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Textbook and Coursepack Requests

Early textbook requests help the bookstore provide cost-saving options for students, including used textbooks, textbook rentals and e-books when available. Textbook information is linked to the course catalog and posted online which allows West Valley College to comply, to the greatest extent possible, with the federally mandated Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA).

Adoption requests can be submitted individually: If some materials have been selected but others have not, please send those that are known and send the remaining items once they have been chosen.

If supplies or supplemental items are needed, please request these as well.

If no textbooks are required, please send an email to TM361@bncollege.com with the course and section number, so that this information can be posted.

Of course, you can send us your book requests in whatever form you prefer, but we encourage you to use our Faculty Enlight online ordering system. Placing your order through Faculty Enlight is easy, convenient, and ensures the correct information reaches us immediately. Submitting requests online requires a few additional steps; however, a record of your adoptions is retained for two years, which will make future orders faster. You can also research other textbook titles and see what your colleagues at other colleges are using before making your decisions.

To order online, please visit Faculty Enlight.

  • This page can also be accessed through the West Valley College Bookstore website by clicking on the "Faculty Resources" tab in the upper right of the home screen.
  • If you have not registered previously, click the "Register" option to establish an account.
  • If you need assistance, please call Tina Kugler at 408-741-2663.

You can also send us your orders through

  • Email: TM361@bncollege.com
  • Phone: 408-741-2663
  • Fax: 408-741-4895
  • In person: Stop by the Textbook Information Desk in the bookstore and speak with Tina Kugler, our assistant manager.

As we research and place orders, we may become aware of new editions, backorders, etc. If any issues arise, we will alert you in order to determine a suitable course of action. Although we will try to accommodate requests for older or out-of-print editions, sometimes we cannot acquire sufficient copies to meet your class enrollment. In such cases, we will notify you so that you can consider an alternative edition or title.

TEXTBOOK RENTALS. Our textbook rental program, started in Jan. 2012, has grown at an astounding rate. Each term approximately 65-75% of our textbooks are available for rent. Because of the considerable cost savings, students prefer to rent their textbooks rather than purchase new or used copies. When making your decision about what book to use for your course, please consider available formats and whether or not your students might be able to rent their copies. Although publisher packages and loose-leaf versions seem like attractive options, please be aware that they are usually not available for rental and your students will pay the new package price. Most package components can only be sold back to the bookstore at the end of the term for a fraction of their original cost and loose-leaf editions cannot be sold back at all.

Coursepacks should be ordered through the Campus Bookstore to enable West Valley College to comply with federal HEOA regulations requiring the posting of information on all course materials.

Printing services are available in-house. Instructors are responsible for providing content for Printing Services to make coursepacks and pricing to Viking Bookstore. Viking Bookstore will receive and prep completed coursepacks for sale.

Xanedu is an alternate vendor for the development of coursepacks as they provide digital key packs and their readers can be utilized with our digital books.To begin the development of a coursepack with Xanedu, please contact our Xanedu Campus Representative Juan Navarro at 415-744-4292 or jnavarro@xanedu.com. Xanedu will then contact our Campus Bookstore to make sure the appropriate information is posted and the coursepacks are brought into the store at the beginning of the term.

Copyright clearance typically takes 2-4 weeks but in some cases takes less time. Faculty may create a login with Xanedu that allows them to track the progress of their reader for clearance.

Per WVC policy, faculty may not create coursepacks to sell themselves or through their department.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In order for the college to comply with the Federal HEOA mandate, the college is required to make available to students at the time of course registration the list of all required materials and their cost. We can comply with posting this information on Viking Bookstore's website only if all instructors have communicated their textbook selections a minimum of one week before registration begins.
  • To allow time to research your book's publisher, ISBN, and availability
  • To determine if your book is out-of-stock, out of print, or if there is a new edition
  • To locate and purchase used copies on campus and around the country and/or order new books from the publishers

These steps take time, plus some new book orders can take weeks to come in.

  • Viking Bookstore can buy used copies from students on campus and pay them up to 50% of the purchase price
  • Viking Bookstore can locate additional used copies on the national used book market before other institutions buy them
  • Next term's students can buy these used books for 25% less than the cost of a new book or rent them for up to 75% less

Working together we can help make sure students are ready for the first day of class. Your bookstore team is always here to help. Stop by our store, email us at TM361@bncollege.com, or call us at 408-741-2663

  • Available 24/7
  • Lists of books used, by course, for the last two years
  • A one-click process for requesting books used in previous terms
  • A searchable database of more than 250,000 textbook titles
  • Drop down boxes for faster entries
  • Email confirmation that your request was received
  • A link to the Faculty Center Network free online resource

Get started Faculty Enlight. Note: If you haven't already registered on the site, you will need to register first.

  • Edition status
  • Re-use rate of the book on campus and across the company
  • Single vs. multi-use (Single use i.e. online components, access codes, study guides, etc.)

Your Textbook Manager, Tina Kugler, can work with the administration and faculty to select titles for rent.

  • Let your students know the bookstore offers rentals
  • Use books that don't require online access codes or single use components
  • Submit adoptions by the posted due dates

To maintain WVC's compliance with HEOA regulations, Viking Bookstore needs to be notified of all required course materials so that they can post this information on the textbook information site attached to the class registration process. A faculty member may initiate the development of a coursepack directly with WVC Printing Services or Xanedu which will notify Viking Bookstore to post the appropriate information. If a faculty member develops a course pack with an external company, they should notify Tina Kugler so that the appropriate information can be added to the textbook information site.

Per college policy, faculty members may not create course packs to sell directly to students themselves or through their departments.

  • Faculty creating coursepacks can get started by contacting Tina Kugler at TM361@bncollege.com or 408-741-2663.
  • If working with Xanedu, contact Xanedu Campus Rep Justin Navarro at jnavarro@xanedu.com or 415-744-4292.
  • If working with a company other than Xanedu, make sure to also provide coursepack information to Viking Bookstore so that it can be posted for our students.
Last Updated 5/23/19