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Associated Students Organization


All West Valley College students are members of the Associated Students of West Valley College (ASWVC). The Associated Students Organization or ASO (Student Senate) is the governing body responsible for advocating for and representing the students of the College.  Its members, both elected and appointed, have many opportunities as student leaders to shape the campus community.


Student government provides a dynamic and challenging opportunity for students to discover hidden talents, develop leadership skills, and meet new people. Students gain practical leadership experience in the areas of budget/financial planning, parliamentary procedure, time management, event planning and community organizing through their work in government and their direct involvement with campus programs and activities, which are designed to meet the students’ needs. Active participation includes policy-making at the participatory governance levels of the campus, district, and state-wide level through meeting attendance.


How to Participate Whatever your interests, there is a role for you in the Associated Student Organization. As representatives of the students, all members of the student government put their leadership skills to work. Students are encouraged and welcomed to take advantage of the many opportunities for leadership development and service, including participation in conferences, classes, workshops, and retreats.


The minimum eligibility requirements for ASO are a GPA of 2.0 and enrollment in at least six units during the semester.  Interested parties should contact the ASO at 408.741.3091 or the Student Activities Office at 408.741.4055. 


The ASO is advised by the Nicholas Bedel and is supported by the Student Activities Office staff, with whom the Senate coordinates closely. ASO vacancies, which may exist year-round, are filled by appointment.


The weekly meetings of ASO are open to all students and staff and are held Tuesdays at 3:30 p.m. in the Outdoor Conference Room , in the Campus Center, Attend a meeting and see student leadership in action.


Applications   to request a room in the Campus Center are available at the Concierge Desk in student activities, located in the Campus Center.

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