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Getting Involved


Getting Involved


Getting involved on campus is a great way to network and meet new people with similar interests. Campus involvement is beneficial to your overall college experience. It also allows you to learn new skills and participate in the decision making process on campus. There are several ways to get involved here at West Valley College. The Student Activities Office hosts fabulous events all year long for students to participate in and enjoy. Students are also encouraged to take the opportunity to plan their own event.

  • Being involved on campus is a great way to meet new people/network and meet people with similar interests

  • Not sure student interest survey

  • Helps connect you with campus events

  • Learn new skills and participate in decision making

Here are some of the ways...



  • SILVER Center hosts fabulous events all year long ranging from Welcome Week to Spring Fling

  • Relaxation time/snacks/can be a learning experience

Want to plan your own event?

  • Contact Nicole Petrell in the Student Activities Office 408-741-4081

Student Employment:

  • Working on campus is a great way to earn extra cash and meet new friends

  • Visit Yalem in the SILVER Center for more information.

Leadership Development Training:

  • Leadership conferences are available on campus to help students develop leadership and communication skills

  • Visit the Student Activities website for upcoming leadership development opportunities


  • Advocate for students’ needs/interests to admin/faculty/staff

  • Plan events to benefit student body

  • Gain leadership skills/experience that can be valuable

  • Stop by the ASO office in the Campus Center or contact Nicholas Bedel at 408.741.4055 to join.


  • Meet people with similar interests

  • There is a wide variety of clubs (accessible - updated 10/18/14).

  • If you don’t find a club that interests you, you can start your own.

  • For info regarding starting a club visit the SILVER Center or click on above link for list of clubs.

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