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Zero Textbook Cost Classes

Section NameSection NumberSection TitleInstructorZTCLTC
ACCT 1070266Financial AccountingRamamurthy, Mahalakshmi ZTC 
ACCT 1170268Managerial AccountingRamamurthy, Mahalakshmi ZTC 
ACCT 5070273Accounting: Small BusinessFakoor, Farima ZTC 
ACCT 1070264Financial AccountingBigelow, Page Charbonneau  
ACCT 1070294Financial AccountingHammond, Laurienne B  
ACCT 1070295Financial AccountingHammond, Laurienne B  
ACCT 1070296Financial AccountingGhodrat, Nancy N  
ACCT 1070302Financial AccountingFakoor, Farima   
ACCT 1072066Financial AccountingKhan, Ameer N  
ACCT 1072191Financial AccountingGhodrat, Nancy N  
ACCT 1170300Managerial AccountingGhodrat, Nancy N  
ACCT 1172067Managerial AccountingGhodrat, Nancy N  
ADMJ 170075Intro to Admin of JusticeSmith, James E  
ADMJ 170083Intro to Admin of JusticeCastillo, Victor M  
ADMJ 171914Intro to Admin of JusticeMorgan, Timothy F  
ADMJ 270084Concepts of Criminal LawCastillo, Victor M  
ADMJ 270085Concepts of Criminal LawEastus, Mark A  
ADMJ 370086Principles/Pro - Justice SysteMorgan, Timothy F  
ADMJ 470087Legal Aspects of EvidenceMorgan, Timothy F  
ADMJ 570088Criminal InvestigationCosta, John B  
ADMJ 1470089Alcohol, Narcotic and Drug AbuSmith, James E  
ADMJ 2370090Police Report WritingMorgan, Timothy F  
ADMJ 3270091Motorcycle,Prison/Street GangsCastillo, Victor M  
ADMJ 3372132Intro to Probation/ParoleAguilar, Victor Manuel  
ADMJ 3472185Career Plan - Criminal JusticeMorgan, Timothy F  
ADMJ 4170163Introduction to ForensicsGarrido, Jeremiah S  
ADMJ 5172133Race, Class & Gen in Crim JusCastillo, Victor M  
ANTH 170211Intro to Physical AnthroKindon, Andrew W  
ANTH 170212Intro to Physical AnthroKindon, Andrew W  
ANTH 170213Intro to Physical AnthroOtte, John R  
ANTH 270214Intro to ArchaeologyKindon, Andrew W  
ANTH 370215Intro Cultural AnthropologyKindon, Andrew W  
ANTH 370216Intro Cultural AnthropologyKindon, Andrew W  
ANTH 370218Intro Cultural AnthropologyOtte, John R  
ANTH 470219Linguistic AnthroOtte, John R  
ANTH 5570220Magic, Witchcraft and ReligionUlloa, John C  
ARCH 4370554Styles in ArchitectureGhahramani, Soroush   
ARCH 4570555Architectural Bldg. CodesGhahramani, Soroush   
ARCH 4672110History of ArchitectureLiskamm, William H  
ARCH 4870535Digital Tools for ArchitecturLor Kalantari, Armita   
ARCH 4970537Introduction to RhinoGhahramani, Soroush   
ARCH 5170539Arch Graph: Drawing & SketchinGhahramani, Soroush   
ARCH 5270540Arch Graph: Color RenderingPedramrazi, Sassan   
ARCH 5370541Intro Arch & Envir DesignGhahramani, Soroush   
ARCH 5670542Basic Architectural DesignPedramrazi, Sassan   
ARCH 5870543Intro to Revit ArchitectureGhahramani, Soroush   
ARCH 6170551Architectural Design ICox, Bradley J  
ARCH 6270552Architectural Design IICox, Bradley J  
ARCH 6370553Architectural Design IIICox, Bradley J  
ARCH 7672059Site Analysis and DesignEddy, Thomas John  
ARCH 8372057Plant CompositionEddy, Thomas John  
ARTS 001A70022Survey of Western Art INapoli Abella Reiss, Cynthia ZTC 
ARTS 001D70030Survey of Modern ArtNapoli Abella Reiss, Cynthia ZTC 
ARTS 001DH70031Honors Art of the 20th CenturyNapoli Abella Reiss, Cynthia ZTC 
ARTS 001E70032Design in SocietyArnold, Kathryn AZTC 
ARTS 470033Art AppreciationArnold, Kathryn AZTC 
ARTS 470034Art AppreciationArnold, Kathryn AZTC 
ARTS 031A70037Beginning DrawingArnold, Kathryn AZTC 
ARTS 031A70038Beginning DrawingBrueckner, Heidi ZTC 
ARTS 031A70040Beginning DrawingGuzman, Ronald EZTC 
ARTS 031B70041Expressive DrawingTolomei, Gary RZTC 
ARTS 033A70043Two-Dimensional DesignChallas, Jason CZTC 
ARTS 035A70045Beginning Life DrawingGuzman, Ronald EZTC 
ARTS 049A70050Beginning PaintingBrueckner, Heidi ZTC 
ARTS 5570054Intro. to Comp. ArtChallas, Jason CZTC 
ARTS 065A70059Ceramics-HandbuildingCook, Kimberly DZTC 
ARTS 065B70060Ceramics-Handbuilding IIFabian, Mitra JZTC 
ARTS 065C70061Ceramics-Handbuilding IIIFabian, Mitra JZTC 
ARTS 065D70062Adv Handbuillt Ceramics IVFabian, Mitra JZTC 
ARTS 067A70063Ceramics - Potters WheelAshman, Rachel MZTC 
ARTS 067B70064Ceramics - Potters WheelMoss, William HZTC 
ARTS 81700653-Dimensional DesignFabian, Mitra JZTC 
ARTS 088B70067Metal Sculpture CasFabian, Mitra JZTC 
ARTS 9570072New Media and Social ChangeLouden, Lesley AZTC 
ARTS 001A70024Survey of Western Art INapoli Abella Reiss, Cynthia   
ARTS 001A70026Survey of Western Art IArnold, Kathryn A  
ARTS 001B70028Survey of Western Art IINapoli Abella Reiss, Cynthia   
ARTS 001B70029Survey of Western Art IINapoli Abella Reiss, Cynthia   
ARTS 1070035American Art: MulticulturalArnold, Kathryn A  
ARTS 012A70073Art of Pre-Hisp MexNapoli Abella Reiss, Cynthia   
ARTS 1470036Women in Art HistoryNapoli Abella Reiss, Cynthia   
ARTS 031A71626Beginning DrawingNiven, Margaret   
ARTS 033A71618Two-Dimensional DesignCryer, Christopher L  
ARTS 035B71767Intermediate Life DrawingSicat, Christopher   
ARTS 035C71769Intermediate-Adv Life DrawingSicat, Christopher   
ARTS 035D71774Advanced Life DrawingSicat, Christopher   
ARTS 047A71619Beginning WatercolorGuzman, Ronald E  
ARTS 049A71628Beginning PaintingBrueckner, Heidi   
ARTS 049B71630Intermediate PaintingBrueckner, Heidi   
ARTS 049C71631Intermediate-Advanced PaintingBrueckner, Heidi   
ARTS 049D71632Advanced PaintingBrueckner, Heidi   
ARTS 057A71620Animation ICryer, Christopher L  
ARTS 057A71624Animation ICryer, Christopher L  
ARTS 057B71625Animation IICryer, Christopher L  
ARTS 062A70069Basic PhotographyFenstermacher, Dan Lawrence  
ARTS 062A70070Basic PhotographyFenstermacher, Dan Lawrence  
ARTS 062D71637Studio PhotographyFenstermacher, Dan Lawrence  
ASLA 060A71121American Sign Language IMeng, Qing   
ASLA 060A71917American Sign Language IMeng, Qing   
ASTR 1070131Solar System AstronomyEpperson, Douglas EZTC 
ASTR 1170133Stellar AstronomyEpperson, Douglas EZTC 
ASTR 2170135Lifestyles of the StarsEpperson, Douglas EZTC 
ASTR 2270136From Big Bang to Black HolesFlohic, Helene MarieZTC 
AVIA 030A72134Aviation - Pilot Ground SchoolWebster, Rachael HanbyZTC 
AVIA 030B70304Intro to Unmanned Aircraft SysCruz, Christopher   
AVIA 030E70305Drone Videography/PhotographyFenstermacher, Dan Lawrence  
BIOL 270711Environmental BiologySvensson, Peter I  
BIOL 270712Environmental BiologyBurford, Benjamin Patrick  
BIOL 002L70713Envir Biology LabGeary, Michelle E  
BIOL 1070714Intro to BiologyGallardo, Leticia I  
BIOL 1070715Intro to BiologyThomson, Barry C  
BIOL 1070716Intro to BiologyGallardo, Leticia I  
BIOL 1070717Intro to BiologyGallardo, Leticia I  
BIOL 1070718Intro to BiologyThomson, Barry C  
BIOL 1070719Intro to BiologySvensson, Peter I  
BIOL 1070720Intro to BiologySteinhardt, Alicia A  
BIOL 010L70721Intro to Biology LabThomson, Barry C LTC
BIOL 010L70722Intro to Biology LabHackworth, Cheryl A LTC
BIOL 010L70723Intro to Biology LabHackworth, Cheryl A LTC
BIOL 010L70724Intro to Biology LabJolly, Jennifer M LTC
BIOL 010L70725Intro to Biology LabSteinhardt, Alicia A LTC
BIOL 010L70726Intro to Biology LabMichaud, Brianna Callen LTC
BIOL 010L70727Intro to Biology LabMichaud, Brianna Callen LTC
BIOL 1170729Human BiologySchrey, Maureen C LTC
BIOL 1170730Human BiologySchrey, Maureen C LTC
BIOL 1170731Human BiologySchrey, Maureen C LTC
BIOL 1171924Human BiologySchrey, Maureen C LTC
BIOL 1172032Human BiologyMaddox, Eva Maria Urdiales LTC
BIOL 1370733Natural History of CaliforniaGallardo, Leticia I LTC
BIOL 1870734Marine BiologyJolly, Jennifer M  
BIOL 2370735Infectious DiseasesSteinhardt, Alicia A  
BIOL 3670736Animal BehaviorSvensson, Peter I  
BIOL 3770737Evolution - Life on EarthSvensson, Peter I  
BIOL 4170738Principles of Animal BiologySvensson, Peter I  
BIOL 4270739Principles of Plant BiologyGeary, Michelle E  
BIOL 4370740Principles of Cell BiologyGeary, Michelle E  
BIOL 4570741MicrobiologyHackworth, Cheryl A  
BIOL 4570742MicrobiologyHackworth, Cheryl A  
BIOL 4770744Human AnatomyAnderson, Rachel B  
BIOL 4770745Human AnatomyAnderson, Rachel B  
BIOL 4770746Human AnatomyNorris, Nathan   
BIOL 4770747Human AnatomyNorris, Nathan   
BIOL 4870748Human PhysiologyStanton, Christine Erin  
BIOL 4870749Human PhysiologyStanton, Christine Erin  
BUSN 570602Introduction to Project Mgmt.Delaney, John Benedict  
BUSN 1570573The Entrepreneurial MindsetForman, Terri Lynne  
BUSN 2870574Business LawShoemaker, Lance Wilfred  
BUSN 2870576Business LawShoemaker, Lance Wilfred  
BUSN 2870577Business LawYurtseven, Lale   
BUSN 2870579Business LawFirenzi, Gina M  
BUSN 2870580Business LawYurtseven, Lale   
BUSN 2870603Business LawShoemaker, Lance Wilfred  
BUSN 028H70575Honors Business LawShoemaker, Lance Wilfred  
BUSN 3470581HR ManagementStokke, Patricia A  
BUSN 3670582Strategic ManagementKincaid, Michelle L  
BUSN 4370583MS Office-Beg Office ComputingFoster, Jerrod   
BUSN 043A70584Intro - Google Workspace CloudFoster, Jerrod   
BUSN 4670585Excelling With ExcelFoster, Jerrod   
BUSN 046B70586Beginning SpreadsheetsFoster, Jerrod   
BUSN 5170593Introduction to BusinessMccormick, Drew C  
BUSN 5170594Introduction to BusinessHenderson, Jim C  
BUSN 5170595Introduction to BusinessBailey, Michael J  
BUSN 5170597Introduction to BusinessBailey, Michael J  
BUSN 5170598Introduction to BusinessStokke, Patricia A  
BUSN 5170599Introduction to BusinessForman, Terri Lynne  
BUSN 5170600Introduction to BusinessFakoor, Farima   
BUSN 5170605Introduction to BusinessForman, Terri Lynne  
BUSN 5171916Introduction to BusinessFirenzi, Gina M  
BUSN 5470587Small Bus. Start Up &ManBigelow, Page Charbonneau  
BUSN 5670588Marketing PrinciplesBailey, Michael J  
BUSN 6170589Business, Gov't and SocietyDiamond, Heidi Weiss  
BUSN 6270590Business MathematicsHenderson, Jim C  
BUSN 7070591Effective Office SkillsKincaid, Michelle L  
BUSN 7870592Business CommunicationMaloney, Nancy E  
CHEM 001A70169General ChemistryFlynn, Elizabeth Hunter  
CHEM 001A70170General ChemistryFlynn, Elizabeth Hunter  
CHEM 001A70171General ChemistryFlynn, Elizabeth Hunter  
CHEM 001A70172General ChemistryFisher, Gary B  
CHEM 001A70174General ChemistryRubinava, Stacey D  
CHEM 001B70175General ChemistryEldridge, Glenn M  
CHEM 001B70176General ChemistryNg, Terry C H  
CHEM 001B70178General ChemistryLeclerc, Margarete Katharina  
CHEM 270179Introductory ChemistryEldridge, Glenn M  
CHEM 270180Introductory ChemistryEldridge, Glenn M  
CHEM 270182Introductory ChemistryHopper, Dale A  
CHEM 012A70192Organic ChemistryHarrison, Blaine   
CHEM 030A70187Fundamentals of ChemistryHarrison, Blaine   
CHEM 030A70190Fundamentals of ChemistryNg, Terry C H  
CHEM 5070195Chemical SkillsRubinava, Stacey D  
CHST 270191Child Growth/DevelopmentFrancis, Michelle AZTC 
CHST 570196Diversity - Childhood/CultureFrancis, Michelle AZTC 
CHST 572131Diversity - Childhood/CultureFrancis, Michelle AZTC 
CHST 3570234ECE PracticumDotson, Laurie NielsenZTC 
CHST 035A70236Field Exp - Early Child EducatSmith, Jamie ZTC 
CHST 5370243Contemp. Ed in SocietyFrancis, Michelle AZTC 
CHST 6370245Child, Family, & CommunityHotta, Leslie MZTC 
CHST 8070250Introduction to CurriculumFonseca, Araceli ZTC 
CHST 170185Principles & PracticesWang, Jennifer Y  
CHST 170188Principles & PracticesSmith, Jamie   
CHST 270193Child Growth/DevelopmentShue, Therese A  
CHST 034A70230Intro - Child w/ Special NeedsDotson, Laurie Nielsen  
CHST 034C70612Guidance/Strategies - ChallengSbrega, Katharine Chapman  
CHST 6470246Supervision &Administration IShue, Therese A  
CHST 6670247Child Safety, Health and NutriSmith, Jamie   
CHST 7070249Infant-Toddler Dev &CareFunk, Jacqueline Lucille  
CHST 8772055Observation and AssessmentGee, Thena Nguyen  
CIST 270297Intro to ComputingKaaz, Mark WZTC 
CIST 004A170359Computer Programming I (Java)Lam, An NgocZTC 
CIST 270298Intro to ComputingRascov, Jeffrey D  
CIST 270299Intro to ComputingRascov, Jeffrey D  
CIST 004A70357C++ Programming IMiller, Howard A  
CIST 004A170361Computer Programming I (Java)Liu, Takyiu  LTC
CIST 004B170366Data Structures -Advanced JavaLiu, Takyiu  LTC
CIST 005A70381Introduction to PythonLiu, Takyiu   
CIST 005A70607Introduction to PythonLiu, Takyiu   
CIST 005B72148Advanced PythonAbolghasemi, Mirsaeid   
CIST 3970609Microcomputer Assemb. ProgramMiller, Howard A  
COMM 170293Public SpeakingMorrison, Jennifer HZTC 
COMM 170495Public SpeakingKirk, Gail ZTC 
COMM 171918Public SpeakingKirk, Gail ZTC 
COMM 1270007Intercultural CommunicationFarrell, Margaret SZTC 
COMM 1270023Intercultural CommunicationFarrell, Margaret SZTC 
COMM 2070177Argumentation and DebateFujishin, Jared VanZTC 
COMM 2070181Argumentation and DebateFujishin, Jared VanZTC 
COMM 170002Public SpeakingHannigan, John B  
COMM 170005Public SpeakingHannigan, John B  
COMM 170080Public SpeakingZajac, Michelle L  
COMM 170168Public SpeakingZajac, Michelle L  
COMM 170184Public SpeakingFujishin, Jared Van  
COMM 170186Public SpeakingFujishin, Jared Van  
COMM 170290Public SpeakingBorchard, Jillian M  
COMM 170291Public SpeakingBorchard, Jillian M  
COMM 170292Public SpeakingBorchard, Jillian M  
COMM 170520Public SpeakingWalsh, Lindsay Margaret  
COMM 170628Public SpeakingBell, Laura Elizabeth  
COMM 170668Public SpeakingPearson, Amy   
COMM 170670Public SpeakingPearson, Amy   
COMM 171712Public SpeakingWalsh, Lindsay Margaret  
COMM 171920Public SpeakingZylka, Ruth Ann  
COMM 172119Public SpeakingFujishin, Jared Van  
COMM 172221Public SpeakingBell, Laura Elizabeth  
COMM 001H71629Honors Public SpeakingZajac, Michelle L  
COMM 470082Small Group DiscussionZajac, Michelle L  
COMM 471921Small Group DiscussionMcKnight, Morgan C  
COMM 870004Interpersonal CommunicationHannigan, John B  
COMM 870081Interpersonal CommunicationZajac, Michelle L  
COMM 1070492Introduction to PersuasionKirk, Gail   
COMM 1070506Introduction to PersuasionMcKnight, Morgan C  
COMM 1270173Intercultural CommunicationFujishin, Jared Van  
COUN 000A70990College OrientationIkeda, Hideo CZTC 
COUN 000A70992College OrientationCardenas, Alicia ZTC 
COUN 000A70993College OrientationCardenas, Alicia ZTC 
COUN 570994College SuccessLLantero, Erika AleenZTC 
COUN 570995College SuccessCardenas, Alicia ZTC 
COUN 570996College SuccessBangle, Angelica BZTC 
COUN 570997College SuccessWinkler, James FZTC 
COUN 570998College SuccessCardamone, Andrew JosephZTC 
COUN 570999College SuccessSilva, Claudio AZTC 
COUN 571000College SuccessIkeda, Hideo CZTC 
COUN 571001College SuccessFard, Maryam BZTC 
COUN 571002College SuccessBucher, Joseph JZTC 
COUN 571003College SuccessSevere, Philip MZTC 
COUN 571005College SuccessBernal, Mary CarolZTC 
COUN 571925College SuccessBangle, Angelica BZTC 
COUN 5071011Cross-Cultural PersSevere, Philip MZTC 
COUN 5071012Cross-Cultural PersSevere, Philip MZTC 
COUN 1271006Careers & Life StylesByers, Robert M  
COUN 1271007Careers & Life StylesBangle, Angelica B  
COUN 1271008Careers & Life StylesBangle, Angelica B  
COUN 1271009Careers & Life StylesByers, Robert M  
COUN 2471010Personal GrowthByers, Robert M  
CTRP 4470601Court Reporting InternshipVandorn, Eric   
DANC 770501ChoreographyBasile, Maria CZTC 
DANC 871948Rehear &Performa in DanceEscobedo, Sarah ZTC 
DANC 1171949Jazz Dance: Beginning Level 1Escobedo, Sarah ZTC 
DANC 170493Ballet: Beginning Level 1Escobedo, Sarah   
DANC 270494Ballet: Beginning Level 2Escobedo, Sarah   
DANC 370496Ballet: Intermediate Level 3Escobedo, Sarah   
DANC 470497Ballet: Advanced Level 4Escobedo, Sarah   
DANC 570498Dance WorkshopBasile, Maria C  
DANC 670499Dance IntensiveEscobedo, Sarah   
DANC 2170509Modern Dance: Begin Level 1Basile, Maria C  
DANC 2370511Modern Dance: Intermed Level 3Basile, Maria C  
DANC 4170524Ballroom & Latin Dance: BeginBasile, Maria C  
DANC 4270519Ballroom & Latin Dance: InterBasile, Maria C  
DANC 4370525Ballroom & Latin Dance: AdvancBasile, Maria C  
DANC 4470527Lindy Hop & SwingBasile, Maria C  
DANC 050A71681Hip Hop Dance: Begin Level 1Hsu, Shih C  
DANC 6170528Dance in America: A Cultural PWundram, Brenna J  
DANC 061H70529Honors Dance in America: A CulWundram, Brenna J  
DIGM 170229Creative Suite Graphic DesigneAkyuz, Su   
DIGM 270232Intro: Electronic CommunicatioElisondo, Sergio A  
DIGM 370233Intro to Graphic DesignPark, Eujin Lee  
DIGM 1170235Blogs/Site Dev: WordPressRascov, Jeffrey D  
DIGM 014C70237Dig Illustration: IllustratorRascov, Jeffrey D  
DIGM 020A70238Interface DesignAkyuz, Su   
DIGM 021A70239Web Development 1Elisondo, Sergio A  
DIGM 021M70240Introduction to App DesignRascov, Jeffrey D  
DIGM 022A71888Digital Video 1Furtado, Jonathan   
DIGM 025B70241Social Media MarketingRascov, Jeffrey D  
DIGM 9970242Introduction to TypographyHoughton, Stacey Marie  
ECON 001A70386Principles of MacroeconomicsZill, Stephen C  
ECON 001A70394Principles of MacroeconomicsLiu, Samuel T  
ECON 001A70407Principles of MacroeconomicsKardevani, Hashem   
ECON 001A70413Principles of MacroeconomicsKardevani, Hashem   
ECON 001A70429Principles of MacroeconomicsLiu, Samuel T  
ECON 001A70430Principles of MacroeconomicsSandhu, Malkiat S  
ECON 001AH70396Honors Princ of MacroeconLiu, Samuel T  
ECON 001B70431Principles of MicroeconomicsKardevani, Hashem   
ECON 001B70436Principles of MicroeconomicsLiu, Samuel T  
ECON 001B70441Principles of MicroeconomicsUy-Barreta, Don Joseph Paredes  
ECON 001B70445Principles of MicroeconomicsDemiray, Deniz   
ENGL 001A70432English CompositionMichals, Nils DZTC 
ENGL 001A70855English CompositionGray, Dulce MaríaZTC 
ENGL 001A70865English CompositionSaito Liu, Leslie SZTC 
ENGL 001A70871English CompositionGray, Dulce MaríaZTC 
ENGL 001A70879English CompositionMichals, Nils DZTC 
ENGL 001A70887English CompositionVo, Binh TZTC 
ENGL 001A70907English CompositionLerma, Jess ZTC 
ENGL 001A70910English CompositionMiller, Wilson JosephZTC 
ENGL 001A70916English CompositionLerma, Jess ZTC 
ENGL 001A70955English CompositionLerma, Jess ZTC 
ENGL 001B70906Critical Thinking - LiteratureMichals, Nils DZTC 
ENGL 001B70942Critical Thinking - LiteratureBurrill, Leigh MeredithZTC 
ENGL 001B70958Critical Thinking - LiteratureGray, Dulce MaríaZTC 
ENGL 001B70979Critical Thinking - LiteratureMichals, Nils DZTC 
ENGL 001A70864English CompositionGerzanics, Janine   
ENGL 001A70867English CompositionJones, Cathryn E  
ENGL 001A70868English CompositionPenate, Chrisanthy   
ENGL 001A70869English CompositionShaw, Danielle N  
ENGL 001A70872English CompositionJones, Cathryn E  
ENGL 001A70873English CompositionCisneros-Diaz, Rebecca G  
ENGL 001A70875English CompositionHarris, Lenore R  
ENGL 001A70876English CompositionPape, Ronald E  
ENGL 001A70878English CompositionAdams-Palmer, Regina   
ENGL 001A70880English CompositionCuttler, Nicole T  
ENGL 001A70885English CompositionPape, Ronald E  
ENGL 001A70886English CompositionPenate, Chrisanthy   
ENGL 001A70905English CompositionJones, Cathryn E  
ENGL 001A70909English CompositionRichey, Jeanette M  
ENGL 001A70917English CompositionDavis, William R  
ENGL 001A70919English CompositionRichey, Jeanette M  
ENGL 001A70940English CompositionSaito Liu, Leslie S  
ENGL 001A70941English CompositionDavis, William R  
ENGL 001A70944English CompositionCisneros-Diaz, Rebecca G  
ENGL 001A70946English CompositionGirardi, Judith S  
ENGL 001A70953English CompositionKalivitis, Vasiliki I  
ENGL 001A70954English CompositionKalivitis, Vasiliki I  
ENGL 001A70956English CompositionCuttler, Nicole T  
ENGL 001A70957English CompositionHarris, Lenore R  
ENGL 001A70960English CompositionShaw, Danielle N  
ENGL 001A70967English CompositionGirardi, Judith S  
ENGL 001A70970English CompositionCuttler, Nicole T  
ENGL 001A70972English CompositionStevenson, Christina   
ENGL 001A70980English CompositionAdams-Palmer, Regina   
ENGL 001A71078English CompositionStevenson, Christina   
ENGL 001A71552English CompositionVo, Binh T  
ENGL 001A72143English CompositionDavis, William R  
ENGL 001A72170English CompositionJones, Cathryn E  
ENGL 001A72245English CompositionMiller, Wilson Joseph  
ENGL 001B70805Critical Thinking - LiteratureGerzanics, Janine   
ENGL 001B70881Critical Thinking - LiteratureDavis, William R  
ENGL 001B70883Critical Thinking - LiteratureSaito Liu, Leslie S  
ENGL 001B70904Critical Thinking - LiteratureKalivitis, Vasiliki I  
ENGL 001B70911Critical Thinking - LiteraturePape, Ronald E  
ENGL 001B70914Critical Thinking - LiteratureKalivitis, Vasiliki I  
ENGL 001B70945Critical Thinking - LiteratureGerzanics, Janine   
ENGL 001B70959Critical Thinking - LiteratureLerma, Jess   
ENGL 001B70962Critical Thinking - LiteratureRichey, Jeanette M  
ENGL 001B70963Critical Thinking - LiteratureRichey, Jeanette M  
ENGL 001B70968Critical Thinking - LiteratureLerma, Jess   
ENGL 001C70912Critical Thinking and WritingPape, Ronald E  
ENGL 001C70964Critical Thinking and WritingStevenson, Christina   
ENGL 001C70969Critical Thinking and WritingRichey, Jeanette M  
ENGL 001C72171Critical Thinking and WritingStevenson, Christina   
ENGL 005A70870Survey of English LiteratureGerzanics, Janine   
ENGL 007A70913American Literature 1Shaw, Danielle N  
ENGL 4170965Literature and FilmBurrill, Leigh Meredith  
ENGL 4670901Contmp Amer Multi-Cultural LitStevenson, Christina   
ENGL 046H70902Honors Contemp Multi-CultureStevenson, Christina   
ENGL 7070966Creative WritingHarris, Lenore R  
ENGL 8070903Voices: The Literary Arts MagMichals, Nils D  
ENGL 099X70857Supplemental Engl CompPenate, Chrisanthy   
ENGL 099X70874Supplemental Engl CompCisneros-Diaz, Rebecca G  
ENGL 099X70971Supplemental Engl CompCuttler, Nicole T  
ENGL 099X70973Supplemental Engl CompStevenson, Christina   
ENGR 1070611Intro to EngineeringSanford, Thomas JZTC 
ENGR 2070613Engineering GraphicSanford, Thomas JZTC 
ENGR 6070614Prog &Problem-Solving MATLABSanford, Thomas JZTC 
ENGR 1070610Intro to EngineeringRafati, Saied   
ENGR 2171744Intro Computing Sci/EngineNguyen, Hoang M  
ENGR 2570616Introduction to MaterialsWalker, Katherine Leigh  
ENGR 9870615Circuit AnalysisRafati, Saied   
ESLW 065GW70671Composition in ESLFathman, Christopher E  
ESLW 065LS70672Academic Listening &SpeakingWasserbauer, Ann Marie   
ESLW 065RV70673Academic Reading & VocabularyFathman, Christopher E  
ESLW 961LS70675Basic Listening & Speaking 1Ortega, Sylvia   
ESLW 962GW70677Basic Grammar & Writing 2Ortega, Sylvia   
ESLW 962LS70678Basic Listening & Speaking 2Ortega, Sylvia   
ESLW 962RV70679Basic Reading & Vocabulary 2Ortega, Sylvia   
ESLW 963GW70680Sentence DevelopmentLee, Sea J  
ESLW 963LS70681Oral Communication 1Wasserbauer, Ann Marie   
ESLW 963RV70682Intermediate Read & Vocab 1Fathman, Christopher E  
ESLW 964GW70683Paragraph DevelopmentLee, Sea J  
ESLW 964LS70684Oral Communication 2Wasserbauer, Ann Marie   
ESLW 964RV70685Intermediate Read & Vocab 2Lee, Sea J  
FDAT 3070010Intro to Fashion DesignMurillo, Heather Lynn  
FDAT 3270011History of FashionMin, Kyunghi   
FDAT 4470012Fashion DrawingMin, Kyunghi   
FDAT 5170013Basic Apparel ConstructionBasilico, Althee Smith  
FDAT 052A70014Fabric Analysis 1Markelz, Nicole H  
FDAT 5570015Apparel ManufacturingKeller, Tiina M  
FDAT 5670016Patternmaking 1Keller, Tiina M  
FDAT 5770017Patternmaking 2Keller, Tiina M  
FDAT 6670018Technical DesignBasilico, Althee Smith  
FDAT 7070019Elements & Principals DesignMurillo, Heather Lynn  
FDAT 7670020Creative Apparel DesignMin, Kyunghi   
FDAT 8470021Fashion Design InternshipBasilico, Althee Smith  
FRNC 001A70701Beginning FrenchBrichko, Anna S  
FRNC 001A71093Beginning FrenchBrichko, Anna S  
FRNC 001B71353Beginning FrenchBrichko, Anna S  
FRNC 002A70703Intermediate FrenchCappella, Emilie M  
FRNC 002B70704Intermediate FrenchCappella, Emilie M  
FRNC 003A70705Advanced Oral & Written CompCappella, Emilie M  
FRNC 003B70706Advanced Oral & Written CompCappella, Emilie M  
GEOG 170224Intro Physical GeographyHasty, Joseph M  
GEOG 170225Intro Physical GeographyHasty, Joseph M  
GEOG 170226Intro Physical GeographyHasty, Joseph M  
GEOG 170227Intro Physical GeographyHasty, Joseph M  
GEOG 172130Intro Physical GeographyHasty, Joseph M  
GEOG 270231Intro to Cultural GeographyHasty, Joseph M  
GEOL 001A70158Physical GeologyLopez, Robert ZTC 
GEOL 001A70159Physical GeologyLopez, Robert ZTC 
GEOL 001B70162Historical GeologyLopez, Robert   
GERM 001A70698Beginning GermanConza-Roman, Juana Ruth   
GIST 016D70341Cartographic Design for GISPrice, Matthew J  
GIST 016G70335Intro to Remote SensingCruz, Christopher   
HIST 004B70617History of Western Civ. IIJuarez, Stephen M  
HIST 005B70618World History from 1500Pritchard, Melvin H  
HIST 1270619African American HistoryPritchard, Melvin H  
HIST 1470620History-Native North AmericansCoburn, Justin D  
HIST 1670621Mexican-American History   
HIST 1672162Mexican-American HistoryMeraz Cerna, Usiel   
HIST 017A70622U.S. HistoryKelly, Jon T  
HIST 017A70623U.S. HistoryJuarez, Stephen M  
HIST 017A70624U.S. HistoryPritchard, Melvin H  
HIST 017A70625U.S. HistoryRavey, Benjamin R  
HIST 017A70626U.S. HistoryJuarez, Stephen M  
HIST 017A70627U.S. HistoryJuarez, Stephen M  
HIST 017A70629U.S. HistoryJuarez, Stephen M  
HIST 017B70630U.S. HistoryPritchard, Melvin H  
HIST 017B70632U.S. HistoryKelly, Jon T  
HIST 017B70633U.S. History   
HIST 017B70634U.S. HistoryKelly, Jon T  
HIST 017B70635U.S. HistoryKelly, Jon T  
HIST 017B71544U.S. HistoryJuarez, Stephen M  
HIST 017BH71538Honors United States HistoryKelly, Jon T  
HIST 2070636History and Geog of CaliforniaKelly, Jon T  
HSCI 370863CPR/AED-Basic Life SupportLouderback, Patricia C  
HSCI 470858First Aid and CPR/AEDLouderback, Patricia C  
HSCI 870859Contemporary HealthLouderback, Patricia C  
HSCI 870860Contemporary HealthLouderback, Patricia C  
HSCI 1070861Human SexualityLouderback, Patricia C  
HSCI 1270862Understanding StressLouderback, Patricia C  
HTCH 054A70893Internship: Health Care TechGaiero, Kristina AZTC 
HTCH 054A70894Internship: Health Care TechGaiero, Kristina AZTC 
HTCH 170888Introduction to Health CareGaiero, Kristina A  
HTCH 270896Medical Information ProcessingSiqueiros, Patricia R  
HTCH 470889Structure/Function-Human BodyGaiero, Kristina A  
HTCH 570890Basic Medical TerminologyGaiero, Kristina A  
HTCH 570897Basic Medical TerminologyStarks, Paul A  
HTCH 670898Advanced Medical TerminologyGaiero, Kristina A  
HTCH 4170899Med Off Bus ProceduresSiqueiros, Patricia R  
HTCH 4270900Insurance Billing & CodingFeyzi, Zohreh S  
HTCH 5570891Vital Signs and AssistingGaiero, Kristina A  
HTCH 6370892Medication Admin.Gaiero, Kristina A  
INTD 570263Intro to Interior DesignRoth, Tamara Elise  
INTD 570269Intro to Interior DesignMcEwan, Mary A  
INTD 1070272Elements and PrinciplesHurd, Diane T  
INTD 1072061Elements and PrinciplesJoshi, Anjana   
INTD 2070275Color Theory & ApplicationHurd, Diane T  
INTD 2072062Color Theory & ApplicationHurd, Diane T  
INTD 2272072Finish Material/Estimate/CostMcEwan, Mary A  
INTD 2870756Int. Construct. & Building SysChristensen, Peter H  
INTD 2970278Green and Sustainable DesignHarrison, Anna Klare  
INTD 3272168Graphic Techs Interior DesignChristensen, Peter H  
INTD 3670281History of Interior DesignMcEwan, Mary A  
INTD 5071941Kitchen &Bath DesignSherman, Mollyanne Conroy  
INTD 6570283Intro Comp-Aid Intr DesignSteele, Nicholas   
INTD 6670284Adv. Computer Aided DesignRoth, Tamara Elise  
INTD 7070285Adv Graphic TechniquesSteele, Nicholas   
INTD 7570286Lighting DesignRoth, Tamara Elise  
INTD 090A70287Interior Design InternshipHurd, Diane T  
ITAL 001A70686Beginning ItalianCastellini-Patel, Silvia   
ITAL 001B70687Beginning ItalianDemarchi, Anna   
ITAL 002A70688Intermediate ItalianDemarchi, Anna   
ITAL 002B70689Intermediate ItalianDemarchi, Anna   
JPNS 001A70699Beginning JapaneseTakeda, Mayumi   
JPNS 001B70700Beginning JapaneseTakeda, Mayumi   
KINA 9.0270560Intercollegiate Basketball-MenYoshikawa, Daniel SusumuZTC 
KINA 9.0770461Intercollegiate Soccer-MenSilveira, Gaspar AZTC 
KINA 9.0870424Intercol. Soccer - WomenKerwin, Jennifer LZTC 
KINA 9.1770480Intercolle Volleyball - WomenZakarian, Armen AZTC 
KINA 9.1870454Intercollegiate Water Polo-MenRodriguez, William RZTC 
KINA 9.270465Women Intercollegiate Water PoVargas, Erika MZTC 
KINA 9.370383Inter Pre-Season ConditionHickey, Lauren TZTC 
KINA 9.370561Inter Pre-Season ConditionYoshikawa, Daniel SusumuZTC 
KINA 9.3170385Ath Tennis - Skills/TechniquesHickey, Lauren TZTC 
KINA 9.4170925Athle. Baseball - Skill/TechniWiens, Richard JZTC 
KINA 9.4770462Ath Men's Soccer-Skills/TechSilveira, Gaspar AZTC 
KINA 9.4970531Ath Softball - Skills/TechniquPiatt, Victoria NoelZTC 
KINS 11.0170418Yoga for HealthKerwin, Jennifer LZTC 
KINS 11.0170469Yoga for HealthRudy, Diane MZTC 
KINS 11.0270420Intermediate YogaKerwin, Jennifer LZTC 
KINS 11.0270926Intermediate YogaRudy, Diane MZTC 
KINS 11.0370421Gentle Restorative ExerciseKerwin, Jennifer LZTC 
KINS 11.0370927Gentle Restorative ExerciseRudy, Diane MZTC 
KINS 11.0470423Advanced YogaKerwin, Jennifer LZTC 
KINS 11.0470928Advanced YogaRudy, Diane MZTC 
KINS 11.0570530Mindful MeditationKerwin, Jennifer LZTC 
KINS 11.0870433Pilates Mat WorkoutPiatt, Victoria NoelZTC 
KINS 11.0870929Pilates Mat WorkoutSegal, Jory HZTC 
KINS 11.0970434Intermed Pilates Mat WorkoutPiatt, Victoria NoelZTC 
KINS 11.0970930Intermed Pilates Mat WorkoutSegal, Jory HZTC 
KINS 11.170435Advanced PilatesPiatt, Victoria NoelZTC 
KINS 11.170931Advanced PilatesSegal, Jory HZTC 
KINS 2.0470446Swimming-BeginningRodriguez, William RZTC 
KINS 2.0470450Swimming-BeginningRodriguez, William RZTC 
KINS 2.0570447Swimming-IntermediateRodriguez, William RZTC 
KINS 2.0570451Swimming-IntermediateRodriguez, William RZTC 
KINS 2.0670448Swimming-AdvancedRodriguez, William RZTC 
KINS 2.0670452Swimming-AdvancedRodriguez, William RZTC 
KINS 2.0770449Master's SwimmingRodriguez, William RZTC 
KINS 2.0770453Master's SwimmingRodriguez, William RZTC 
KINS 4.0770466Fitness Competitive AthleteVargas, Erika MZTC 
KINS 4.0770515Fitness Competitive AthleteRodriguez, William RZTC 
KINS 4.1370316Fitness WalkingEitelgeorge, Scott VZTC 
KINS 4.1370410Fitness WalkingKerwin, Jennifer LZTC 
KINS 4.1670321Fitness Weight TrainingEitelgeorge, Scott VZTC 
KINS 4.1670342Fitness Weight TrainingEitelgeorge, Scott VZTC 
KINS 4.1670438Fitness Weight TrainingPiatt, Victoria NoelZTC 
KINS 4.1670470Fitness Weight TrainingWiens, Richard JZTC 
KINS 4.1670474Fitness Weight TrainingWiens, Richard JZTC 
KINS 4.1970565Fitness AppraisalEitelgeorge, Scott VZTC 
KINS 4.270323Fitness, Weight Training 2Eitelgeorge, Scott VZTC 
KINS 4.270344Fitness, Weight Training 2Eitelgeorge, Scott VZTC 
KINS 4.270439Fitness, Weight Training 2Piatt, Victoria NoelZTC 
KINS 4.270471Fitness, Weight Training 2Wiens, Richard JZTC 
KINS 4.270982Fitness, Weight Training 2Wiens, Richard JZTC 
KINS 4.2170324Fitness Weight Training 3Eitelgeorge, Scott VZTC 
KINS 4.2170346Fitness Weight Training 3Eitelgeorge, Scott VZTC 
KINS 4.2170472Fitness Weight Training 3Wiens, Richard JZTC 
KINS 4.2170983Fitness Weight Training 3Wiens, Richard JZTC 
KINS 4.2870319Fitness JoggingEitelgeorge, Scott VZTC 
KINS 4.2870414Fitness JoggingKerwin, Jennifer LZTC 
KINS 4.2970479Body SculptingYoshikawa, Daniel SusumuZTC 
KINS 4.370467Functional FitnessVargas, Erika MZTC 
KINS 4.370516Functional FitnessRodriguez, William RZTC 
KINS 4.3170468Core TrainingVargas, Erika MZTC 
KINS 4.3170518Core TrainingRodriguez, William RZTC 
KINS 4.3570409Trail RunningKerwin, Jennifer LZTC 
KINS 4.3770437Barre FitnessPiatt, Victoria NoelZTC 
KINS 4.3770932Barre FitnessSegal, Jory HZTC 
KINS 4.470336Cardio TennisEitelgeorge, Scott VZTC 
KINS 4.4170475Speed, Plyo, Agil & Quick Lvl1Yoshikawa, Daniel SusumuZTC 
KINS 4.4270476Speed, Plyo, Agil & Qck lvl 2Yoshikawa, Daniel SusumuZTC 
KINS 6.0170360MMA - Mixed Martial ArtsGilani, Matthew SZTC 
KINS 6.0270376Karate-BeginningGilani, Matthew SZTC 
KINS 6.0370368Self-DefenseGilani, Matthew SZTC 
KINS 6.0670377Karate-IntermediateGilani, Matthew SZTC 
KINS 6.0770370KickboxingGilani, Matthew SZTC 
KINS 6.0870373BoxingGilani, Matthew SZTC 
KINS 6.170379Karate - AdvancedGilani, Matthew SZTC 
KINS 7.170455Golf - BeginningSilveira, Gaspar AZTC 
KINS 7.170458Golf - BeginningSilveira, Gaspar AZTC 
KINS 7.1170456Golf - IntermediateSilveira, Gaspar AZTC 
KINS 7.1170459Golf - IntermediateSilveira, Gaspar AZTC 
KINS 7.1270457Golf - AdvancedSilveira, Gaspar AZTC 
KINS 7.1270460Golf - AdvancedSilveira, Gaspar AZTC 
KINS 7.1570920Beginning PickleballEitelgeorge, Scott VZTC 
KINS 7.1870332Beginning TennisEitelgeorge, Scott VZTC 
KINS 7.270339Intermediate TennisEitelgeorge, Scott VZTC 
KINS 7.2170340Advanced TennisEitelgeorge, Scott VZTC 
KINS 7.2670415Studio CyclingKerwin, Jennifer LZTC 
KINS 8.0370442Baseball/Softball-AdvancedPiatt, Victoria NoelZTC 
KINS 8.0470350Beginning BasketballEitelgeorge, Scott VZTC 
KINS 8.0570351Intermediate BasketballEitelgeorge, Scott VZTC 
KINS 8.0670354Advanced BasketballEitelgeorge, Scott VZTC 
KINS 8.1270443Baseball/Softball-BeginPiatt, Victoria NoelZTC 
KINS 8.1370444Baseball/Softball-IntermediatePiatt, Victoria NoelZTC 
KINS 8.1570482Volleyball-Beginning SkillsZakarian, Armen AZTC 
KINS 8.1770484Volleyball-Advanced SkillsZakarian, Armen AZTC 
KINS 8.270388Intro to Sports FundamentalsKerwin, Jennifer LZTC 
KINS 8.270400Intro to Sports FundamentalsZakarian, Armen AZTC 
KINS 8.270473Intro to Sports FundamentalsWiens, Richard JZTC 
KINS 8.270488Intro to Sports FundamentalsWiens, Richard JZTC 
KINS 8.270556Intro to Sports FundamentalsYoshikawa, Daniel SusumuZTC 
KINS 8.2170390Fundamentals of Sport-BeginKerwin, Jennifer LZTC 
KINS 8.2170485Fundamentals of Sport-BeginWiens, Richard JZTC 
KINS 8.2170489Fundamentals of Sport-BeginWiens, Richard JZTC 
KINS 8.2170557Fundamentals of Sport-BeginYoshikawa, Daniel SusumuZTC 
KINS 8.2270391Fundamentals of Sport-IntermedKerwin, Jennifer LZTC 
KINS 8.2270405Fundamentals of Sport-IntermedZakarian, Armen AZTC 
KINS 8.2270486Fundamentals of Sport-IntermedWiens, Richard JZTC 
KINS 8.2270558Fundamentals of Sport-IntermedYoshikawa, Daniel SusumuZTC 
KINS 8.2370393Fundmentals of Sport-AdvancedKerwin, Jennifer LZTC 
KINS 8.2370406Fundmentals of Sport-AdvancedZakarian, Armen AZTC 
KINS 8.2370487Fundmentals of Sport-AdvancedWiens, Richard JZTC 
KINS 8.2370491Fundmentals of Sport-AdvancedWiens, Richard JZTC 
KINS 8.2370559Fundmentals of Sport-AdvancedYoshikawa, Daniel SusumuZTC 
KINS 11.0770934Pilates Cadillac TrainingSmith, Mary Ann   
KINS 12.270937Open Water DiverPowell, Nicholas John  
KINS 12.2270938Advanced Marine DiverPowell, Nicholas John  
KINS 4.1270532Fitness-Stretch and FlexPiatt, Victoria Noel  
KINS 4.3670933Everyday Food & FitnessEitelgeorge, Scott V  
KINS 7.2370935Scuba DivingMcEvoy, Shaun H  
KINS 7.2470936Scuba Diving-Adv.McEvoy, Shaun H  
KINT 3070481Introduction to KinesiologyZakarian, Armen A  
KINT 3170562Psychological Found of SportYoshikawa, Daniel Susumu  
KINT 3270538Introduction to Coaching SportRodriguez, William R  
KINT 038A71915Intro to Sports MedicineStarks, Paul A  
KINT 4270464Prin. of Strength Train/Cond.Starks, Paul A  
LIBR 470001Information CompetencyColon, Jasmine B  
LRSV 110M70770Supervised Tutoring - MathButcher, Alyson M  
LRSV 170751Learning Strategies Collg/CareJaurequi, Jessica M  
LRSV 943A72004Learning Strategies for WritinJaurequi, Jessica M  
MATH 000D70757TrigonometryBodas, Medha AZTC 
MATH 000D71627TrigonometryPham, Kim MZTC 
MATH 000G70760Math for Lib Arts StudentYarahmadi, Fatemeh ZTC 
MATH 170762Pre-Calculus AlgebraSun, Huai AZTC 
MATH 170763Pre-Calculus AlgebraDu, Jianbo ZTC 
MATH 170764Pre-Calculus AlgebraRobledo, Lucinda DZTC 
MATH 170765Pre-Calculus AlgebraHiller, Rebecca MZTC 
MATH 170767Pre-Calculus AlgebraEhlers, Gretchen AZTC 
MATH 170768Pre-Calculus AlgebraRobledo, Lucinda DZTC 
MATH 171633Pre-Calculus AlgebraSun, Huai AZTC 
MATH 001C70771Just-In-Time Support: Pre-CalcEhlers, Gretchen AZTC 
MATH 001C71634Just-In-Time Support: Pre-CalcSun, Huai AZTC 
MATH 004B70793Differential EquationsVu, Amy EZTC 
MATH 1070796Elementary StatisticsChen, Serkuang ZTC 
MATH 1070803Elementary StatisticsChen, Serkuang ZTC 
MATH 1070815Elementary StatisticsPlunkett, Laura ZTC 
MATH 010H71640Honors Elementary StatisticsChen, Serkuang ZTC 
MATH 1270825Applied CalculusChin, Bradford IZTC 
MATH 1270826Applied CalculusGonzalez, Jesus EduardoZTC 
MATH 1270828Applied CalculusChin, Bradford IZTC 
MATH 1271642Applied CalculusHiller, Rebecca MZTC 
MATH 012C70830Just-In-Time Supp: Appl CalcGonzalez, Jesus EduardoZTC 
MATH 012C71644Just-In-Time Supp: Appl CalcChin, Bradford IZTC 
MATH 000D70758TrigonometryWeiss, Betty   
MATH 000D70759TrigonometryMani, Padma   
MATH 170761Pre-Calculus AlgebraBreder, William Luke  
MATH 270772Pre-Calc Alg & TrigMaddux, Faun C  
MATH 270773Pre-Calc Alg & TrigButcher, Alyson M  
MATH 270774Pre-Calc Alg & TrigMeng, Hongyan   
MATH 003A70775Calculus/Analytic GeometryAleu, Gerardo Gabriel  
MATH 003A70776Calculus/Analytic GeometryMaddux, Faun C  
MATH 003A70777Calculus/Analytic GeometryJackanich, Kristen D  
MATH 003A70778Calculus/Analytic GeometryWeiss, Betty   
MATH 003A70779Calculus/Analytic GeometryChen, Serkuang   
MATH 003A70780Calculus/Analytic GeometryChin, Bradford I  
MATH 003AH71635Honors Calc & Analytical GeoBreder, William Luke  
MATH 003B70782Calculus/Analytical GeometryNguyen, Viet   
MATH 003B70783Calculus/Analytical GeometryVaughn, Melvin J  
MATH 003B70784Calculus/Analytical GeometryButcher, Alyson M  
MATH 003B70785Calculus/Analytical GeometryWarecki, Rebecca A  
MATH 004A70786Intermediate CalculusGonzalez, Jesus Eduardo  
MATH 004A70787Intermediate CalculusNguyen, Viet   
MATH 004A70788Intermediate CalculusBreder, William Luke  
MATH 004A70789Intermediate CalculusWarecki, Rebecca A  
MATH 004A70790Intermediate CalculusBlasberg, Steven E  
MATH 004A70791Intermediate CalculusPham, Kim M  
MATH 004A72176Intermediate CalculusYarahmadi, Fatemeh   
MATH 004B70792Differential EquationsMeng, Hongyan   
MATH 004B72178Differential EquationsVu, Amy E  
MATH 004C70794Linear AlgebraAleu, Gerardo Gabriel  
MATH 004C70795Linear AlgebraVu, Amy E  
MATH 004C72091Linear AlgebraVu, Amy E  
MATH 004C72177Linear AlgebraVu, Amy E  
MATH 1070797Elementary StatisticsJackanich, Kristen D  
MATH 1070798Elementary StatisticsDu, Jianbo   
MATH 1070799Elementary StatisticsCassell, Carol A  
MATH 1070800Elementary StatisticsJain, Nanda   
MATH 1070801Elementary StatisticsBodas, Medha A  
MATH 1070802Elementary StatisticsMittal, Neeti   
MATH 1070804Elementary StatisticsWong, Shannon Ko  
MATH 1070806Elementary StatisticsWong, Shannon Ko  
MATH 1070807Elementary StatisticsWong, Shannon Ko  
MATH 1070808Elementary StatisticsWong, Shannon Ko  
MATH 1070810Elementary StatisticsMittal, Neeti   
MATH 1070811Elementary StatisticsMittal, Neeti   
MATH 1070812Elementary StatisticsMaddux, Faun C  
MATH 1070814Elementary StatisticsGonzalez, Jesus Eduardo  
MATH 1070816Elementary StatisticsNaik, Tejal M  
MATH 1070817Elementary StatisticsPham, Kim M  
MATH 1070818Elementary StatisticsPham, Kim M  
MATH 1071636Elementary StatisticsHiller, Rebecca M  
MATH 1071638Elementary StatisticsHiller, Rebecca M  
MATH 010C70819Just-in-Time Supp: StatisticsMittal, Neeti   
MATH 010C70820Just-in-Time Supp: StatisticsMaddux, Faun C  
MATH 010C70822Just-in-Time Supp: StatisticsGonzalez, Jesus Eduardo  
MATH 010C71639Just-in-Time Supp: StatisticsHiller, Rebecca M  
MATH 1270824Applied CalculusLam Ha, Quynh   
MATH 1270829Applied CalculusWeiss, Betty   
MATH 1470832Math for Elem School TeachersEhlers, Gretchen A  
MATH 1970833Discrete MathematicsWeiss, Betty   
MUSC 570310Fundamentals of MusicDavis, Troy EZTC 
MUSC 4270395Concert ChoirDe La Rosa, Louis MZTC 
MUSC 4970389Symphonic BandDavis, Troy EZTC 
MUSC 5170398Jazz BandDavis, Troy EZTC 
MUSC 067A70322Creating: Film, TV, Game FoundLande, Michael StevenZTC 
MUSC 170306Music History: Medieval, RenaiSinclair, Robert J  
MUSC 001H71651Honors Music History: MedievalSinclair, Robert J  
MUSC 270307Music History: Classical, RomaSinclair, Robert J  
MUSC 002H71655Honors Music History: ClassicaSinclair, Robert J  
MUSC 003A70308Music Theory Level 1Sinclair, Robert J LTC
MUSC 003A70309Music Theory Level 1Nicklin, Christopher J LTC
MUSC 004A71647Music Theory Level 3Sinclair, Robert J  
MUSC 770311Film Music AppreciationSinclair, Robert J  
MUSC 970312Jazz Music HistoryDavis, Troy E  
MUSC 1070313Music AppreciationDotson, Ronald L  
MUSC 020A70352Musicianship Level 1De La Rosa, Louis M LTC
MUSC 020A70353Musicianship Level 1Davis, Troy E LTC
MUSC 020C70356Musicianship Level 3Davis, Troy E LTC
MUSC 030A70327Beginning Piano, Level 1Drion, Yoka  LTC
MUSC 030A70333Beginning Piano, Level 1Drion, Yoka  LTC
MUSC 030A70343Beginning Piano, Level 1Sun, Nancy M LTC
MUSC 030B70329Beginning Piano, Level 2Drion, Yoka  LTC
MUSC 030B70334Beginning Piano, Level 2Drion, Yoka  LTC
MUSC 030B70345Beginning Piano, Level 2Sun, Nancy M LTC
MUSC 031A70330Intermediate Piano, Level 3Drion, Yoka  LTC
MUSC 031A70337Intermediate Piano, Level 3Drion, Yoka  LTC
MUSC 031A70348Intermediate Piano, Level 3Sun, Nancy M LTC
MUSC 031B70331Intermediate Piano, Level 4Drion, Yoka  LTC
MUSC 031B70338Intermediate Piano, Level 4Drion, Yoka  LTC
MUSC 032A70369Beginning Voice, Level 1Linduska, Mary E  
MUSC 032B70371Beginning Voice, Level 2Linduska, Mary E  
MUSC 033A70374Intermediate Voice, Level 3Linduska, Mary E  
MUSC 036A70378Beginning Guitar-Level 1Nicklin, Christopher J  
MUSC 036B72115Begin/Intermed Guitar-Level 2Nicklin, Christopher J  
MUSC 036C72116Intermed Guitar-Level 3Nicklin, Christopher J  
MUSC 039A70404Applied Music: BrassRazavi, Mason M LTC
MUSC 039A72249Applied Music: BrassDavis, Troy E  
MUSC 039B70408Applied Music: WoodwindRazavi, Mason M LTC
MUSC 039B72250Applied Music: WoodwindDavis, Troy E  
MUSC 039C70412Applied Music: StringsRazavi, Mason M LTC
MUSC 039C72251Applied Music: StringsDavis, Troy E  
MUSC 039D70416Applied Music: PercussionRazavi, Mason M LTC
MUSC 039D72253Applied Music: PercussionDavis, Troy E  
MUSC 039E70419Applied Music: PianoRazavi, Mason M LTC
MUSC 039E72254Applied Music: PianoDavis, Troy E  
MUSC 039F70422Applied Music: GuitarRazavi, Mason M LTC
MUSC 039F72255Applied Music: GuitarDavis, Troy E  
MUSC 039G70425Applied Music: VoiceScharlach, Jacque W LTC
MUSC 039H70426Applied Music: CompositionRazavi, Mason M LTC
MUSC 5470314Rock HistoryDotson, Ronald L  
MUSC 5470315Rock HistoryForehan, Jeffery S  
MUSC 5570317World MusicDotson, Ronald L  
MUSC 5770318History and Culture of Hip-HopHarris, Phillip   
MUSC 063A71674Intro to Music ProductionForehan, Jeffery S  
MUSC 065A71675Recording Arts IForehan, Jeffery S  
MUSC 065C71676Audio Mixing & ProductionForehan, Jeffery S  
MUSC 069A71678Songwriting, Level 1Sinclair, Robert J  
MUSC 7070325Music BusinessRazavi, Mason M  
NCAD 10172092Stay Fit for Older AdultsTeerlink, Cynthia   
NCAD 10172093Stay Fit for Older AdultsTeerlink, Cynthia   
NCAD 10172094Stay Fit for Older AdultsTeerlink, Cynthia   
NCAD 10172136Stay Fit for Older AdultsSmith, Mary Ann   
NCAD 10172194Stay Fit for Older AdultsBothen, Elena V  
NCAD 10272095Balance Awareness: Older AdultTeerlink, Cynthia   
NCAD 10272137Balance Awareness: Older AdultSmith, Mary Ann   
NCAD 14071953Forum on Local & Global TopicsMasters, Janet E  
NCAD 14071954Forum on Local & Global TopicsMasters, Janet E  
NCAD 14071955Forum on Local & Global TopicsMasters, Janet E  
NCAD 14071956Forum on Local & Global TopicsMasters, Janet E  
NCAD 14071957Forum on Local & Global TopicsMasters, Janet E  
NCAD 14071959Forum on Local & Global TopicsMasters, Janet E  
NCAD 14071960Forum on Local & Global TopicsBadea, Iuliana   
NCAD 14071961Forum on Local & Global TopicsBadea, Iuliana   
NCAD 14071962Forum on Local & Global TopicsBadea, Iuliana   
NCAD 14071964Forum on Local & Global TopicsBadea, Iuliana   
NCAD 14071967Forum on Local & Global TopicsBadea, Iuliana   
NCAD 14071969Forum on Local & Global TopicsRankin, Wiley R  
NCAD 14071970Forum on Local & Global TopicsRankin, Wiley R  
NCAD 14071971Forum on Local & Global TopicsWatson, Brian C  
NCAD 14071972Forum on Local & Global TopicsWatson, Brian C  
NCAD 14071973Forum on Local & Global TopicsWatson, Brian C  
NCAD 14071974Forum on Local & Global TopicsWatson, Brian C  
NCAD 14071975Forum on Local & Global TopicsWatson, Brian C  
NCAD 14071976Forum on Local & Global TopicsWatson, Brian C  
NCAD 14071977Forum on Local & Global TopicsWatson, Brian C  
NCAD 14071978Forum on Local & Global TopicsWatson, Brian C  
NCAD 14071979Forum on Local & Global TopicsHardcastle, Michelle L  
NCAD 14071980Forum on Local & Global TopicsHardcastle, Michelle L  
NCAD 14071981Forum on Local & Global TopicsHardcastle, Michelle L  
NCAD 14071982Forum on Local & Global TopicsHardcastle, Michelle L  
NCAD 14071983Forum on Local & Global TopicsHardcastle, Michelle L  
NCAD 14071984Forum on Local & Global TopicsHardcastle, Michelle L  
NCAD 14071985Forum on Local & Global TopicsHardcastle, Michelle L  
NCAD 14071986Forum on Local & Global TopicsGrant, David M  
NCAD 14071987Forum on Local & Global TopicsSyty, Greg   
NCAD 14071988Forum on Local & Global TopicsWatson, Brian C  
NCAD 14071989Forum on Local & Global TopicsWatson, Brian C  
NCAD 14071991Forum on Local & Global TopicsSyty, Greg   
NCAD 14071995Forum on Local & Global TopicsWatson, Brian C  
NCAD 14071997Forum on Local & Global TopicsSyty, Greg   
NCAD 14072200Forum on Local & Global TopicsGrant, David M  
NCAD 14072201Forum on Local & Global TopicsGrant, David M  
NCAD 14571998Older Adult ArtWalton, Georgia   
NCAD 14571999Older Adult ArtWalton, Georgia   
NCAD 14572000Older Adult ArtWalton, Georgia   
NCAD 14572001Older Adult ArtWalton, Georgia   
NCAD 14572002Older Adult ArtWalton, Georgia   
NCAD 14572003Older Adult ArtWalton, Georgia   
NCAD 14572005Older Adult ArtHegstrom, Edward D  
NCAD 14572006Older Adult ArtHegstrom, Edward D  
NCAD 14572007Older Adult ArtHegstrom, Edward D  
NCAD 14572008Older Adult ArtHegstrom, Edward D  
NCAD 14572009Older Adult ArtHegstrom, Edward D  
NCAD 14572010Older Adult ArtHegstrom, Edward D  
NCAD 14572011Older Adult ArtHegstrom, Edward D  
NCAD 14572012Older Adult ArtHegstrom, Edward D  
NCAD 14572013Older Adult ArtHegstrom, Edward D  
NCAD 14572014Older Adult ArtHegstrom, Edward D  
NCAD 14572193Older Adult ArtHegstrom, Edward D  
NCBU 171015Prin/Fund - Accoun/BookkeepChand, Vikash V  
NCBU 271016Payroll Account/BookkeepingChand, Vikash V  
NCBU 471019Excel - Accounting/BookkeepingChand, Vikash V  
NCBU 671020Quickbooks: Set-up/Services BuStaff, TBD   
NCBU 772087Quickbooks: Merch. and PayrollChand, Vikash V  
NCBU 5472047How to Start a Small BusinessNguyenly, Jennie   
NCBU 5472183How to Start a Small BusinessReyes Noguera, Karla C  
NCBU 5672046How to Market your Small BizNguyenly, Jennie   
NCBU 5672184How to Market your Small BizReyes Noguera, Karla C  
NCCC 170199Stenographic Machine Theory 1Ortiz, Margaret M  
NCCC 270202Stenographic Machine Theory 2Ortiz, Margaret M  
NCCC 370203Stenographic Machine Theory 3Ortiz, Margaret M  
NCCC 470197CAT Software BasicsLawson, Linda H  
NCCC 572248Voice Writing TheoryLawson, Linda H  
NCCC 87020580-100 WPM Speed GoalStar, Terry Eagle  
NCCC 87020780-100 WPM Speed GoalVandorn, Eric   
NCCC 1270206120-140 WPM Speed GoalStar, Terry Eagle  
NCCC 1270208120-140 WPM Speed GoalVandorn, Eric   
NCCC 1670221160 WPM Speed GoalVandorn, Eric   
NCCC 1870222180 WPM Speed GoalVandorn, Eric   
NCCC 2070223200-220 WPM Speed GoalOrtiz, Margaret M  
NCCC 2570209Basic English - Court Rep/CaptVartanian, Sharon L  
NCCC 3370210Medical TerminologyStar, Terry Eagle  
NCFM 172063Facilities Maintenance Job ReaSantamaria, Carlos J  
NCFM 372064Energy Auditing FundamentalsSantamaria, Carlos J  
NCIE 10172096Integrated ESL: Beginning LowWatkins, Sandra Leigh  
NCIE 10172098Integrated ESL: Beginning LowWatkins, Sandra Leigh  
NCIE 10172100Integrated ESL: Beginning LowQuecan, Lucia   
NCIE 10272097Integrated ESL: Beginning HighWatkins, Sandra Leigh  
NCIE 10272101Integrated ESL: Beginning HighQuecan, Lucia   
NCIE 10272113Integrated ESL: Beginning HighWatkins, Sandra Leigh  
NCIE 10372026Integrated ESL: Intermed. LowSadasivan, Lathika K  
NCIE 10372028Integrated ESL: Intermed. LowSadasivan, Lathika K  
NCIE 10372039Integrated ESL: Intermed. LowQuecan, Lucia   
NCIE 10472027Integrated ESL: Intermed. HighSadasivan, Lathika K  
NCIE 10472029Integrated ESL: Intermed. HighSadasivan, Lathika K  
NCIE 10472040Integrated ESL: Intermed. HighQuecan, Lucia   
NCIE 10572030Integrated ESL: Advanced LowEastman, Elizabeth Lynn  
NCIE 10572033Integrated ESL: Advanced LowEastman, Elizabeth Lynn  
NCIE 10572041Integrated ESL: Advanced LowWatkins, Sandra Leigh  
NCIE 10672031Integrated ESL: Advanced HighEastman, Elizabeth Lynn  
NCIE 10672034Integrated ESL: Advanced HighEastman, Elizabeth Lynn  
NCIE 10672042Integrated ESL: Advanced HighWatkins, Sandra Leigh  
NCIE 110A72019Basic American Eng/Civics 1Faravashi, Sorena   
NCIE 110B72020Basic American Engl/Civics 2Faravashi, Sorena   
NCIE 11472017CitizenshipYu Costa, Ellen L  
NCIE 11472018CitizenshipYu Costa, Ellen L  
NCIE 13072203ESL - Careers in Healthcare 1Sadasivan, Lathika K  
NCIE 20372043ESL: Speak/Listen Interm LowEastman, Elizabeth Lynn  
NCIE 20472044ESL: Speak/Listen Interm HighEastman, Elizabeth Lynn  
NCIE 20472196ESL: Speak/Listen Interm HighOrtega, Sylvia   
NCMU 15270986Orchestra for Older AdultsSeaton, Scott Robert  
NCPE 1.3170849Adapted Aerobic ExerciseBarrilleaux, Elizabeth A  
NCPE 1.3170850Adapted Aerobic ExerciseLigocki, Christel A  
NCPE 1.3270851Adapted Core StretchingLigocki, Christel A  
NCPE 1.3370852Adapted AquaticsBarrilleaux, Elizabeth A  
NCPE 1.3470853Adapted Weight TrainingBarrilleaux, Elizabeth A  
NCPE 1.3470854Adapted Weight TrainingLigocki, Christel A  
NCPE 1.3771026Adapted Guided MovementLigocki, Christel A  
NCPE 1.3771673Adapted Guided MovementBarrilleaux, Elizabeth A  
NCPT 12270984Positive ParentingFrankel, Lalaine Villasin  
NCPT 12670985Single ParentingHawley Dubois, Kari Arlene  
NCSP 070A71919Spanish Medical Pros - BeginneSorensen-Joseph, Lesa Deanne  
NCTU 172106General Tutor TrainingWagner, Jennifer AZTC 
NCWP 171034Communication - WorkplaceTran, Trisha Nhu-Y  
NCWP 271035Digital Skills - WorkplaceTran, Trisha Nhu-Y  
NCWP 371036Leadership for the WorkplaceTran, Trisha Nhu-Y  
NCWP 21071040Microsoft WordYalla-Kodi, Anita   
NCWP 21271042Beginning Microsoft ExcelYalla-Kodi, Anita   
NCWP 22071044Introduction to Google WorkspaYamada, Kristen Leah  
NUTR 1570974Human NutritionBowers-Gachesa, Wendy J  
NUTR 1570975Human NutritionBowers-Gachesa, Wendy J  
NUTR 1570976Human NutritionBowers-Gachesa, Wendy J  
NUTR 1570977Human NutritionBowers-Gachesa, Wendy J  
NUTR 1570978Human NutritionRusso, Denise M  
OCEA 1070139Intro to OceanographyMazzillo, Fernanda da Frota Mattos  
PARA 1870658Legal AnalysisLindenbaum, Eugene NZTC 
PARA 029B70663Paralegal InternshipHopkins, Stacy SZTC 
PARA 1970659Intro to Paralegal StudiesDawkins, Stefani B  
PARA 2170660Introduction to American LawHopkins, Stacy S  
PARA 2270661Civil Litigation ProceduresHopkins, Stacy S  
PARA 2570662Legal Ethics & Prof. RespHopkins, Stacy S  
PARA 2770666Corporate LawHopkins, Stacy S  
PARA 4270665Crim Trial Tech ParHopkins, Stacy S  
PARA 7770664Elder Law for ParalegalsHopkins, Stacy S  
PARA 9070667Legal TechnologyDoermann, David J  
PHIL 170251Intro to PhilosophyUpton, Barbara J  
PHIL 170252Intro to PhilosophyUpton, Barbara J  
PHIL 270254Introduction to LogicHanson, Anthony L  
PHIL 370253Introduction to EthicsUpton, Barbara J  
PHIL 2270256Philosophy of ReligionHanson, Anthony L  
PHYS 170140Intro Physics Problem SolvingVaughn, Melvin JZTC 
PHYS 002A70145General Physics-MechanicsFlohic, Helene MarieZTC 
PHYS 004A70151Engineering Physics:MechanicsFlohic, Helene Marie  
PHYS 004A70152Engineering Physics:MechanicsShahram, Mahmoud   
PHYS 004B70154Engr Phys-Elec and MagnetismVaughn, Melvin J  
PHYS 004C70155Eng. Physics: Light/Heat/WavesNath, Kashi   
PMGT 1070347Introduction: Park ManagementCruz, Christopher   
PMGT 1070355Introduction: Park ManagementMcFarland, Heidi S  
PMGT 1170364Park CommunicationsMcFarland, Heidi S  
PMGT 012A70399Basic Outdoor SkillsMcFarland, Heidi S  
PMGT 1470372Conservation Natural ResourcesMcFarland, Heidi S  
PMGT 015A70548Duties of the Park ProCruz, Christopher   
PMGT 015B70500Natural and Cultural ResourceMcFarland, Heidi S  
PMGT 1970526Wilderness First ResponderLeman, Alexander E  
PMGT 2170508Park Operations LabMcFarland, Heidi S  
PMGT 2672242Regenerative Agricult. - ParksCruz, Christopher   
POLI 170074American GovernmentGutierrez, Nichola A  
POLI 170078American GovernmentGutierrez, Nichola A  
POLI 170079American GovernmentKelly, Jon T  
POLI 170092American GovernmentWise, Adriano R  
POLI 170093American GovernmentWise, Adriano R  
POLI 170094American GovernmentWise, Adriano R  
POLI 170095American GovernmentWise, Adriano R  
POLI 170096American GovernmentWise, Adriano R  
POLI 170097American GovernmentWise, Adriano R  
POLI 170098American GovernmentUkudeeva, Jamilya T LTC
POLI 001H70077Honors American GovernmentGutierrez, Nichola A  
POLI 270099Comparative GovernmentsKelly, Jon T  
PSCI 2070156Weather and ClimateEpperson, Douglas E  
PSYC 170637General PsychologyShih, Christina K  
PSYC 170638General PsychologyOliveira, Brian M  
PSYC 170639General PsychologyShih, Christina K  
PSYC 170640General PsychologyBautista, Jose   
PSYC 170641General PsychologyBautista, Jose   
PSYC 170642General PsychologyOliveira, Brian M  
PSYC 170643General PsychologyOliveira, Brian M  
PSYC 170644General PsychologyOliveira, Brian M  
PSYC 170645General Psychology   
PSYC 170646General PsychologyBautista, Jose   
PSYC 170647General PsychologyReed, Michelle D  
PSYC 170648General PsychologyReed, Michelle D  
PSYC 171196General PsychologyShih, Christina K  
PSYC 270649Exper. PsychophysiologyBautista, Jose   
PSYC 002H70650Honors Experimental PsychophysBautista, Jose   
PSYC 770651Physiological PsychReed, Michelle D  
PSYC 970652Psychology of WomenReed, Michelle D  
PSYC 1270653Human Growth & DevelpOliveira, Brian M  
PSYC 1270654Human Growth & DevelpWagner, Naomi C  
PSYC 1770655Intro to Social PsychologyWagner, Naomi C  
PSYC 2570656Intro to Abnormal PsychologyReed, Michelle D  
PSYC 3070657Psych-Addiction/Substance AbusOliveira, Brian M  
RLST 9070563Principles of Real EstateShoemaker, Lance Wilfred  
RLST 9070564Principles of Real EstateShoemaker, Lance Wilfred  
RLST 9170567Real Estate PracticeHatter, Amber   
RLST 9270568Real Estate EconomicsAngles, Michael L  
RLST 095A70570Real Estate FinanceHatter, Amber   
RLST 9970571Property ManagementAngles, Michael L  
SJST 170257Intro to Ethnic/Social JusticeCisneros-Diaz, Rebecca GZTC 
SJST 171923Intro to Ethnic/Social JusticeCisneros-Diaz, Rebecca G  
SOCI 170142Intro to SociologyDeHaan, Tracy JZTC 
SOCI 171922Intro to SociologyDeHaan, Jason MZTC 
SOCI 270146Social ProblemsDeHaan, Jason MZTC 
SOCI 370148Soc Psych: A Soc PerspectiveDeHaan, Tracy JZTC 
SOCI 2070150Soc of Race and EthnicityDeHaan, Tracy JZTC 
SOCI 170132Intro to SociologyHo, Jennifer M  
SOCI 170134Intro to SociologyHo, Jennifer M  
SOCI 170137Intro to SociologyRoberts, Kaylee A  
SOCI 170141Intro to SociologyMcNamara, Megan B  
SOCI 170143Intro to SociologyHo, Jennifer M  
SOCI 170144Intro to SociologyHo, Jennifer M  
SOCI 270147Social ProblemsHo, Jennifer M  
SOCI 2870157Sociology of GenderHo, Jennifer M  
SOCI 4070153Marriage and Family SociologyHo, Jennifer M  
SOCI 4570160Soc. Human SexualityMcNamara, Megan B  
SPAN 001A70690Beginning SpanishCastellini-Patel, Silvia   
SPAN 001A70691Beginning SpanishConza-Roman, Juana Ruth   
SPAN 002A70693Intermediate SpanishCastellini-Patel, Silvia   
SPAN 002B70694Intermediate SpanishCastellini-Patel, Silvia   
SPAN 003A70695Advanced Spanish Oral/WrittenCastellini-Patel, Silvia   
SPAN 003B70696Advanced Spanish Oral/WrittenCastellini-Patel, Silvia   
SPAN 070A70697Spanish - Medical Pro. BeginSorensen-Joseph, Lesa Deanne  
SPAN 070B71249Spanish for Med Prof - Interm.Sorensen-Joseph, Lesa Deanne  
THEA 002A70115Introduction to Theatrical DesZsadanyi-Yale, Amy EZTC 
THEA 005A70100Intro to Film/Video ProductionClay, William ZTC 
THEA 006A70101Writing for Film & TelevisionClay, William ZTC 
THEA 007A70125Acting for Film & TelevisionSpringhorn, Will ZTC 
THEA 1070126Introduction to TheaterSpringhorn, Will ZTC 
THEA 1072140Introduction to TheaterZsadanyi-Yale, Amy EZTC 
THEA 1372187Multicultural TheaterStephens, Deborah DebraunahZTC 
THEA 014A70122Survey of Film: Horror & SciFiRufeisen, Eduardo AndreZTC 
THEA 014B70119Survey of Film: Westerns & MusDale, Elizabeth AZTC 
THEA 014B70123Survey of Film: Westerns & MusRufeisen, Eduardo AndreZTC 
THEA 014C70104Survey of Film: Gangster & DetAllen, Jerry PZTC 
THEA 014D70124Survey/Film: SuperheroRufeisen, Eduardo AndreZTC 
THEA 014E70118Survey/Film: Star WarsClay, William ZTC 
THEA 1570120Intro to Film StudiesDale, Elizabeth AZTC 
THEA 1570121Intro to Film StudiesDale, Elizabeth AZTC 
THEA 021A70114Practical Theater (S&S) 1Zsadanyi-Yale, Amy EZTC 
THEA 033B70110Stage CombatDe Les Dernier, Bruce WZTC 
THEA 044A70112Makeup Stage for ScreenZsadanyi-Yale, Amy EZTC 
THEA 070A70128Main Theater: American Rep.Aronson, Robin ZTC 
THEA 010H70127Honors Introduction to TheaterKenyon, Heather Marie  
THEA 014A70116Survey of Film: Horror & SciFiAllen, Jerry P  
THEA 014C70117Survey of Film: Gangster & DetAllen, Jerry P  
THEA 014D70102Survey/Film: SuperheroClay, William   
THEA 014E70103Survey/Film: Star WarsClay, William   
THEA 020D71891Studio Workshop: Musical/ChildDe Les Dernier, Bruce W  
THEA 035A70106Voice Prod. &ArticulationLowry, Laura A  
THEA 040A70105Acting OneLowry, Laura A  
THEA 040A70107Acting OneLowry, Laura A  
THEA 040B70108Acting TwoLowry, Laura A  
WGQS 270260Women in the Arts: MulticulturGray, Dulce MaríaZTC 
WGQS 004A70261Women in World CulturesMaia, Julie ZTC 
WGQS 170259Intro to Women's StudiesShaw, Danielle N  
WRKX 30370895Work Exp.OccupGaiero, Kristina AZTC

Section Name Section Number Section Title Start Date End Date
COMM 110145Public Speaking1/31/26
COUN 1210032Careers and Life Styles1/31/26
COUN 5010033Cross-Cultural Perspectives1/31/26
HSCI 1210082Understanding Stress - A Multidisciplinary Perspective1/31/26
HTCH 054A10062Internship for Health Care Technologies1/31/26
KINA 9.3010053Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning1/31/26
KINA 9.3010054Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning1/31/26
KINA 9.3010055Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning1/31/26
KINA 9.3010056Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning1/31/26
KINA 9.3010057Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning1/31/26
KINA 9.3010058Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning1/31/26
KINS 2.0210061Lifeguard Training1/31/13
MUSC 510143Fundamentals of Music1/31/26
MUSC 1010144Music Appreciation1/31/26
NCTU 110027General Tutor Training1/31/24
SOCI 110020Introduction to Sociology1/31/26
THEA 014A10023Survey of Film: Horror and Science Fiction1/31/26
THEA 014C10024Survey of Film: Gangster and Detective Films1/31/26
NCTU 001W10028Writing Tutor Training1/51/26
COUN 000A10029College Orientation1/111/18
COUN 000A10030College Orientation1/171/24
MATH 104R10048Geometry Review for Trigonometry1/171/26
MATH 106P10049Preparation for Intermediate Algebra1/171/26
MATH 903P10050Preparation for Elementary Algebra1/171/26
MATH TMP110051Transfer Math Preparation 1 - Preparation for Transfer Level1/171/26
MATH TMP210052Transfer Math Preparation 2 - Preparation for First Semester Calculus1/171/26
Section Name Section Number Section Title Start Date End Date
COMM 110145Public Speaking1/31/26
COUN 1210032Careers and Life Styles1/31/26
COUN 5010033Cross-Cultural Perspectives1/31/26
HSCI 1210082Understanding Stress - A Multidisciplinary Perspective1/31/26
HTCH 054A10062Internship for Health Care Technologies1/31/26
KINA 9.3010053Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning1/31/26
KINA 9.3010054Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning1/31/26
KINA 9.3010055Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning1/31/26
KINA 9.3010056Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning1/31/26
KINA 9.3010057Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning1/31/26
KINA 9.3010058Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning1/31/26
KINS 2.0210061Lifeguard Training1/31/13
MUSC 510143Fundamentals of Music1/31/26
MUSC 1010144Music Appreciation1/31/26
NCTU 110027General Tutor Training1/31/24
SOCI 110020Introduction to Sociology1/31/26
THEA 014A10023Survey of Film: Horror and Science Fiction1/31/26
THEA 014C10024Survey of Film: Gangster and Detective Films1/31/26
NCTU 001W10028Writing Tutor Training1/51/26
COUN 000A10029College Orientation1/111/18
COUN 000A10030College Orientation1/171/24
MATH 104R10048Geometry Review for Trigonometry1/171/26
MATH 106P10049Preparation for Intermediate Algebra1/171/26
MATH 903P10050Preparation for Elementary Algebra1/171/26
MATH TMP110051Transfer Math Preparation 1 - Preparation for Transfer Level1/171/26
MATH TMP210052Transfer Math Preparation 2 - Preparation for First Semester Calculus1/171/26
Section Name Section Number Section Title Start Date End Date
ACCT 1030131Financial Accounting1/285/26
ACCT 1130173Managerial Accounting1/285/26
ADMJ 1230109Mental Health and Crisis Management in the Criminal Justice System1/285/26
ADMJ 1530117Sexual Assault Investigation1/285/26
ADMJ 4130112Introduction to Forensics1/285/26
ARCH 4530576Architectural Building Codes1/285/26
ARCH 5330595Introduction to Architectural and Environmental Design1/285/26
ARCH 5830599Introduction to Revit Architecture1/285/26
ARCH 6130572Architectural Design I1/285/26
ARCH 6230573Architectural Design II1/285/26
ARCH 6330574Architectural Design III1/285/26
ARCH 6431843Architectural Practice1/285/26
ARCH 6630607Advanced Revit Architecture1/285/26
ARTS 5530047Introduction to Computer Arts1/285/26
ARTS 81300643-Dimensional Design1/285/26
ARTS 9530066New Media and Social Change1/285/26
ARTS 001E30025Design in Society1/285/26
ARTS 031A30031Beginning Drawing 1/285/26
ARTS 031A30032Beginning Drawing 1/285/26
ARTS 031A30033Beginning Drawing 1/285/26
ARTS 031A30034Beginning Drawing 1/285/26
ARTS 031A31829Beginning Drawing 1/285/26
ARTS 031C30035Representational Drawing1/285/26
ARTS 033A30036Two-Dimensional Design1/285/26
ARTS 033A30037Two-Dimensional Design1/285/26
ARTS 035A30839Beginning Life Drawing1/285/26
ARTS 047A30039Beginning Watercolor1/285/26
ARTS 047B30040Intermediate Watercolor1/285/26
ARTS 047C30041Intermediate-Advanced Watercolor1/285/26
ARTS 047D30042Advanced Watercolor1/285/26
ARTS 049A31828Beginning Painting1/285/26
ARTS 049A31830Beginning Painting1/285/26
ARTS 049B31831Intermediate Painting1/285/26
ARTS 049C31832Intermediate-Advanced Painting1/285/26
ARTS 049D31833Advanced Painting1/285/26
ARTS 057A30048Animation I1/285/26
ARTS 057A30049Animation I1/285/26
ARTS 057A30052Animation I1/285/26
ARTS 057B30050Animation II1/285/26
ARTS 057B30053Animation II1/285/26
ARTS 057C30054Animation III1/285/26
ARTS 057C30932Animation III1/285/26
ARTS 065A30058Ceramics-Handbuilding1/285/26
ARTS 065A31834Ceramics-Handbuilding1/285/26
ARTS 065B30059Ceramics-Handbuilding II1/285/26
ARTS 065C30060Ceramics-Handbuilding III1/285/26
ARTS 065D30061Advanced Handbuilt Ceramics IV1/285/26
ARTS 067A30062Ceramics-Potter's Wheel1/285/26
ARTS 067B30063Ceramics-Potter's Wheel1/285/26
ARTS 085B30065Sculpture1/285/26
ASTR 1130431Stellar Astronomy1/285/26
ASTR 2030433Family of the Sun1/285/26
ASTR 2130435Lifestyles of the Stars1/285/26
AVIA 030C30845UAS Image Analysis and Visualization1/285/26
AVIA 030D30848UAS Flight Operations and Flight Planning1/285/26
CHST 230802Child Growth and Development1/285/26
CHST 230803Child Growth and Development1/285/26
CHST 3530807Practicum in Early Childhood Education1/285/26
CHST 6330811Child, Family, and Community1/285/26
CHST 8030816Introduction to Curriculum1/285/26
CHST 035A30808Field Experience in Early Childhood Education1/285/26
CIST 005A30358Introduction to Python1/285/26
COMM 131070Public Speaking1/285/26
COMM 131071Public Speaking1/285/26
COMM 131073Public Speaking1/285/26
COMM 1231051Intercultural Communication1/285/26
COMM 1231052Intercultural Communication1/285/26
COMM 2031067Argumentation and Debate1/285/26
COUN 1230490Careers and Life Styles1/285/26
COUN 1231002Careers and Life Styles1/285/26
COUN 5030498Cross-Cultural Perspectives1/285/26
COUN 012C30495Careers and Life Styles1/285/26
COUN 012C30496Careers and Life Styles1/285/26
COUN 012C30780Careers and Life Styles1/285/26
COUN 012C30781Careers and Life Styles1/285/26
COUN 012C30782Careers and Life Styles1/285/26
COUN 012C30783Careers and Life Styles1/285/26
DANC 130214Ballet: Beginning Level 11/285/26
DANC 230215Ballet: Beginning Level 21/285/26
DANC 330216Ballet: Intermediate Level 31/285/26
DANC 430217Ballet: Advanced Level 41/285/26
DANC 630230Dance Intensive1/285/26
DANC 1130221Jazz Dance: Beginning Level 11/285/26
DANC 1230222Jazz Dance: Beginning Level 21/285/26
DANC 1330223Jazz Dance: Intermediate Level 31/285/26
DANC 1430224Jazz Dance: Advanced Level 41/285/26
DANC 2130225Modern Dance: Beginning Level 11/285/26
DANC 2230226Modern Dance: Beginning Level 21/285/26
DANC 2330228Modern Dance: Intermediate Level 31/285/26
DANC 2430229Modern Dance: Advanced Level 41/285/26
DANC 3130232Tap for Musical Theatre: Beginning Level 11/285/26
DANC 3230233Tap for Musical Theatre: Beginning Level 21/285/26
DANC 3330234Tap for Musical Theatre: Intermediate Level 31/285/26
DANC 3430235Tap for Musical Theatre: Advanced Level 41/285/26
DANC 4130236Ballroom and Latin Dance: Beginning1/285/26
DANC 4230237Ballroom and Latin Dance: Intermediate1/285/26
DANC 4330238Ballroom and Latin Dance: Advanced1/285/26
DANC 4430239Lindy Hop & Swing1/285/26
DANC 050A30240Hip Hop Dance: Beginning Level 11/285/26
DANC 050B30241Hip Hop Dance: Beginning Level 21/285/26
DIGM 230844Introduction to Electronic Communication1/285/26
DIGM 330846Introduction to Graphic Design1/285/26
DIGM 021B30852Web Development 21/285/26
ELED 2030819Introduction to Elementary Teaching1/285/26
ELED 020A30820Field Experience in Elementary Teaching1/285/26
ENGL 1231794African American Literature1/285/26
ENGL 7030425Creative Writing1/285/26
ENGL 7231006Writing Poetry1/285/26
ENGL 001A30152English Composition1/285/26
ENGL 001A30177English Composition1/285/26
ENGL 001A30200English Composition1/285/26
ENGL 001A30976English Composition1/285/26
ENGL 001A30977English Composition1/285/26
ENGL 001A30994English Composition1/285/26
ENGL 001A30997English Composition1/285/26
ENGL 001A31007English Composition1/285/26
ENGL 001A31010English Composition1/285/26
ENGL 001B30949Critical Thinking Through Literature1/285/26
ENGL 001B30979Critical Thinking Through Literature1/285/26
ENGL 001B31009Critical Thinking Through Literature1/285/26
ENGL 001B31022Critical Thinking Through Literature1/285/26
ENGL 001B31047Critical Thinking Through Literature1/285/26
ENGL 001C30197Critical Thinking and Writing1/285/26
ENGL 006B31041World Literature 21/285/26
ENGL 006BH31783Honors World Literature 21/285/26
ENGL 012H31795Honors African American Literature1/285/26
ENGR 1030365Introduction to Engineering1/285/26
ENGR 2030946Engineering Graphics1/285/26
FDAT 1930132Computer Patternmaking1/285/26
FDAT 8430143Fashion Design Internship1/285/26
HSCI 1030866Human Sexuality1/285/26
HTCH 054A30779Internship for Health Care Technologies1/285/26
INTD 090A30767Interior Design Internship1/285/26
INTD 090B30768Interior Design Internship1/285/26
INTD 090C30769Kitchen and Bath Design Internship1/285/26
KINA 9.0130647Intercollegiate Baseball - Men1/285/26
KINA 9.0330564Intercollegiate Men's Basketball - Post-Season Fundamentals1/283/3
KINA 9.0430622Intercollegiate Tennis - Women1/285/26
KINA 9.0930689Intercollegiate Softball - Women1/285/26
KINA 9.1130566Intercollegiate Swimming - Women1/285/26
KINA 9.1630539Intercollegiate Beach Volleyball - Women1/285/26
KINA 9.5530697Athletic Men's Water Polo - Skills and Techniques1/285/26
KINA 9.5630567Athletic Women's Water Polo - Skills and Techniques1/285/26
KINA 9.1030696Intercollegiate Swimming - Men1/285/26
KINA 9.3031801Intercollegiate Pre-Season Conditioning1/285/26
KINA 9.6030577Post Season Conditioning1/285/26
KINA 9.6031796Post Season Conditioning1/285/26
KINA 9.6031797Post Season Conditioning1/285/26
KINA 9.6031798Post Season Conditioning1/285/26
KINA 9.6031799Post Season Conditioning1/285/26
KINA 9.6031807Post Season Conditioning1/285/26
KINS 2.0430698Swimming - Beginning1/285/26
KINS 2.0430702Swimming - Beginning1/285/26
KINS 2.0530699Swimming - Intermediate1/285/26
KINS 2.0530703Swimming - Intermediate1/285/26
KINS 2.0630700Swimming - Advanced1/285/26
KINS 2.0630704Swimming - Advanced1/285/26
KINS 2.0730701Master's Swimming1/285/26
KINS 2.0730705Master's Swimming1/285/26
KINS 4.0730623Fitness Competitive Athlete1/285/26
KINS 4.0731835Fitness Competitive Athlete1/285/26
KINS 4.0731839Fitness Competitive Athlete1/285/26
KINS 4.1330549Fitness Walking1/285/26
KINS 4.1330617Fitness Walking1/285/26
KINS 4.1630552Fitness Weight Training1/285/26
KINS 4.1630568Fitness Weight Training1/285/26
KINS 4.1630579Fitness Weight Training1/285/26
KINS 4.1630648Fitness Weight Training1/285/26
KINS 4.1630660Fitness Weight Training1/285/26
KINS 4.1630661Fitness Weight Training1/285/26
KINS 4.1630706Fitness Weight Training1/285/26
KINS 4.1930691Fitness Appraisal1/285/26
KINS 4.2130554Fitness Weight Training 31/285/26
KINS 4.2130570Fitness Weight Training 31/285/26
KINS 4.2130581Fitness Weight Training 31/285/26
KINS 4.2130650Fitness Weight Training 31/285/26
KINS 4.2130665Fitness Weight Training 31/285/26
KINS 4.2130708Fitness Weight Training 31/285/26
KINS 4.2130966Fitness Weight Training 31/285/26
KINS 4.2430555Total Fitness for Men1/285/26
KINS 4.2430655Total Fitness for Men1/285/26
KINS 4.2530556Total Fitness for Women1/285/26
KINS 4.2530656Total Fitness for Women1/285/26
KINS 4.2830550Fitness Jogging1/285/26
KINS 4.2830618Fitness Jogging1/285/26
KINS 4.2930557Body Sculpting1/285/26
KINS 4.2930657Body Sculpting1/285/26
KINS 4.3530551Trail Running1/285/26
KINS 4.3530619Trail Running1/285/26
KINS 4.3730604Barre Fitness1/285/26
KINS 4.4130582Speed, Plyometrics, Agility and Quickness Level 11/285/26
KINS 4.4131840Speed, Plyometrics, Agility and Quickness Level 11/285/26
KINS 4.4230583Speed, Plyometrics, Agility and Quickness Level 21/285/26
KINS 4.4231841Speed, Plyometrics, Agility and Quickness Level 21/285/26
KINS 4.4330585Speed, Plyometrics, Agility and Quickness Level 31/285/26
KINS 4.4331842Speed, Plyometrics, Agility and Quickness Level 31/285/26
KINS 6.0130624MMA - Mixed Martial Arts1/285/26
KINS 6.0230627Karate - Beginning1/285/26
KINS 6.0330628Self-Defense1/285/26
KINS 6.0630629Karate - Intermediate1/285/26
KINS 6.0730625Kickboxing1/285/26
KINS 6.0830626Boxing1/285/26
KINS 7.0230558Badminton - Beginning1/285/26
KINS 7.0330559Badminton - Intermediate1/285/26
KINS 7.1130588Golf - Intermediate1/285/26
KINS 7.1130591Golf - Intermediate1/285/26
KINS 7.1230589Golf - Advanced1/285/26
KINS 7.1230592Golf - Advanced1/285/26
KINS 7.1530666Beginning Pickleball1/285/26
KINS 7.1630667Intermediate Pickleball1/285/26
KINS 7.1730670Advanced Pickleball1/285/26
KINS 7.1830672Beginning Tennis1/285/26
KINS 7.1830682Beginning Tennis1/285/26
KINS 7.2130676Advanced Tennis1/285/26
KINS 7.2130684Advanced Tennis1/285/26
KINS 7.2630620Studio Cycling1/285/26
KINS 7.2730621Studio Cycling Advanced1/285/26
KINS 8.0430685Beginning Basketball1/285/26
KINS 8.0530686Intermediate Basketball1/285/26
KINS 8.0630687Advanced Basketball1/285/26
KINS 8.1530544Volleyball - Beginning Skills1/285/26
KINS 8.1630545Volleyball - Intermediate Skills1/285/26
KINS 8.1730546Volleyball - Advanced Skills1/285/26
KINS 8.1830547Beach Volleyball1/285/26
KINS 8.2130561Fundamentals of Sport - Beginning1/285/26
KINS 8.2130594Fundamentals of Sport - Beginning1/285/26
KINS 8.2130652Fundamentals of Sport - Beginning1/285/26
KINS 8.2130693Fundamentals of Sport - Beginning1/285/26
KINS 8.2130710Fundamentals of Sport - Beginning1/285/26
KINS 8.2130721Fundamentals of Sport - Beginning1/285/26
KINS 8.2230562Fundamentals of Sport - Intermediate1/285/26
KINS 8.2230596Fundamentals of Sport - Intermediate1/285/26
KINS 8.2230653Fundamentals of Sport - Intermediate1/285/26
KINS 8.2230694Fundamentals of Sport - Intermediate1/285/26
KINS 8.2230711Fundamentals of Sport - Intermediate1/285/26
KINS 8.2230723Fundamentals of Sport - Intermediate1/285/26
KINS 8.2330563Fundamentals of Sport - Advanced1/285/26
KINS 8.2330598Fundamentals of Sport - Advanced1/285/26
KINS 8.2330654Fundamentals of Sport - Advanced1/285/26
KINS 8.2330695Fundamentals of Sport - Advanced1/285/26
KINS 8.2330712Fundamentals of Sport - Advanced1/285/26
KINS 8.2330724Fundamentals of Sport - Advanced1/285/26
KINS 11.0130540Yoga for Health1/285/26
KINS 11.0130613Yoga for Health1/285/26
KINS 11.0230541Intermediate Yoga1/285/26
KINS 11.0230614Intermediate Yoga1/285/26
KINS 11.0330542Gentle Restorative Exercise1/285/26
KINS 11.0330615Gentle Restorative Exercise1/285/26
KINS 11.0430543Advanced Yoga1/285/26
KINS 11.0430616Advanced Yoga1/285/26
KINS 11.0530608Mindful Meditation1/285/26
KINS 11.0830600Pilates Mat Workout1/285/26
KINS 11.0930601Intermediate Pilates Mat Workout1/285/26
KINS 11.1030602Advanced Pilates1/285/26
KINS 4.2030553Fitness, Weight Training 21/285/26
KINS 4.2030569Fitness, Weight Training 21/285/26
KINS 4.2030580Fitness, Weight Training 21/285/26
KINS 4.2030649Fitness, Weight Training 21/285/26
KINS 4.2030663Fitness, Weight Training 21/285/26
KINS 4.2030707Fitness, Weight Training 21/285/26
KINS 4.2030965Fitness, Weight Training 21/285/26
KINS 6.1030630Karate - Advanced1/285/26
KINS 7.1030586Golf - Beginning1/285/26
KINS 7.1030590Golf - Beginning1/285/26
KINS 7.2030674Intermediate Tennis1/285/26
KINS 7.2030683Intermediate Tennis1/285/26
KINS 8.2030560Introduction to Sport Fundamentals1/285/26
KINS 8.2030593Introduction to Sport Fundamentals1/285/26
KINS 8.2030651Introduction to Sport Fundamentals1/285/26
KINS 8.2030692Introduction to Sport Fundamentals1/285/26
KINS 8.2030709Introduction to Sport Fundamentals1/285/26
KINS 8.2030719Introduction to Sport Fundamentals1/285/26
KINT 3030633Introduction to Kinesiology1/285/26
MATH 130640Pre-Calculus Algebra1/285/26
MATH 130641Pre-Calculus Algebra1/285/26
MATH 130643Pre-Calculus Algebra1/285/26
MATH 131721Pre-Calculus Algebra1/285/26
MATH 230664Pre-Calculus Algebra and Trigonometry1/285/26
MATH 1030743Elementary Statistics1/285/26
MATH 1230825Applied Calculus1/285/26
MATH 1230827Applied Calculus1/285/26
MATH 1230828Applied Calculus1/285/26
MATH 1230830Applied Calculus1/285/26
MATH 1231725Applied Calculus1/285/26
MATH 10530838Pre-Statistics1/285/26
MATH 000D30634Trigonometry1/285/26
MATH 000D30636Trigonometry1/285/26
MATH 000D31719Trigonometry1/285/26
MATH 000G30639Mathematics for the Liberal Arts Student1/285/26
MATH 001C30658Just-In-Time Support for Pre-Calculus Algebra1/285/26
MATH 003A30671Calculus and Analytic Geometry1/285/26
MATH 003A30675Calculus and Analytic Geometry1/285/26
MATH 003B30714Calculus and Analytical Geometry1/285/26
MATH 010C30821Just-In-Time Support for Statistics1/285/26
MATH 010H30824Honors Elementary Statistics1/285/26
MATH 012C30833Just-In-Time Support for Applied Calculus1/285/26
MUSC 4230289Concert Choir1/285/26
MUSC 4930294Symphonic Band1/285/26
MUSC 5130295Jazz Band1/285/26
MUSC 052A30296Jazz Combo: Early1/285/26
MUSC 052B30297Jazz Combo: Swing1/285/26
MUSC 052C30298Jazz Combo: Bebop1/285/26
MUSC 052D30299Jazz Combo: Fusion1/285/26
MUSC 053A30300Chamber Music: Early1/285/26
MUSC 053B30301Chamber Music: Classical1/285/26
PARA 065B30081Microsoft Word for the Law Office1/285/26
PHYS 130444Introduction to Physics Problem Solving1/285/26
PHYS 002A30445General Physics - Mechanics1/285/26
PHYS 002B30447General Physics - Electricity and Magnetism1/285/26
SJST 131791Introduction to Ethnic and Social Justice Studies1/285/26
SOCI 130327Introduction to Sociology1/285/26
SOCI 130329Introduction to Sociology1/285/26
SOCI 130331Introduction to Sociology1/285/26
SOCI 230337Social Problems1/285/26
SOCI 330333Social Psychology: A Sociological Perspective1/285/26
SOCI 2030339Sociology of Race and Ethnicity1/285/26
THEA 430383Digital Video Editing1/285/26
THEA 1530357Introduction to Film Studies1/285/26
THEA 1530381Introduction to Film Studies1/285/26
THEA 1630384American Cinema1/285/26
THEA 005A30346Introduction to Film/Video Production1/285/26
THEA 006A30349Writing for Film and Television1/285/26
THEA 007B30389Acting/Directing for Film and Television1/285/26
THEA 014A30369Survey of Film: Horror and Science Fiction1/285/26
THEA 014B30371Survey of Film: Westerns and Musicals1/285/26
THEA 014C30370Survey of Film: Gangster and Detective Films1/285/26
THEA 026A30751Improvisational Theatre Workshop1/285/26
THEA 033A30394Stage Movement1/285/26
THEA 040B30368Acting Two1/285/26
THEA 047A30372Fundamentals of Costume Design1/285/26
PARA 6830082Computer Assisted Legal Research1/313/21
CHST 131821Principles & Practices of Teaching Young Children2/13/23
PARA 1830067Legal Analysis2/25/4
COUN 000A30430College Orientation2/62/13
MUSC 044A30290Musical Theater & Opera Scenes: Comic Opera2/65/26
MUSC 044B30291Musical Theater & Opera Scenes: Verismo Opera2/65/26
MUSC 044C30292Musical Theater & Opera Scenes: Mid-20th Century Musicals2/65/26
MUSC 044D30293Musical Theater & Opera Scenes: Modern Musicals2/65/26
THEA 020A30393Studio Theater Production Workshop: American Representational2/65/16
THEA 022A30373Practical Theater (Costume & Makeup) I2/65/17
THEA 021A30392Practical Theater (Scene & Stage) I2/75/17
THEA 070C30375Mainstage Theater Production Workshop: Classical Greek and European2/95/20
NCTU 130388General Tutor Training2/103/24
CIST 230343Introduction to Computing2/215/12
CIST 230344Introduction to Computing2/215/12
COUN 1230492Careers and Life Styles2/215/22
COUN 5030500Cross-Cultural Perspectives2/215/22
MATH 012C30834Just-In-Time Support for Applied Calculus2/215/18
PARA 029B30077Paralegal Internship2/215/23
COUN 1230494Careers and Life Styles2/225/24
ENGL 8130953Voices: Intermediate Literary Arts Magazine2/225/15
KINA 9.6030609Post Season Conditioning2/225/17
KINS 8.0830611Soccer - Beginning2/225/17
MUSC 530251Fundamentals of Music2/225/26
MUSC 1030255Music Appreciation2/225/26
POLI 130324American Government2/225/17
SOCI 130328Introduction to Sociology2/225/17
HSCI 1230867Understanding Stress - A Multidisciplinary Perspective2/275/26
HTCH 054A30881Internship for Health Care Technologies3/145/26
WRKX 30330882Occupational Work Experience3/145/26
ARTS 430027Art Appreciation3/205/17
ARTS 430028Art Appreciation3/205/17
CHST 6330812Child, Family, and Community3/205/26
COUN 1230491Careers and Life Styles3/205/18
ENGL 001A31045English Composition3/205/17
ENGL 001A31046English Composition3/205/17
KINA 9.6030565Post Season Conditioning3/205/17
KINT 3330688Women in Sports3/205/26
LIBR 430071Information Competency3/205/5
SOCI 130332Introduction to Sociology3/205/17
THEA 1530382Introduction to Film Studies3/205/17
COUN 1230493Careers and Life Styles3/215/16
COUN 5030499Cross-Cultural Perspectives3/235/18
CHST 6331822Child, Family, and Community4/45/23
PARA 9230078Trademark Prosecution4/45/23
PARA 029A30076Paralegal Employment Preparation4/175/22
COUN 000A30427College Orientation4/194/26
HSCI 330886CPR / AED - Basic Life Support for Providers and Professionals4/214/22
COUN 000A30428College Orientation5/115/18
COUN 000A30429College Orientation5/175/24
Last Updated 10/21/22