Court Reporting License Certification

The recent pass rates for the college's Court Reporting program (CIP Code 0514.30) are listed below.

Court Reporting License Pass Rates
2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
83% 50% 67%

Comments regarding these pass rates: These numbers are from the Court Reporters Board of California. Although the pass rates are low compared to our desired 100% rate, there are circumstances which negative influence these rates. We had one student who qualified to take the exams but did not take the Diction exam. She is kept on the West Valley line of the state results report and thus hurts our statistics. We sometimes have students who attended school here but then qualify to take the state exam through another venue. For example, we had a former student who completed our entire program, then went to work as a reporter out of state which qualified here to take the California exam. She has recently taken the state exam, but West Valley will not receive credit in the Court Reporters Board report. Another factor is the fact that most other states do not require a license so students can find employment out of state more easily. With such factors, it should be noted that the official pass rates shown above are not reflective of West Valley's program with regards to students' ability to pass the state licensing exam nor to find employment in Court Reporting.

last published: 4/1/18