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Tutorial Services: How do I enroll?

How to Enroll?

To enroll in Drop-in Tutoring (Math, Physics, Chemistry or Economics):

  • Check out the Drop-in Schedule to see if your subject is supported.
  • Go to the Portal and enroll in the zero unit, zero cost lab LS110, section 40394 (Spring 2015). Your attendance at tutoring sessions will be logged and reported to the California State government. This allows West Valley College to collect "positive attendance apportionment" to help to pay for tutoring. The cost to you is nothing.
  • Complete an online drop-in application form.
  • Come in at an appropriate drop-in time.
  • Log in and out via the student computer.
  • Your access code is your student ID number (staff will help you log in the first time).

To enroll in Individual Tutoring (subjects other than drop-in subjects):

  • Go to the Portal and enroll in the zero unit, zero cost lab LS110, section 40394 (Spring 2015).
  • Come in to the Tutorial Services office.
  • Complete an application form and tell us your availability.
  • The tutorial staff will match you up with a tutor and set up weekly scheduled appointments.

Read the student rules: Student Notification.


Tutoring Services
Library Building
(408) 741-2038


What our students are saying:


"My tutor has been an invaluable asset to my learning experience. Even though I study for hours, her critique and encouragement of my work, and especially of my homework, has helped me immeasurably."


"(My tutor) actually got my brain to understand Photoshop. I am not the best but at least I understand it! She is wonderful!"


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