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Transfer Center: GPA Calculator

How to Calculate your GPA:

  1. Enter the course name in the first field. (optional)
  2. Select the grade received for the course.
  3. Enter the number of units for the course.
    • Converting semester units to quarter units - MULTIPLY the unit value for the course by 1.5
      (for example: 3 semester units X 1.5 = 4.5 quarter units)
    • Converting quarter units to semester units - DIVIDE the unit value for the course by 1.5
      (for example: 4 quarter units A · 1.5 = 2.67 semester units)
  4. Click on Calculate GPA.

Note: Only the first course attempt can be removed from your GPA, additional attempts are called "repeats" and are averaged into your GPA.

Your GPA
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