Catalog 2022-2023

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UMOJA Community

(408) 741-2608

UMOJA is a counseling, instruction and mentoring program that emphasizes the African American experience and builds community among students. The program focuses on implementing West Valley Colleges’ Strategic Goals. For additional information and/or to join the UMOJA program, please contact Philip Severe at (408) 741-2493 or philip.severeFREEWEST_VALLEY or Lenore Harris at (408)741-2586, lenore.harrisFREEWEST_VALLEY

The UMOJA Program:

  • Offers linked English 905 and 1A courses, Counseling 5 and 12C.
  • Encourages enrollment in History 12, English 12 and Counseling 50.
  • Provides students with college, peer and community mentors.
  • Connects students with support services on campus and with transfer institutions.
  • Provides cultural events, social outings and visits to transfer institutions.

Learning Outcomes

After participation in courses and activities in the UMOJA Program, a student will be able to:

  • Develop a Student Educational Plan with the goal of an associate degree, certificate and/or to transfer to a four year college or university
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