President Kashima's Message on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Dear Campus Community,

I hope this message finds you in good spirits, health, and good faith as we continue to thrive despite the challenges that we have been facing as a nation and as one human family across the globe. With a vision of hope and unity, I look forward to all that lies ahead of us.

I am especially inspired today as I reflect on Monday’s national holiday and what it means to honor the life and legacy that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has left us. Through not only our words but through our actions will we carry the movement of equality forward. As a college community, it is our job to establish a foundation of justice, equity, equality, love, and opportunity for each and every person who steps foot on our campus—to provide a beacon of hope and to create an environment where all are welcome and can develop in their educational paths.

I believe that we are doing this work but that we should continue to push ourselves beyond our own boundaries, to challenge our own thoughts and premonitions, and to see through the eyes of our fellow colleagues as we look at our campus and the efforts that still need to be made.

I am proud to be your President and to work alongside you all as leaders in this most important endeavor. We are change makers and have the ability to positively impact our community. Let’s continue to embrace the work of becoming the change we seek in the world and to keep Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s words at the forefront of our hearts and minds and remember that “darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” Continue to be the light.

In Community,

Stephanie Kashima
West Valley College President

Last Updated 1/14/22