Welcome to West Valley College Veteran's Club. 

Hello fellow veteran students!  Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kyle Henderson and I am the President of your West Valley College Veteran's Club for Fall 2015.  A little about myself, I grew up in Silicon Valley, after high school I decided to vacate my beautiful home in San Jose to join the U.S. Navy.  I spent three and a half years aboard USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN72), stationed in Everett, Washington.  After my four year vacation I presumptuously moved on to educating myself for a future in the civilian sector. With the wonderful help of West Valley College, local and National Va programs, I will be able to achieve my goals of education.  I'll be looking forward to helping out the veterans of this campus.  Thank you and have a great semester vets!

These are very exciting times for the Veteran's Resource Center (VRC) and Veteran's Club being that over the course of the last few semesters we have been able to provide many new resources for our veterans.  For example, thanks to donations from our community rotary clubs (Saratoga & Campbell) we've been able to provide a FREE textbook library so that veteran students can sign out their required books for the semester without using their GI Bill book stipend.  We've also purchased brand new LiveScribe Pens and TI-84 calculators for our veterans to sign out for the semester as well.  All these items are available on a "first-come, first-serve" basis so try not to waste time when requesting items from the VRC.  In addition, the VRC has purchased 26 sets of brand new paintball equipment for use throughout the semester.  Yes, you heard me right, your VRC has PAINTBALL!  Finally, our newest addition to the VRC is our recent partnership with the non-profit organization Operation Care & Comfort (OCC) that provides FREE tickets to sporting events for active duty, reserve, and veterans throughout the bay area.

In closing, please try your hardest to get involved and attend VRC related events because the more our veterans stay involved the more we are able to provide for them.  Also, please "like" us on Facebook (WVC Veterans) and closely monitor any emails sent from the VRC as well as the Veteran's Club page on the West Valley Portal to stay informed with all VRC related events, resources, and benefits.  I hope to see you all down at the VRC lounge and have a great semester vets!

Kyle Henderson, Veterans Club President

To contact me: veteran.outreach@westvalley.edu

Veteran's Club Meeting

  • Every Other Wednesday:  3:00 pm in VRC (next meeting:  3/9/15) Club Day 3/7/15


Mission Statement: Our Promise to You

The West Valley College community supports students along their pathways to reach transfer and career goals in an environment of academic excellence.


Veterans Benefits:
Rhonda Kirkland - Financial Aid Office
(408) 741-2601

Veterans Resource Center:
(408) 741-4030

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