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General Math Tutoring
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The Math Resource Center (MRC), located in SM 5, offers free tutoring in all levels of mathematics. The MRC is staffed by math instructors and peer tutors. Computers are available for use in the Math Resource Center for students to do homework, view lecture notes, and work on projects.

You must be enrolled in a mathematics class at West Valley College to obtain free tutoring in the Math Resource Center. Tutoring is available on a drop-in basis only. Follow the instructions below to register for free math tutoring in the MRC at West Valley College:

  1. Log into the WVC Portal.
  2. Click on the Student button.
  3. Click on Registration and then click Add or Drop Classes.
  4. Select the current term in the drop-down box and click Submit.
  5. Scroll to the Add Classes Worksheet section.
  6. Enter the current CRN (section number) for LRSV 110M in the first empty box.
  7. Click Submit Changes.

For more information about the Math Resource Center, please contact Alyson Butcher at (408) 741-2590 or by email at

Math tutoring is also available at the Tutorial/Success Center adjacent to the WVC Library.

last published: 4/1/18