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Physics, Applied Physics, Geophysics

Associate in Science Degree

The Associate of Science in Physics, Applied Physics, Geophysics program supports students wishing to transfer whose academic pathways include a variety of physics related degrees or students who wish to grow in their critical thinking and analytical abilities that are present in Physics or other disciplines.

Major Core Requirements (37 units)

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
PHYS004AEngineering Physics - Mechanics5 units
PHYS004BEngineering Physics - Electricity and Magnetism5 units
PHYS004CEngineering Physics - Light, Heat, and Waves5 units
MATH003ACalculus and Analytical Geometry5 units
MATH003BCalculus and Analytical Geometry5 units
MATH004AIntermediate Calculus5 units
MATH004BDifferential Equations4 units
ENGR021Intro Computing for Scientists and Engineers3 units

Total Major Units: 37 units

To be awarded an Associate Degree, a student must:

  1. Achieve a grade of “C” or better in the major requirements.
  2. Completion of WVC, CSU-Breadth, or IGETC General Education patterns. Students whose goal is to obtain a bachelor’s degree should complete the CSU-Breadth or IGETC General Education pattern.
  3. Complete additional degree applicable units to meet the minimum 60-unit Associate Degree requirements.

Upon successful completion of this program a student will be able to:

  • Set up an experiment, collect and analyze data, identify sources of error, and interpret results
  • Use basic software, such as word processing, spreadsheet, and graphing programs.
  • Identify the essential aspects of a problem and formulate a strategy for solving the problem
  • Estimate the solution to a problem, apply appropriate techniques to arrive at a solution, test the correctness of their solution, interpret their result and connect it to related areas of physics.
  • Communicate orally and in writing core physical principles, the results of experiments, and their analysis of physical problems
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