Disability and Educational Support


3 units: lecture 3 units; lab 0 units

Acceptable for credit: California State University

In this course, students have the opportunity to learn and apply learning strategies to increase their effectiveness both in the classroom and in the workplace. The underlying principles as well as specific strategies, including setting goals, managing time and stress, listening and note taking, improving reading, test taking, memory and concentration, and learning styles are presented.

1 units: lecture 0 units; lab 1 units

This lab support course is intended to be taken concurrently with an Algebra course. This course is designed to meet the educational needs of students with disabilities. It focuses on the application of specific learning strategies for math.

3 units: lecture 3 units; lab 0 units

This is a basic writing course designed to meet the educational needs of students with learning disabilities. Instruction focuses on improving writing skills, including basic grammar, sentence structure, punctuation/capitalization, vocabulary, and paragraph development and organization. The course employs the writing process in development of college-level paragraphs. Pass/No Pass Only

3 units: lecture 3 units; lab 0 units

Prerequisite: ENGL 903 or qualifying score on placement test; or LRSV 941B or qualifying score on placement test

This is a basic writing course that is designed to prepare students with disabilities for college-level writing and English 1A. It stresses the application of strategies and use of assistive technology to compensate for written language difficulties. This course addresses essay development, including thesis statements, supporting details and evidence, organization, coherence, and basic research skills. Pass/No Pass Option

1 unit: lecture 0 units; lab 1 unit

This is a lab course designed to support students enrolled in English composition courses. Designed to meet the educational needs of students with disabilities, it stresses the practical application of strategies to compensate for the disability and its effect on reading and writing. Topics covered include: learning strategies such as time management and test taking; reading comprehension strategies; evaluation of assigned essays for unity, support, coherence and sentence skills; and researching and writing research papers.

5 units: lecture 5 units; lab 0 units

This course covers the basic operations and properties of real numbers, exponential, polynomial, rational and radical expressions. Other topics include first-degree equations and inequalities, systems of linear equations, graphing, and quadratic, rational and radical equations. Specific math learning strategies and adaptive technologies for students with disabilities are integrated throughout the course.

Learning Disability Assessment

If you think you may have a learning disability, make an appointment with a learning specialist to see if assessment is recommended.

For more information, please contact DESP at (408) 741-2450 or despFREEWEST_VALLEY

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