Print from My Mobile Device – Printer-On

Learn how to use printer-On – Printing Instructions

PrinterOn splash page
  • Enter your ID: firstname.lastname
  • Enter your login password: the same password as used to log into your computer or email
PrinterOn login

Choose the Follow You WV printer, then click Continue.

Choose a Printer

Choose a document to upload

  • Any printable format, such as Word, Excel, Adobe PDF, etc.
  • Use Choose File, locate and click on your file selection.
  • Make certain you click Choose in the file selection window.
  • Your selected file name will appear in the window where it formerly indicated “no file selected.”
  • Make sure your file name appears, else nothing will print.
  • Click Continue.
Document Information

Confirm your print job and click Continue to print the document.

Print Options

The system will show “Submitting,” Processing,” and then “Complete with a green check mark. That indicates the job was successfully submitted to the Konica.

Job Submission Confirmation
  • Now, go to the Konica machine eqipped with a badge reader; as if making a copy, log in with your ID badge or using your Banner G0 Number
  • Select Menu from top right buttons, then press APP
Konica APP button
  • Select the file to be printed. The file name will change color and the Start button changes to Blue to indicate the file can be printed.
  • Press Start to print the file.
  • Repeat to print other files.
  • Press Access on the right side to log off of the Konica.
Konica start button


Last Updated 8/22/19