Continuing Education Programs and Certificates

Bookkeeping Certificate of Completion

The Bookkeeping Certification Certificate of Completion at West Valley College focuses on helping students develop bookkeeping skills that will enable them to successfully pass the state's bookkeeping certification exam and become a certified bookkeeper in California. Students have the opportunity to learn to compute, classify, and record numerical data to keep financial records complete for a business. They also have the opportunity to perform any combination of routine calculating, posting verifying duties to obtain primary financial data for use in maintaining accounting records. Students have the opportunity to develop the foundation required for success in calculating payroll, completing payroll taxes, and preparing payroll records and reports, focusing on practical applications as well as theory. Students also have the opportunity to gain firsthand experience to practice concepts with useful, hands-on exercises using relevant, detailed examples and real-life business applications. Students have the opportunity to develop an understanding of essential bookkeeping functions, analysis of business transactions, understanding debits and credits, and classification of items. Students have the opportunity to develop these skills through various scenarios and complete basic procedures using the general journal and ledger, accounting adjustments, the monthly and annual closing process and preparing financial statements. Students have the opportunity to explore accounting cycles, cash systems, and creating and understanding financial reports. Students have an opportunity to learn to create a trial balance and post-closing trial balance, prepare an income statement and balance sheet as well as adjusting entries and bank statement reconciliation used in bookkeeping.

  • Produce payroll tax reports and related journal entries.
  • Research payroll tax laws and evaluate accounting options to comply with these laws.
  • Analyze fundamental business concepts, how businesses operate, how accounting serves them and identify ethical issues in an accounting context.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of double-entry accounting for business transactions and adjustments and prepare, explain and analyze financial statements using GAAP.
  • Analyze and apply basic theory, concepts and practice of financial accounting required for bookkeeping.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and apply the essential numerical skills required for bookkeeping and accounting.
  • Possible job titles for certificate earners include but are not limited to bookkeeper, accounts receivable clerk, accounts payable clerk, and payroll clerk.

Credit Range: Noncredit

Entrepreneur Certificate of Completion

The Entrepreneur Noncredit Certificate at West Valley College focuses on the kind of businesses most people start – small businesses in traditional markets. The certificate also focuses on sales strategies, marketing principles, and human relations skills. This is a curriculum covering the rewards and risks of starting a small business, developing entrepreneurial competencies, environmental scanning, building legitimacy, developing a social network, and including women and minorities in a small business. Additional areas of focus include screening business ideas, identifying opportunities through creativity, cultivating an innovative frame of mind, developing small business strategies, creating marketing plans, managing cash flow, small business finance, inventory and operations management, and human resource management. The courses are designed for students of all levels, providing hands-on experience and training in the creative and technical challenges specific to starting a small entrepreneurial business.

Upon successful completion of the requirements of this program, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate readiness skills necessary to launch a small business in today’s environment
  • Develop and execute a business strategy
  • Create career opportunities for themselves and achieve success as an entrepreneur

Potential careers specific to these skills include but are not limited to: Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Product Developer, Marketing Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, Brand Assistant, Growth Marketing Assistant, Market Analyst, Acquisition Analyst, Process Assistant, Business Development Assistant.

Credit Range: Noncredit

Last Updated 11/12/19