COMM 1: Public Speaking

COMM 8: Interpersonal Communication

COMM 12: Intercultural Communication

Organizational Communication and Strategic Communication for Managers and Leaders


Arielle Schram began her higher education career in 2008 in Alaska working in the vocational college arena where she quickly moved up the ranks from a Business Instructor to an Associate Dean of Students. As part of the leadership team at the Career College of Alaska she played a key role in bringing a certificate program to the next level by developing the Business Program into an Associates' Degreed program. Since that time she has taught at public and private universities in Colorado and California as well as within the community college systems. She cut her teeth in the dual-enrollment programs and concurrent enrollment programs in high-risk inner city areas, now bringing that expertise and passion to West Valley College.

Outside of her roll in higher education, she has held a number of leadership positions at the director and management level in various industries: real-estate, oilfield services, public office, manufacturing, non-profit and education. As a consultant and coach she has helped leaders repair and regain trust; navigated organizations through acquisitions, internal fraud, and harassment cases as well as build high performing teams. She earned her Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership from Seton Hall University and is a Certified Development Dimensions International Leadership Program Facilitator.

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