Online Academy

WVC Online Academy

This course focuses on effective practices in online course design. It is a great opportunity to prepare for your online classes, connect with other faculty, and satisfy the one-unit requirement for teaching online/hybrid per Article 51 of the union contract.

Fall 2021 Session: September 27 – October 16

Success Numbers

Thus far, 215 WVC faculty have successfully completed the Academy. Here's what they had to say:

  • the Academy received a 4.7 star rating (out of possible 5 stars)
  • 93% would recommend the Academy to their colleagues
  • 91% felt that what they learned helped improve their online teaching effectiveness
  • 90% found the content and resources valuable
  • 92% discovered useful tips for using Canvas in their courses

Faculty are reminded of the need for training if they want to teach online (that includes hybrid, hyflex, online synchronous and online asynchronous courses).

Therefore, before a faculty is assigned an online course, the faculty member must either have taught an online course within the district prior to Spring 2015 (as evidenced by a contract from a semester prior to Spring 2015) or must submit this form and obtain approval to teach the online course.

Also, we encourage faculty who are "grandfathered" to consider joining colleagues across the WVC campus in a friendly environment to promote their learning of pedagogy, course design and best practices (and it's FREE!). Not only will it benefit their online instruction, but many faculty have found tools/strategies that benefit their face-to-face instruction as well...all to the benefit of WVC students!

Frequently Asked Questions

The WVC Online Academy will be held over three weeks. It is an asynchronous online course, and there are no required specific days/times that the class meets.

The course will be conducted on the WVC Canvas platform.

Depending on your skill and knowledge of Canvas, online practices and pedagogy and tech tools, successful completion of the course can take anywhere from 30-40 hours (to review all reading and video materials, and complete graded assignments and quizzes).

The WVC Online Academy is composed of seven modules. Module topics are as follows: Orientation, Accessibility, Backward Design, Assessment, Interaction & Presence, Curating & Creating Content, and Course Wrap-up.

In the WVC Online Academy, you will read material on each topic and participate in a total of three graded discussion forums, six short quizzes, and nine assignments. Due dates are set for Thursday and Saturday of each week.

The short answer is no. The work in the Academy is not about reviewing your past/current courses. For Academy assignments, you are asked to create and submit materials that are designed to align with the standards outlined in the state-wide CVD-OEI Course Design Rubric. This is how you will show your learning of the material presented in the Academy. You are encouraged in the Academy to design content that you can later adopt or further adapt in your actual courses.

No letter grades will be given, and only a pass/no pass will be used. Successful completion requires that all assignments and quizzes be completed, and a minimum of 80% of all possible points for the course.

Yes, those who successfully complete the course will receive a digital certificate and will be approved to teach online/hybrid at WVC.

The language in Article 51 from the AFT contract indicates that the course may be used for PG&D credit, but you will need to confirm this with the PG&D District Committee as it depends how the credit is to be applied.

Last Updated 9/3/21