STEM Core Program

STEM students on NASA field trip

General Information

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The STEM Core is program at West Valley College is a learning community designed to engage students who are interested in perusing a career in the Science, Technology, Engineering and math fields. During the one-year duration students will take a block of cohort Math, Computer Science or Engineering courses that prepare students for Calculus, advanced Engineering and Computer Science classes in one academic year.

Contact Information

Claudio Silva

Claudio Silva

Science and Math
Counselor, Instructor, and STEM Core Student Specialist

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Academic, Career, and Personal Support

  • We encourage all of people of different backgrounds who have an Interest or curiosity in the Stem field.
  • Taken Math 903 or Math 106
  • Eligibility for Math 001 (Pre-Calculus)

Program Benefits

  • Guaranteed placement in STEM Core courses
  • Take classes with the same group of students
  • Free textbook loans, calculators, and supplies
  • Help crafting resumes and scholarship essays
  • Extra Tutoring
  • One on one academic support and personal support
  • STEM Core cohorts around the state pass classes at 20-30% higher
  • Embedded tutoring and math workshops
  • Go from Intermediate Algebra to Calculus in 2 semesters
  • Compete for paid summer internships at Lockheed Martin, NASA Ames, Stanford Linear Accelerator and other employers (many internships are exclusive to STEM Core participants)
  • Visit local engineering and computer science employers (Tesla, SAP)
  • Job shadowing opportunities at NASA Ames
Last Updated 8/7/20