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Theatre Arts: Acting

Associate in Arts Degree

The Associate of Arts in Theatre Arts, Acting Emphasis is a comprehensive program designed to prepare students to transfer to a baccalaureate program (BFA or BA) in acting or theatre arts or work as professional actors. It covers theatrical, television, and improvisational styles in both the classroom and on the live stage. Courses required in the Associate of Arts in Theater, Acting Emphasis lay a foundation for success in upper division theater coursework and include a comprehensive series of acting courses in addition to hands-on performance and backstage experience, vocal training as well as classical and modern dance.

Required Core Courses (21 units)

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
THEA007AActing for Film and Television3 units
THEA010Introduction to Theater3 units
THEA011AScript Analysis: Classical3 units
THEA035AVoice Production and Articulation3 units
THEA040AActing One3 units
THEA040BActing Two3 units
THEA040CActing Three3 units

Elective Courses: List A (3 units)

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
THEA020AStudio Theater Production Workshop: American Representational3 units
THEA020BStudio Theater Production Workshop: Modern/Contemporary3 units
THEA020CStudio Theater Production Workshop: Classical Greek & European3 units
THEA020DStudio Theater Workshop: Musical and Children's Theater3 units
THEA070AMainstage Theater Production Workshop: American Representational 3 units
THEA070BMainstage Theater Production Workshop: Modern & Contemporary3 units
THEA070CMainstage Theater Production Workshop: Classical Greek and European3 units
THEA070DMainstage Theater Production Workshop: Musical and Children's Theater3 units

Elective Courses: List B (1 units)

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
THEA021APractical Theater (Scene & Stage) I1 unit
THEA022APractical Theater (Costume & Makeup) I1 unit

Elective Courses: List C (3 units)

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
DANC001Ballet: Beginning Level 11 unit
DANC002Ballet: Beginning Level 21 unit
DANC011Jazz Dance: Beginning Level 11 unit
DANC012Jazz Dance: Beginning Level 21 unit
KINS11.01Yoga for Health1 unit
MUSC032ABeginning Voice, Level 11 unit
MUSC032BBeginning Voice, Level 21 unit
THEA002AIntroduction to Theatrical Design3 units
THEA007BActing/Directing for Film and Television3 units
THEA012Survey of Musical Theater3 units
THEA013Multicultural Theater3 units
THEA021BPractical Theater (Scene & Stage) II2 units
THEA022BPractical Theater (Costume & Makeup) II2 units
THEA026AImprovisational Theatre Workshop3 units
THEA033AStage Movement3 units
THEA033BStage Combat3 units
THEA044AMakeup for Stage & Screen3 units
THEA047AFundamentals of Costume Design3 units

Total Major Units: 28 units

To be awarded an Associate Degree, a student must:

  1. Achieve a grade of “C” or better in the major requirements.
  2. Completion of WVC, CSU-Breadth, or IGETC General Education patterns. Students whose goal is to obtain a bachelor’s degree should complete the CSU-Breadth or IGETC General Education pattern.
  3. Complete additional degree applicable units to meet the minimum 60-unit Associate Degree requirements.

Upon successful completion of this program a student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate collaboration and team-building skills.
  • Demonstrate communication skills.
  • Distinguish film and theatre styles and historical periods.
  • Identify production components.
  • Apply film and theatre terminology and language.
  • Analyze literature
  • Creatively solve problems.
  • Create and demonstrate informed and personal artistic choices in coursework and productions.
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