408) 741-2447 ken.schock@westvalley.edu
McEvoy, Shaun Scuba Instructor Kinesiology (408) 741-2045 x3222 shaun.mcevoy@westvalley.edu
Zakarian, Armen Kinesiology Instructor/Head Volleyball Coach Kinesiology (408) 741-2457 armen.zakarian@westvalley.edu
Wong, Rebecca Math Instructor Mathematics (408) 741-2631 rebecca.wong@westvalley.edu
Marshall, James Child Studies Instructor Child Studies (408) 741-2045 x3742
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