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Zero Textbook Cost Classes

Section Name Section Number Section Title Start Date End Date
ACCT 1072289Financial Accounting8/2612/16
ACCT 1072290Financial Accounting8/2612/16
ACCT 1072293Financial Accounting8/2612/16
ACCT 5072300Accounting for Small Business8/2610/20
ARCH 4373170Styles in Architecture8/2612/16
ARCH 4573171Architectural Building Codes8/2612/16
ARCH 4873173Digital Tools for Architecture 8/2612/16
ARCH 4973174Introduction to Rhino8/2612/16
ARCH 5373176Introduction to Architectural and Environmental Design8/2612/16
ARCH 5873178Introduction to Revit Architecture8/2612/16
ARCH 6173179Architectural Design I8/2612/16
ARCH 6273180Architectural Design II8/2612/16
ARCH 6373181Architectural Design III8/2612/16
ARCH 7273182History of Landscape Architecture8/2612/16
ARTS 001A73593Survey of Western Art I8/2612/16
ARTS 001DH73595Honors Survey of 20th Century Art8/2612/16
ARTS 001E73266Design in Society8/2612/16
ARTS 031A73274Beginning Drawing 8/2612/16
ARTS 031A73275Beginning Drawing 8/2612/16
ARTS 031A73597Beginning Drawing 8/2612/16
ARTS 031B73276Expressive Drawing8/2612/16
ARTS 033A73298Two-Dimensional Design8/2612/16
ARTS 033A73326Two-Dimensional Design8/2612/16
ARTS 033C73327Color Design8/2612/16
ARTS 035A73299Beginning Life Drawing8/2612/16
ARTS 035A73300Beginning Life Drawing8/2612/16
ARTS 035B73302Intermediate Life Drawing8/2612/16
ARTS 035C73303Intermediate-Advanced Life Drawing8/2612/16
ARTS 035D73304Advanced Life Drawing8/2612/16
ARTS 047A73305Beginning Watercolor8/2612/16
ARTS 049A73306Beginning Painting8/2612/16
ARTS 049A73599Beginning Painting8/2612/16
ARTS 049B73307Intermediate Painting8/2612/16
ARTS 049C73308Intermediate-Advanced Painting8/2612/16
ARTS 049D73309Advanced Painting8/2612/16
ARTS 057A73310Animation I8/2612/16
ARTS 057A73311Animation I8/2612/16
ARTS 057B73312Animation II8/2612/16
ARTS 057C73313Animation III8/2612/16
ARTS 065A73317Ceramics-Handbuilding8/2612/16
ARTS 065B73318Ceramics-Handbuilding II8/2612/16
ARTS 065C73319Ceramics-Handbuilding III8/2612/16
ARTS 065D73320Advanced Handbuilt Ceramics IV8/2612/16
ARTS 067A73321Ceramics-Potter's Wheel8/2612/16
ARTS 067B73322Ceramics-Potter's Wheel8/2612/16
ARTS 088A73324Metal Sculpture and Metalsmithing8/2612/16
ARTS 5573197Introduction to Computer Arts8/2612/16
ARTS 81733233-Dimensional Design8/2612/16
ARTS 9573325New Media and Social Change8/2612/16
ASTR 1072321Solar System Astronomy8/2612/16
ASTR 1172322Stellar Astronomy8/2612/16
ASTR 1172323Stellar Astronomy8/2612/16
ASTR 2172325Lifestyles of the Stars8/2612/16
ASTR 2272326From Big Bang to Black Holes8/2612/16
ASTR 572320Planetarium Astronomy8/2612/16
AVIA 030A72817Aviation - Pilot Ground School8/2612/16
AVIA 030E73057Drone Videography and Photography8/2612/16
BUSN 090B73521Business Internship8/2612/16
CHST 035A72798Field Experience in Early Childhood Education8/2612/16
CHST 272713Child Growth and Development8/2612/16
CHST 3572797Practicum in Early Childhood Education8/2612/16
CHST 6372799Child, Family, and Community8/2612/16
CHST 8072805Introduction to Curriculum8/2612/16
CIST 004A172305Computer Programming I (Java)8/2612/16
CIST 272301Introduction to Computing8/2612/16
COMM 010H73448Honors Introduction to Persuasion8/2612/16
COMM 173447Public Speaking8/2612/16
COMM 1073452Introduction to Persuasion8/2612/16
COMM 1273277Intercultural Communication8/2612/16
COMM 2073438Argumentation and Debate8/2612/16
COUN 573146College Success8/2612/16
COUN 573149College Success8/2612/16
COUN 573150College Success8/2612/16
COUN 573151College Success8/2612/16
COUN 573152College Success8/2612/16
COUN 573153College Success8/2612/16
COUN 5073158Cross-Cultural Perspectives8/2612/16
DANC 050A72794Hip Hop Dance: Begin Level 18/2612/16
DANC 050B72795Hip Hop Dance: Beginning Level 28/2612/16
DANC 050C73225Hip Hop Dance: Intermediate Level 38/2612/16
DANC 172770Ballet: Beginning Level 18/2612/16
DANC 1172779Jazz Dance: Beginning Level 18/2612/16
DANC 1272780Jazz Dance: Beginning Level 28/2612/16
DANC 1372781Jazz Dance: Intermediate Level 38/2612/16
DANC 1472782Jazz Dance: Advanced Level 48/2612/16
DANC 272771Ballet: Beginning Level 28/2612/16
DANC 2172783Modern Dance: Beginning Level 18/2612/16
DANC 2272784Modern Dance: Beginning Level 28/2612/16
DANC 2372785Modern Dance: Intermediate Level 38/2612/16
DANC 2472786Modern Dance: Advanced Level 48/2612/16
DANC 372775Ballet: Intermediate Level 38/2612/16
DANC 3172787Tap for Musical Theatre: Beginning Level 18/2612/16
DANC 3272788Tap for Musical Theatre: Beginning Level 28/2612/16
DANC 3372789Tap for Musical Theatre: Intermediate Level 38/2612/16
DANC 3472790Tap for Musical Theatre: Advanced Level 48/2612/16
DANC 472777Ballet: Advanced Level 48/2612/16
DANC 4172791Ballroom and Latin Dance: Beginning8/2612/16
DANC 4272792Ballroom and Latin Dance: Intermediate8/2612/16
DANC 4372793Ballroom and Latin Dance: Advanced8/2612/16
DANC 872778Rehearsal and Performance in Dance8/2612/16
ELED 020A72991Field Experience in Elementary Teaching8/2612/16
ELED 2072990Introduction to Elementary Teaching8/2612/16
ENGR 1072314Introduction to Engineering8/2612/16
ENGR 2072315Engineering Graphics8/2612/16
ENGR 6072318Programming and Problem-Solving in MATLAB8/2612/16
ETHN 173139Introduction to Ethnic and Social Justice Studies8/2612/16
ETHN 173142Introduction to Ethnic and Social Justice Studies8/2612/16
FDAT 8473508Internship8/2612/16
GDES 020A73167UX Design 18/2612/16
GDES 021A73168Web Development 18/2612/16
GDES 173160Adobe Creative Apps for Graphic Design8/2612/16
GDES 2373169Introduction to App Design8/2612/16
GDES 373162Introduction to Graphic Design8/2612/16
GDES 773163Digital Illustration: Illustrator8/2612/16
GDES 973164Introduction to Typography8/2612/16
GEOL 001A72327Physical Geology8/2612/16
GEOL 001A72330Physical Geology8/2612/16
GEOL 001B72331Historical Geology8/2612/16
GEOL 1572332Geology of California8/2612/16
GIST 016C72843Spatial Analysis for GIS8/2612/16
HSCI 1072530Human Sexuality8/2612/16
HTCH 054A72541Internship for Health Care Technologies8/2612/16
HUMN 001A72385Human Values in and from the Arts - the Ancient World to the Early Renaissance8/2612/16
INTD 090A73220Interior Design Internship8/2612/16
INTD 090B73221Interior Design Internship8/2612/16
INTD 090C73222Kitchen and Bath Design Internship8/2612/16
KINA 9.0772872Intercollegiate Soccer - Men8/2612/16
KINA 9.0872851Intercollegiate Soccer - Women8/2612/16
KINA 9.1772919Intercollegiate Volleyball - Women8/2612/16
KINA 9.1872836Intercollegiate Water Polo - Men8/2612/16
KINA 9.272899Women's Intercollegiate Water Polo8/2612/16
KINA 9.372865Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning8/2612/16
KINA 9.372874Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning8/2612/16
KINA 9.372896Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning8/2612/16
KINA 9.372906Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning8/2610/7
KINA 9.3172897Athletic Tennis - Skills and Techniques8/2612/16
KINA 9.4172819Athletic Baseball - Skills and Techniques8/2612/16
KINA 9.4772873Athletic Men's Soccer - Skills and Techniques8/2612/16
KINA 9.4972937Athletic Softball - Skills and Techniques8/2611/22
KINA 9.672849Post Season Conditioning8/2612/16
KINA 9.672898Post Season Conditioning8/2612/16
KINA 9.672900Post Season Conditioning8/2612/16
KINA 9.672920Post Season Conditioning8/2612/16
KINS 11.0172852Yoga for Health8/2612/16
KINS 11.0172926Yoga for Health8/2612/16
KINS 11.0272853Intermediate Yoga8/2612/16
KINS 11.0272992Intermediate Yoga8/2612/16
KINS 11.0372854Gentle Restorative Exercise8/2612/16
KINS 11.0372993Gentle Restorative Exercise8/2612/16
KINS 11.0472855Advanced Yoga8/2612/16
KINS 11.0472994Advanced Yoga8/2612/16
KINS 11.0572856Mindful Meditation8/2612/16
KINS 11.0872946Pilates Mat Workout8/2612/16
KINS 11.0972947Intermediate Pilates Mat Workout8/2612/16
KINS 11.172948Advanced Pilates8/2612/16
KINS 2.0472837Swimming - Beginning8/2612/16
KINS 2.0472841Swimming - Beginning8/2612/16
KINS 2.0572838Swimming - Intermediate8/2612/16
KINS 2.0572842Swimming - Intermediate8/2612/16
KINS 2.0672839Swimming - Advanced8/2612/16
KINS 2.0672844Swimming - Advanced8/2612/16
KINS 2.0772840Master's Swimming8/2612/16
KINS 2.0772845Master's Swimming8/2612/16
KINS 4.0772846Fitness Competitive Athlete8/2612/16
KINS 4.0772901Fitness Competitive Athlete8/2612/16
KINS 4.0772930Fitness Competitive Athlete8/2612/16
KINS 4.1372866Fitness Walking8/2612/16
KINS 4.1672820Fitness Weight Training8/2612/16
KINS 4.1672824Fitness Weight Training8/2612/16
KINS 4.1672882Fitness Weight Training8/2612/16
KINS 4.1672885Fitness Weight Training8/2612/16
KINS 4.1672938Fitness Weight Training8/2612/16
KINS 4.1972894Fitness Appraisal8/2612/16
KINS 4.272821Fitness, Weight Training 28/2612/16
KINS 4.272825Fitness, Weight Training 28/2612/16
KINS 4.272883Fitness, Weight Training 28/2612/16
KINS 4.272886Fitness, Weight Training 28/2612/16
KINS 4.272939Fitness, Weight Training 28/2612/16
KINS 4.2172822Fitness Weight Training 38/2612/16
KINS 4.2172826Fitness Weight Training 38/2612/16
KINS 4.2172884Fitness Weight Training 38/2612/16
KINS 4.2172887Fitness Weight Training 38/2612/16
KINS 4.2172940Fitness Weight Training 38/2612/16
KINS 4.2872868Fitness Jogging8/2612/16
KINS 4.372847Functional Fitness8/2612/16
KINS 4.372902Functional Fitness8/2612/16
KINS 4.3172848Core Training8/2612/16
KINS 4.3172903Core Training8/2612/16
KINS 4.3272908Boot Camp8/2612/16
KINS 4.3572869Trail Running8/2612/16
KINS 4.3772949Barre Fitness8/2612/16
KINS 4.4172909Speed, Plyometrics, Agility and Quickness Level 18/2612/16
KINS 4.4272910Speed, Plyometrics, Agility and Quickness Level 28/2612/16
KINS 4.4372911Speed, Plyometrics, Agility and Quickness Level 38/2612/16
KINS 6.0172927MMA - Mixed Martial Arts8/2612/16
KINS 6.0272931Karate - Beginning8/2612/16
KINS 6.0372932Self-Defense8/2612/16
KINS 6.0672933Karate - Intermediate8/2612/16
KINS 6.0772928Kickboxing8/2612/16
KINS 6.0872929Boxing8/2612/16
KINS 6.172934Karate - Advanced8/2612/16
KINS 7.172875Golf - Beginning8/2612/16
KINS 7.172879Golf - Beginning8/2612/16
KINS 7.1172877Golf - Intermediate8/2612/16
KINS 7.1172880Golf - Intermediate8/2612/16
KINS 7.1272878Golf - Advanced8/2612/16
KINS 7.1272881Golf - Advanced8/2612/16
KINS 7.1572888Beginning Pickleball8/2612/16
KINS 7.1672889Intermediate Pickleball8/2612/16
KINS 7.1772890Advanced Pickleball8/2612/16
KINS 7.1872891Beginning Tennis8/2612/16
KINS 7.272892Intermediate Tennis8/2612/16
KINS 7.2172893Advanced Tennis8/2612/16
KINS 7.2672857Studio Cycling8/2612/16
KINS 7.2772858Studio Cycling Advanced8/2612/16
KINS 8.0372832Baseball/Softball - Advanced8/2612/16
KINS 8.0372941Baseball/Softball - Advanced8/2612/16
KINS 8.0472916Beginning Basketball8/2612/16
KINS 8.0572917Intermediate Basketball8/2612/16
KINS 8.0672918Advanced Basketball8/2612/16
KINS 8.1272833Baseball/Softball - Beginning8/2612/16
KINS 8.1272942Baseball/Softball - Beginning8/2612/16
KINS 8.1372834Baseball/Softball - Intermediate8/2612/16
KINS 8.1372943Baseball/Softball - Intermediate8/2612/16
KINS 8.272827Introduction to Sport Fundamentals8/2612/16
KINS 8.272860Introduction to Sport Fundamentals8/2612/16
KINS 8.272912Introduction to Sport Fundamentals8/2612/16
KINS 8.272921Introduction to Sport Fundamentals8/2612/16
KINS 8.272944Introduction to Sport Fundamentals8/2612/16
KINS 8.2172828Fundamentals of Sport - Beginning8/2612/16
KINS 8.2172861Fundamentals of Sport - Beginning8/2612/16
KINS 8.2172913Fundamentals of Sport - Beginning8/2612/16
KINS 8.2172922Fundamentals of Sport - Beginning8/2612/16
KINS 8.2172945Fundamentals of Sport - Beginning8/2612/16
KINS 8.2272830Fundamentals of Sport - Intermediate8/2612/16
KINS 8.2272863Fundamentals of Sport - Intermediate8/2612/16
KINS 8.2272914Fundamentals of Sport - Intermediate8/2612/16
KINS 8.2272923Fundamentals of Sport - Intermediate8/2612/16
KINS 8.2372831Fundamentals of Sport - Advanced8/2612/16
KINS 8.2372864Fundamentals of Sport - Advanced8/2612/16
KINS 8.2372915Fundamentals of Sport - Advanced8/2612/16
KINS 8.2372924Fundamentals of Sport - Advanced8/2612/16
KINT 3472907Sport in Society8/2610/21
MATH 000D72445Trigonometry8/2612/16
MATH 000D72446Trigonometry8/2612/16
MATH 000D72447Trigonometry8/2612/16
MATH 000G72448Mathematics for the Liberal Arts Student8/2612/16
MATH 000G72449Mathematics for the Liberal Arts Student8/2612/16
MATH 001C72459Just-In-Time Support for Pre-Calculus Algebra8/2612/16
MATH 003A72464Calculus and Analytic Geometry8/2612/16
MATH 003A72467Calculus and Analytic Geometry8/2612/16
MATH 003AH72471Honors Calculus and Analytical Geometry8/2612/16
MATH 003B72474Calculus and Analytical Geometry8/2612/16
MATH 010H72515Honors Elementary Statistics8/2612/16
MATH 172450Pre-Calculus Algebra8/2612/16
MATH 172451Pre-Calculus Algebra8/2612/16
MATH 172452Pre-Calculus Algebra8/2612/16
MATH 172453Pre-Calculus Algebra8/2612/16
MATH 172456Pre-Calculus Algebra8/2612/16
MATH 172457Pre-Calculus Algebra8/2612/16
MATH 1072494Elementary Statistics8/2612/16
MATH 1072510Elementary Statistics8/2612/16
MATH 1272518Applied Calculus8/2612/16
MATH 1272519Applied Calculus8/2612/16
MATH 272460Pre-Calculus Algebra and Trigonometry8/2612/16
MATH 272461Pre-Calculus Algebra and Trigonometry8/2612/16
MATH 272462Pre-Calculus Algebra and Trigonometry8/2612/16
MATH 8072522Foundations of Data Science8/2612/16
MUSC 003A72695Music Theory Level 18/2612/16
MUSC 003A72696Music Theory Level 18/2612/16
MUSC 067A72756Creating Music for Film, TV, and Gaming: Foundations8/2612/16
MUSC 1072701Music Appreciation8/2612/16
MUSC 4272746Concert Choir8/2612/16
MUSC 4972747Symphonic Band8/2612/16
MUSC 5172748Jazz Band8/2612/16
NCBU 172562Principles and Fundamentals of Accounting and Bookkeeping8/2612/16
NCBU 272563Payroll Accounting and Bookkeeping8/2612/16
NCIE 10172652Integrated ESL: Beginning Low8/2612/16
NCIE 10272653Integrated ESL: Beginning High8/2612/16
NCIE 10372654Integrated ESL: Intermediate Low8/2612/16
NCIE 10472655Integrated ESL: Intermediate High8/2612/16
NCIE 10572656Integrated ESL: Advanced Low8/2612/16
NCIE 10672657Integrated ESL: Advanced High8/2612/16
NCIE 20372644ESL: Speaking-Listening Intermediate Low8/2612/16
NCIE 20472645ESL: Speaking-Listening Intermediate High8/2612/16
OCEA 1072333Introduction to Oceanography8/2612/16
PHYS 002A72336General Physics - Mechanics8/2612/16
PHYS 172334Introduction to Physics Problem Solving8/2612/16
PMGT 1072859Introduction to Park Management8/2612/16
PMGT 1072862Introduction to Park Management8/2612/16
PMGT 1472870Conservation of Our Natural Resources8/2612/16
PMGT 2172871Park Operations Laboratory8/2612/16
PMGT 2672876Regenerative Agriculture for Parks8/2612/16
POLI 172383American Government8/2612/16
POLI 172384American Government8/2612/16
SJST 173143Introduction to Ethnic and Social Justice Studies8/2612/16
SJST 173144Introduction to Ethnic and Social Justice Studies8/2612/16
SOCI 172393Introduction to Sociology8/2612/16
SOCI 172398Introduction to Sociology8/2612/16
SOCI 172399Introduction to Sociology8/2612/16
SOCI 372394Social Psychology: A Sociological Perspective8/2612/16
THEA 002A72679Introduction to Theatrical Design8/2612/16
THEA 005A72664Introduction to Film/Video Production8/2612/16
THEA 006A72665Writing for Film and Television8/2612/16
THEA 014A72686Survey of Film: Horror and Science Fiction8/2612/16
THEA 014C72673Survey of Film: Gangster and Detective Films8/2612/16
THEA 040B72669Acting Two8/2612/16
THEA 040C72672Acting Three8/2612/16
THEA 044A72677Makeup for Stage & Screen8/2612/16
THEA 1072684Introduction to Theater8/2612/16
THEA 1572681Introduction to Film Studies8/2612/16
WGQS 273140Women in the Arts: Multicultural Perspectives8/2612/16
NCIE 10172638Integrated ESL: Beginning Low8/2810/16
NCIE 10272639Integrated ESL: Beginning High8/2810/16
NCIE 10372640Integrated ESL: Intermediate Low8/2810/16
NCIE 10472641Integrated ESL: Intermediate High8/2810/16
NCIE 10572642Integrated ESL: Advanced Low8/2810/16
NCIE 10672643Integrated ESL: Advanced High8/2810/16
NCIE 110A72658Basic American English and Civics 18/2811/29
PARA 3772286Intellectual Property Law8/2910/17
PARA 1872279Legal Analysis8/3112/7
KINT 038A72936Introduction to Sports Medicine9/512/12
NCTH 021A73224Technical Theater in Production: Scene Shop and Crew9/512/5
NCWP 21272661Beginning Microsoft Excel9/510/17
THEA 021A72678Technical Theater in Production: Scene Shop and Crew9/512/5
THEA 070D72675Mainstage Theater Production Workshop: Family and Children's Theater9/512/4
THEA 1572688Introduction to Film Studies9/512/12
SOCI 173061Introduction to Sociology9/612/11
THEA 020B72674Studio Theater Production Workshop: Modern/Contemporary9/712/7
BUSN 090A73520Business Employment Preparation9/99/16
CHST 172706Principles & Practices of Teaching Young Children9/1812/16
CHST 272718Child Growth and Development9/1812/16
COMM 173451Public Speaking9/1812/7
COMM 173453Public Speaking9/1812/7
COUN 573147College Success9/1812/6
COUN 573148College Success9/1812/6
HSCI 1272531Understanding Stress - A Multidisciplinary Perspective9/1812/14
MUSC 572698Fundamentals of Music9/1812/16
NCBU 472564Excel for Accounting and Bookkeeping9/1812/11
PARA 029B72288Paralegal Internship9/1812/4
THEA 1072676Introduction to Theater9/1812/6
NCBU 5472567Small Business Start-up9/1910/19
NCBU 772566Quickbooks: Merchandising and Payroll9/2012/13
NCWP 21072660Microsoft Word9/2011/8
NCWP 22072663Introduction to Google Workspace9/2012/13
NCBU 672565Quickbooks: Set-up and Services Business9/2112/14
NCTU 173258General Tutor Training9/2210/27
GDES 1173165Blogs and Site Development: WordPress9/2810/2
CIST 272303Introduction to Computing10/212/8
GDES 012B73166Social Media Marketing10/411/10
KINA 9.0272905Intercollegiate Basketball - Men10/1012/16
HSCI 472534Heartsaver First Aid, CPR, AED10/1410/14
CHST 6372800Child, Family, and Community10/1612/16
ARTS 001A73261Survey of Western Art I10/1712/7
ARTS 473267Art Appreciation10/1712/7
ARTS 473268Art Appreciation10/1712/7
COUN 5073159Cross-Cultural Perspectives10/1712/7
HTCH 054A72542Internship for Health Care Technologies10/1712/16
NCIE 10172646Integrated ESL: Beginning Low10/1712/5
NCIE 10272647Integrated ESL: Beginning High10/1712/5
NCIE 10372648Integrated ESL: Intermediate Low10/1712/5
NCIE 10472649Integrated ESL: Intermediate High10/1712/5
NCIE 10572650Integrated ESL: Advanced Low10/1712/5
NCIE 10672651Integrated ESL: Advanced High10/1712/5
SOCI 2072395Sociology of Race and Ethnicity10/1712/15
THEA 014B72683Survey of Film: Westerns and Musicals10/1712/6
THEA 1372690Multicultural Theater10/1712/6
THEA 1572685Introduction to Film Studies10/1712/6
WRKX 30372543Occupational Work Experience10/1712/16
KINT 3272850Introduction to Coaching Sport10/1812/7
NCBU 5672568How to Market your Small Business10/2411/23
NCWP 21472662Advanced Microsoft Excel10/2412/5
THEA 2473212Single Camera Production10/2512/15
HSCI 372533CPR / AED - Basic Life Support for Providers and Professionals11/1811/21
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