What is a Prerequisite? Clearing Prerequisites

A prerequisite is a course or skill which is required before you can enroll in a particular course. West Valley College has prerequisites that must be met before taking certain classes. For example, Chem 001A with a grade of C or better is required before you can take Chem 001B.

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Methods to clear prerequisites

You can clear prerequisites online or in person.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I send my mom to clear my prerequisite?

If you send a representative to conduct business for you, they must present a signed letter stating that they have permission to conduct business on your behalf.

How long does it take to clear a prerequisite?

Once your request is submitted, it will normally be processed within 2 business days. If you come in person, it is normally handled on the same day.

What if my class is at Mission College?

If taking a class at Mission College, the prerequisite must be cleared through the Mission College Counseling office.

I'm still having trouble with prerequisites. Where can I get help?

For questions involving prerequisites call the Assessment Office at (408) 741-2035 or the Counseling Office at (408) 741-2009. You can also email the Assessment Office at testing@westvalley.edu

Assessment Office
(408) 741-2035
Counseling office
(408) 741-2009

Maps of Testing Sites
Fox (Fox Center)
Bus (Business)

How to Obtain Assessment Scores

Assessment recommendations are available on the date announced in the testing session. You can obtain your scores by:

  1. Authorizing someone else to pick up your scores. First, you must put the request in writing, including your name, WV College ID or Social Security number, the name of the person to whom the scores are to be released, date, and your signature.

  2. Request scores by fax or mail, your written request must include name, WV College ID number, date, and your signature. Fax requests to (408) 741-4076 attn: Assessment Office. Be sure to indicate how the scores are to be returned, either by mail or fax


last published: 3/21/18