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Technical Theater Stage Technology

Certificate of Completion

Technical Theater Stage Technology Certificate requires the successful completion of 4 courses for a minimum of 192 hours. It is a short-term vocational certificate designed to train and prepare students to enter the technical theater and live performance sectors of the entertainment industry. Technical Theater Stage Technology Certificate includes courses in Stagecraft, Intro to Stage Lighting, Practical Theater (Costume and Makeup) 1, and Practical Theater (Scene and Stage) 1. Potential careers specific to these skills include but are not limited to: Rigger, Set & Exhibit Designer, Lighting Technician, and Theatrical Sound Engineer.

Required Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleHours
NCTH018AIntroduction to Stage Lighting48 - 54 hours
NCTH021APractical Theater (Scene & Stage) I48 - 54 hours
NCTH022APractical Theater (Costume & Makeup) I48 - 54 hours
NCTH045BStagecraft48 - 54 hours

Total Certificate Hours: 192-216 hours

Certificates are listed as hours rather than college credit (units). Students must pass and complete the minimum number of hours required.

Upon successful completion of this program a student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate collaboration and team-building skills
  • Evaluate and analyze the use of tools and painting techniques for the construction and rigging of a show
  • Demonstrate appropriate use and care of hand tools, major power tools and lighting instruments
  • Choose the correct rigging for the flying of people or scenery
  • Participate in the hanging, circuiting, focusing, and operation of theatrical lighting equipment
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