West Valley College uses a course management system for most of its online courses called ANGEL Learning. You will need to login to ANGEL using your Username and password.

Your Username consists of your seven digit student ID number.

As stated on the ANGEL login page, your Username has no initials in front of it. So your login name is simply your seven digit West Valley College student ID number. Your student ID number is generated by the computer at the college after you apply for admission for the first time and is included with all of the paperwork you receive from the college. You should also be able to get your college student ID number through Web Advisor. If you have not applied for admission to the college yet, you must do so first before you may receive your student ID number.

Your password is your six digit birth date. So if you were born on December 14, 1980, your password would be 121480

NOTE: Your online ANGEL profile will not be active until the first day of the semester.

Now that you have determined your log in name and password, Angel may be accessed through the following login page:

Still having problems logging on to Angel?

If you are still having problems logging on to Angel for a West Valley College online course, please be aware that it is probably a problem with the seven digit number you are using as part of your username. Or you may be trying also include your initials like you do on WVCPortal. But remember, use only your student ID number that is generated by the computer at the college and is included with all of the paperwork you may have received from the college. Do not try to use your social security number or any other number you use for passwords elsewhere.

If you absolutely can't find any paperwork with your student ID number on it or you never received any paperwork in the first place, please contact the college Admissions and Records office (408-741-2001) or the instructor of your course. Each online instructor has access to the student ID numbers for the individual students in their course.

For the instructor's name and email address contact information, access the DL Courses link at the top of this web page and then click on the current semester's online courses link.

last published: 11/15/12