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Randy Castello

Nancy Ghodart

Jim Henderson

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Accounting Courses

Degree Options:

Business Transfer A.A. Degree

Business Administration A.S Degree

Accounting Clerk Certificate

Department Chair:

    Jim Henderson
    (408) 741-4609

Business Division:

Division Chair:

  Jim Henderson
  (408) 741-4609


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What can I do with Accounting?


Welcome to the Accounting Department at West Valley College!

  • Has math always come easily for you?

  • Can you do math calculations quickly in your head, without writing them down?

  • Do you enjoy balancing your checkbook and creating budget models for effective financial management?

  • Do you see yourself taking on increasing levels of responsibility in the accounting profession in your future?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Accounting program at West Valley might be a great fit for you!


Let your passion for Business lead to Quantifiable Success! 

The Accounting program at West Valley College shows students how to combine their interest in numbers and business into a viable career path. Students will learn how to translate the daily activities of a business into financial statements that portray a business' financial performance and status.

Regardless of whether one works for a large corporation, the government, or a startup venture the ability to analyze financial information and knowledge of accounting standards will make him or her a valuable contributor to an organization's vision and mission.



A background in accounting can make you highly employable!

The Accounting program at West Valley can help students get into one of these highly sought career options:

  • Certified Public Accounting (CPA)

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Auditor

  • Accounting/Financial Analyst

  • Accounting Clerk

  • Tax Preparer

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