MUSC 4A: Music Theory

MUSC 5: Music Fundamentals

MUSC 20A: Musicianship

MUSC 36A: Beginning Guitar

MUSC 39F: Applied Music: Guitar


Christopher Nicklin has been playing the guitar since the age of 14. Although he started with the electric guitar, after entering college, spent the last 8 years performing classical guitar.

In his pursuit of a career as a professional musician, he studied at California State University Northridge under Dr. Steve Thachuk and John Dearman of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. Christopher performed in many master classes with renowned guitarists Zoran Dukic, Marcin Dylla, Alvaro Pierri, Denis Azabagic, and many more. While playing for these great musicians he also won several awards and competitions during his time in college including Junior of the Year, Guitarist of the Year, and the winner of the first Andy Summers Guitar Competition in 2014.

After completing his masters degree in classical guitar performance at Northridge he moved back to the Bay Area where he enjoys his time building his music performance business. In past two years he has won awards and been featured on CBS and The CW for his wedding guitar playing.

Last Updated 4/30/20