Welcome UC Santa Cruz Students

Fall Semester 2018

Fall Semester starts on August 27, 2018

Class Availability

Please note: The use of  "R"  in the online class schedules refers to classes that are offered on Thursdays. For example TR is a Tuesday/Thursday class, MTWR is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. 


West Valley College Summer/Fall 2018 Class Schedule Cover


Publications in PDF Format

Many of our class offerings are online classes. You can enroll in these class sections while simultaneously being enrolled in classes at UCSC.

Online classes are indicated in the class schedule by an "O".

All West Valley courses are $46 per unit.

You can apply at CCCApply Now. If you're currently an UCSC and WVC student you can register now.

UCSC Students - Follow these steps to apply and register for Fall Semester 2018

  1. Apply Now - This page has information and links to start the application process.
  2. Speak with a counselor to determine if you need Assessment Testing for Math or English classes. If you've passed the Entry Level Math (ELM) and/or English Placement Test (EPT) you will need to provide those results. For classes with a prerequisite you will need to provide a copy of your transcript (official copy not required). Contact Counseling at 408-741-2009. Submit ELM or EPT test results to testing@westvalley.edu.
    For more information, please visit Counseling.
  3. Need financial aid? Contact Financial Aid.
  4. Register for your classes: WVCPortal

Congratulations and welcome. Make sure to pay your fees by the deadline. Let us know how we can assist you in reaching your goals. Need help? Call Admissions and Records at 408-741-2001 or askwvc@westvalley.edu.

NOTE: Class schedules are subject to change, and may be incomplete. Please check current class listings and space available.

last published: 7/31/18