Reading Courses

Course Offerings

What kinds of things can I learn in a Reading class?

  • How to study more effectively and efficiently
  • How to critically think through information
  • How to read and study textbooks
  • How to improve vocabulary
  • How to find the main idea and topic of a piece of text
  • How to analyze the author's purpose and intent of a piece of writing
  • How to enjoy reading more

3 units: lecture 3 units; lab 0 units

Prerequisite: READ 961 or qualifying assessment score or LRSV 942

Acceptable for credit: California State University

This course offers the opportunity to develop and apply critical reading and thinking necessary for college-level text and to increase reading efficiency and enjoyment of recreational reading. Primary emphasis is on critical reading, logical reasoning, reflective judgment, and problem-solving skills that contribute to the ability to analyze, evaluate, and interpret college-level text and to advocate ideas. Satisfactory completion of this course can meet the West Valley College Reading Proficiency graduation requirement.

3 units: lecture 3 units; lab 0 units

This course is designed to improve vocabulary and reading comprehension to prepare students to function at the college preparatory level. Pass/No Pass Option

3 units: lecture 3 units; lab 0 units

Prerequisite: READ 960 or qualifying assessment score

This course is designed to prepare students for college-level reading and offers opportunities to improve comprehension, vocabulary, and study skills. Pass/No Pass Option

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