STEM Core Program

STEM students on NASA field trip

General Information

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The STEM Core is program at West Valley College is a learning community designed to engage students who are interested in perusing a career in the Science, Technology, Engineering and math fields. During the one-year duration students will take a block of cohort Math, Computer Science or Engineering courses that prepare students for Calculus, advanced Engineering and Computer Science classes in one academic year.


Academic, Career, and Personal Support

  • We encourage all of people of different backgrounds who have an Interest or curiosity in the Stem field.
  • Taken Math 903 or Math 106
  • Eligibility for Math 001 (Pre-Calculus)

Program Benefits

  • Guaranteed placement in STEM Core courses
  • Take classes with the same group of students
  • Free textbook loans, calculators, and supplies
  • Help crafting resumes and scholarship essays
  • Extra Tutoring
  • One on one academic support and personal support
  • STEM Core cohorts around the state pass classes at 20-30% higher
  • Embedded tutoring and math workshops
  • Go from Intermediate Algebra to Calculus in 2 semesters
  • Compete for paid summer internships at Lockheed Martin, NASA Ames, Stanford Linear Accelerator and other employers (many internships are exclusive to STEM Core participants)
  • Visit local engineering and computer science employers (Tesla, SAP)
  • Job shadowing opportunities at NASA Ames
Last Updated 9/29/20