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Tutorial Services: Our Faculty Partners

Nancy Ghodrat

nancy ghodrat

Accounting Instructor, has brought all her classes over to Tutorial Services en mass. This demonstrates to the students that she wants them to be successful. Furthermore, they are also learning that there is no stigma in needing a little help from time to time. Meanwhile, she has already recommended two of her top students from previous classes to serve as tutors. Nancy was an adjunct faculty member at West Valley College for ten (10) years teaching Accounting. Now she is one of the newest, full-time, tenure-track West Valley colleagues. She has found West Valley College to be a community that fosters learning and promotes excellence in education. As a strong believer in the life-long learning, West Valley College's mission and its goal in providing a high quality learning agrees with her philosophy. That is why she selected WVC as a college of her choice and a place of employment. On behalf of the Library and Tutorial Services, she contacted her textbook publisher requesting a book donation to the library for students to use. Tutors also use the text for review, for reference and to prepare for tutoring sessions. As we all know, textbooks are very expensive and neither the Library's budget nor the Tutorial's budget can support textbook purchases for all the various classes. Nancy has referred many of her students to Tutorial, since she knows that her five (5) unit Accounting 10 class requires a lot of homework and practice in order to understand the concepts.

Jeff Rascov

jeff rascov

Digital Media/WebDev instructor, knows the value of hand picking one his best students to serve as a tutor for his current students. This semester, his "super tutor", Grace Chen, can support students by tutoring them in MS Excel, Word, Web Development, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop and other subjects. Because of Grace's help, students are able to obtain the individual attention that cannot normally be afforded to all students during class time.

Janis Kea

Janis Kea

Economics instructor, sees the value of having her very own tutor for her classes. It gives the students another chance to learn problems and concepts. Tutoring will surely make a difference in future midterms for struggling, motivated students. By posting her answer book here at Tutorial Services, Professor Kea encourages her students to walk over to the Tutorial offices. She also holds some of her office hours at Tutorial further reinforcing the fact that support is available.

Don Ciraulo

don ciraulo

Philosophy instructor, has identified many tutors and potential tutors who know what and how he teaches and can explain concepts that they might not get during the class. Many of the tutors feel honored to serve as tutors for his classes. They are active in the Philosophy club or are really very interested in the subject and his teaching style and methods.

Wendy Bowers-Gachesa

wendy gashesa

Nutrition instructor, has made it a point to be sure to recruit at least one tutor so that her students can have a chance to learn material that they might not have gotten during the normal class time. She is very sensitive to what the students might need and has tried to make sure that tutors are available at times that students can actually use the tutors' services.

Jim Henderson

jim henderson

Business Math and Accounting instructor, has recognized that accounting tutors are in short supply. One of his best students who is currently enrolled in his Accounting 10 class has done so well that she is now serving as tutor for her own classmates. That student is exceptional in that she has worked in the field for many years and now wants the validation of course work and a degree.

Tutoring Services
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What our students are saying:


"My tutor has been an invaluable asset to my learning experience. Even though I study for hours, her critique and encouragement of my work, and especially of my homework, has helped me immeasurably."


"In my opinion, the math (stats) tutors are very helpful. I would have given up on stats if it hadn’t been for their help. I wish my teacher was as approachable and detail oriented as the math tutors are."


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