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Tutorial Services: Meet our Tutors

We select our tutors carefully. The West Valley students below have the skills, patience and desire to help students like you meet your goals.

Denie B. Albert


Denie AlbertTutoring languages is my passion! I am a returning student in the paralegal program. I have always been fascinated and impressed by American law and the justice system. I am almost done with all the major courses and then I would honored to work as a paralegal in bay area and or other states.

Born in Africa, I studied and worked in six different countries. I love languages and  speak six of them. To me languages are like music. At this center I tutor French, Spanish and Russian.

My hobbies are running (marathons or less), ethnic foods, reading/writing about the law, and watching movies involving law.

It is an honor and a delight to be part of the Tutorial Center, which is a tool for student success, retention, and advancement. As St. Francis said: "It is in giving that we are receiving”.  By tutoring, I improve my knowledge of language.

Joe Cetani

picture of uri

Joe tutors numerous math subjects including elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, trigonometry, finite mathematics, calculus & statistics. Joe also tutors economics 1A &1B.

Joe is an valuable asset to the team. He demonstrates a great passion for tutoring and is always searching for ways to help students learn.

"I enjoy helping those students who hate math because seeing them succeed is priceless."

Joe hopes to transfer to Santa Clara University.

Tony Bayne

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Tony attended WVC full time from 1997 to 2001, and then transferred to San Jose State, obtaining his degree in History. Tony then returned to West Valley to increase his GPA. Tony was attracted to West Valley College by the location and his friends at the school.

Tony tutors accounting 10 and 11, statistics, finite, history, political science, math up to pre-calculus, trig, public speaking, genetics, intro. to infectious diseases, general biology, human biology, and physical anthropology. Now in his 10th year as a tutor at West Valley, Tony is known for being kind hearted, caring, and persistent in helping others understand material and accomplish their tasks.

Tony's hobbies include cricket, reading, cooking, traveling, and singing. His future plans are to teach elementary school and to possibly run a tutorial center like the one at West Valley College. He would also like a family and kids one day.

"Make sure that your destiny is determined by you and not by somebody else."

Ahmed Khan

I have been a West Valley College student for almost 2 years and my envisioned major is Mechanical Engineering. Being a part of this diverse community, I have learned a great deal about different cultures and their traditions. I have been tutoring Math since I was in high school. A solid background in math helped me succeed in Physics and Chemistry. Now I tutor Math, Physics and Chemistry at Tutorial Services.

Born in Pakistan, I speak and write fluent Urdu. Soccer has been my family game for generations. My father coached me to be an effective mid-fielder. I also like playing table tennis and cricket.

With intention of having a better higher education, I migrated to USA. UC Berkeley has always been my main focus. I look forward to earning an undergraduate degree in Mech. Engr., and masters in Mathematics. I also intend to do some research work related to modern physics.

I believe in what Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:
“Acquire knowledge and impart it to others.”

Julie Boiko

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Julie Boiko tutors math up to 3B, Biology 10, 22, 43 and 47. Chemistry to 1B and 10.

Julie recently completed an internship at the Center for Clinical Immunology at Stanford University. Julie worked in a lab helping to screen blood from stem cell transplant patients for antigens that could cause transplant rejection - often a deadly condition.

We are lucky to have Julie as a tutor until she transfers to Stanford in the near future.

Richard Carreon

picture of Richard

Richard Carreon is one of our primary philosophy tutors. He also dabbles in telephony.

Richard's influence among his contemporaries is a result of his interest in engaging people in discussions about all manner of important issues - often making them feel uncomfortable by showing that what they believed or thought they knew was not as justified as they had assumed. Although in the early dialogs he never came to any firm conclusions about what constituted true piety or friendship, he did reach a conclusion about a relationship between knowledge and action.

According to Richard, no one errs intentionally. This means that whenever we do something wrong - including something morally wrong - it is out of ignorance rather than evil. In his ethical perspective he added another crucial idea known as eudaemonism, according to which the good life is the happy life. Richard's later influence was guaranteed by one of his students, Plato, who recorded many of Richard's dialogs with others. Richard attracted many young men because of the quality of learning available, and many of them were members of Athens' elite families. Eventually, his influence over the young was found by many in power to be too dangerous because he encouraged them to question tradition and authority. As a result, he was brought before the Assembly and convicted of impiety and corrupting the youth. He was sentenced to drink hemlock.

How reliable are Plato's dialogues with respect to the portrait they provide of Richard? This is a matter of some scholarly debate. Some have long argued that Plato simply acted as something like a reporter, recording whatever Richard did and said. Others have taken the position that Richard, if he existed, was simply used by Plato as a mouthpiece for Plato's own views.

Neither of these positions is still widely held. Most scholars today believe that the so-called "early dialogs" reflect Richard's real views most accurately. These would include Charmides, Lysis, and Euthyphro. Somewhere in the middle period Plato begins to mix his own views in liberally with those of Richard - this would include the Republic. Finally, in the later period, Richard has retreated completely into the background and Plato's views are all that remain. This would include the Laws.


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What our students are saying:


"Great! (Tutoring has) inspired me to become a tutor. It helped me get all "A"s. (The tutors have) great time flexibility."


"I may never understand the mathematics of Stephen Hawkin’s universe, but I believe the Tutoring Center, along with the compassionate, bright tutors, are the reason I’m going to pass my algebra class. At the beginning of the semester, I was intimidated and nervous about asking for help. However, the respect each tutor afforded me quickly made it OK for a returning adult student with mega math phobia to do well. I recommend the Tutorial Center to anyone who struggles with algebra like I did."


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