Adapted Physical Education (APE)

Adapted Physical Education offers a variety of classes to help students with chronic conditions, disabilities, or limitations due to injury.  The safe and supportive environment provides the opportunity to reach individual fitness and conditioning goals. Classes are not for credit and have no fees.

Check out our classes

    Adapted Fitness
    MTWTH  8:00AM- 10:00AM  PE 12
    Adapted Aerobic Exercise
    MTWTH  10:00AM - 12:00AM PE 12
    Adapted Aquatics
    MTWTH  12:30PM - 2:30 PM  Pool

    Adapted Fitness
    MW  7:45AM - 9:10AM  PE 12
    MW  10:55AM - 12:20PM  PE 12
    MW  2:05PM - 3:30PM  PE 12
    TTH  10:55AM - 12:20PM  PE 12
    Adapted Aerobic Exercise
    MW  9:20AM - 10:45AM  PE 12
    TTh  12:30PM - 1:55PM  PE 12
    Adapted Core Stretching
    TTh  9:20AM - 10:45AM  PE 11
    Adapted Aquatics
    MW  12:30PM - 1:55PM  Pool

    Adapted Functional Fitness
    MWTTH 9:20AM - 11:35AM  PE 12

Start Now

  • Register with West Valley by submitting the online application for admission:
  • Complete an application to DESP at DESP Online Services
  • Register for Adapted Physical Education classes
  • For both temporary or permanent disabilities, students must complete a Disability Verification Form (37 KB)
  • The Disability and Educational Support Program offers counselors to assist students with the college application and registration processes

 For further information, please call (408) 741-2459

Ann Barrilleaux
Christel Ligocki
last published: 12/18/18