Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Technology Degrees

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Technology Certificate of Achievement

This certificate is designed to prepare students to enter the Unmanned Aircraft Technology field. The required course work provides the students with the skills to manage and plan flight operations. Students demonstrate the ability to collect and process imagery data for analysis. Students also develop skills that they can apply in multiple applications including agriculture, natural and cultural resources management, emergency response, aerial videography and photography.

Upon completing this certificate students should be able to: Upon completing this certificate students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of aircraft systems, to include airframe, power plants and flight instruments
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of Unmanned Aircraft Systems including fixed wing and rotor-wing Unmanned Aircraft Systems.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of image acquisition and analysis from images acquired by Unmanned Aircraft Systems.
  • Select the type of Unmanned Aircraft System for a specific mission and identify types of payload to be carried and to complete a mission.
  • Take the Part 107 FAA Exam

This is a new and emerging field so standards are still evolving. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has developed the Part 107 regulations for commercial operations and Section 333 exemption. Aircraft need to be registered with the FAA.

Career Paths

  • Aerial Videographer
  • UAS Avionic Technician
  • UAS Data Analyst
  • UAS Instructor
  • UAS Maintenance Technician
  • UAS Remote Pilot

Required Courses

Course NameCourse TitleUnits
AVIA 30B Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems 3 units
AVIA 30A Aviation – Pilot Ground School 3 units
AVIA 30C UAS Image Analysis and Visualization 3 units
AVIA 30D UAS Flight Operations and Flight Planning 3 units
PMGT 16G Introduction to Remote Sensing 3 units
  or 3 units
PMGT 16A Introduction to Geospatial Technology 3 units
Total Units   15 units

For a certificate, only the major requirements listed above must be completed.

Students should check with a counselor to verify their catalog rights and program requirements.

First Semester (Fall)


Second Semester (Spring)

AVIA 30C; AVIA 30D; PMGT 16G or PMGT 16A

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