Student Services


We want your experience at West Valley to be successful, fun and meaningful. Yes, it should be easy for you to find special programs to accelerate your learning. Easy to attend school and raise your family at the same time. Easy to discover events and student activities that can open your mind to all that is possible for your future. Let’s get started on the three pathways to success at West Valley.

Gateway Services

This is where it all begins. Are you looking for how to apply to WVC? Need money for tuition or books or fees? Want to know what happens once you step through the door? Click to find out.

The College Promise Program funded by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office and the West Valley-Mission CCD Land Corporation helps high school students to transition smoothly to college and encourage them to succeed.

Academic Success

Maybe you’re coming to us straight from high school. Or you have been out in the working world for a few years and want to change careers. Others of you have been raising families and want to start a new phase of your life. In each case, a WVC counselor will help figure out how you can catch up or jump to the head of the class. Start with the 5 steps to success.

Student Development

College is about a lot more than classes. It’s about opening your eyes to a world larger than the one you came from. West Valley students who get involved in student government or clubs like the Science or Cycling Club make friends with shared interests and skills. Why not go exploring?

last published: 12/13/18