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Financial Aid

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Financial Aid opens the door to post-secondary education for many whom could not otherwise afford its costs. Financial Aid manages programs designed to help students pay for educational and living expenses while they are in school. We evaluate student circumstances and identify all of the Federal, State and Institutional programs available.

How to Apply

Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at: or California Dream Act Application (CADAA) at: Additional documents may be required. Be sure to respond immediately to any requests made by the financial aid office.

Learning Outcomes

Students who participate in Federal Work Study (FWS) will be able to:

  • Develop and refine time management skills by balancing and prioritizing work and academic demands.
  • Develop an understanding of Supervisor/Employee relationships.

Financial Aid Programs

Federal Programs

Federal Pell Grant – Assists students to cover school related expenses.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Program (FSEOG) – Student must be eligible for Pell Grant and be enrolled in at least 12 units (full time).

Federal Work Study – Provides the opportunity to work on campus or off campus.

Federal Direct Student Loans - Assists students with unmet need to cover school related expenses.

State Programs

California Dream Act

Effective January 1, 2013 AB 540 students are eligible to apply for the California College Promise Grant (formerly BOGW) and other state programs. Complete application instructions are available online at:

California College Promise Grant (CCPG)

The California College Promise Grant (CCPG) waives enrollment fees and a portion of the parking fees. Applications must meet eligibility criteria (e.g. household size and income levels, etc.). Visit: to fill out a CCPG application if the FAFSA or CADAA has not yet been completed

California Grants (Cal Grants)

Cal Grant B – For disadvantage or low income students. Covers living expenses, books and supplies. Minimum GPA 2.0

Cal Grant C – Helps vocationally oriented students acquire marketable job skills within a short period of time. If eligible for a Cal Grant, ask the Financial Aid Office for additional supplemental grants.

Cal Grant C – Helps vocationally oriented students acquire marketable job skills within a short period of time. If eligible for a Cal Grant, ask the Financial Aid Office for additional supplemental grants.

Cal Grant B or Cal Grant C recipients who are enrolled in 12+ units at a California Community College and have remaining unmet need may also be eligible for the SSCG.

Please visit: for more information and full listing of Financial Aid Programs.

Scholarship Program

The West Valley College Scholarship Program is administered by the Financial Aid Office. The funds are designed to recognize accomplishments and to provide tangible encouragement to students who have demonstrated academic achievement, leadership, community service, and financial need. Funds are donated from a joint investment of contributions from the private sector and from West Valley College employees. The application is available in December through February. Recipients will be notified in April and announced at the Scholarship Ceremony in May of the current academic year to be used the following academic year. (i.e., February 2023 deadline for the 2023-2024 school year)

The Financial Aid Office also maintains information on various scholarships offered and administered by outside donors and organizations. Interested applicants should visit: for more information.

Veterans Administration Educational Benefits

Veterans enrolled at the College may be eligible for educational benefits under the Veterans Administration (VA) Educational Benefits Program. These benefits include a monthly educational allowance. Most, but not all, of the programs at the College are approved for certification of VA benefits. Interested veterans and/or eligible dependents are urged to call or contact the VA Educational Benefits Certifying Official in the Financial Aid Office for more information

In addition to the academic standards outlined in the West Valley Catalog and West Valley Schedule of Classes, Veterans collecting educational benefits will be subject to the following academic standards of the Veterans Administration for continuing eligibility:

  1. Must maintain a minimum of at least a 2.0 (C) cumulative grade point average in course work attempted.
  2. Veterans falling below a 2.0 (C) cumulative grade point average will be given a maximum of two (2) semesters to correct the academic deficiency and bring their cumulative grade point average to at least the 2.0 (C) minimum requirements.
  3. Veterans whose cumulative grade point average remains below 2.0 (C) for more than two (2) semesters will be allowed to pursue their educational goal but will not be certified for veteran’s educational benefits until such time as their cumulative grade point average is at least 2.0 (C) or higher.
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