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District Police

(408) 741-2092 West Valley College (Police office only)
(408) 299-2311 West Valley College (for non-emergency police officer response)
9-1-1 for emergency only

The West Valley/Mission District Police Department provides police patrols during class sessions, weekends, and holidays. The District Police have full state law enforcement authority identical to that of your local police and sheriff. Officers are responsible for a wide range of public safety services, including crime reports, traffic accidents, criminal investigations, and all other incidents requiring police assistance. District Police Officers maintain a mutual aid policy with the police of the city of Santa Clara and the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department.

District Police Officers may be supplemented by non-sworn, uniformed Parking Enforcement Officers, who may assist with non-emergency situations, aid motorists, provide campus information, issue parking citations, direct traffic, and provide safety escorts and foot patrol services during evening hours.

Please see the schedule of classes for further information on campus safety, a drug free campus, and Student Right to Know: For further information regarding the District Police, parking, “Student Right to Know” and crime statistics, visit: “Student Right to Know” information is also available at the District Police Office.

Last Updated 7/19/23