Program Review

Student Learning and Program Effectiveness

Program Review Committee Charter

The purpose of the West Valley College Program Review Committee is to:

Provide and refine procedures that enable the systematic evaluation of programs to continuously improve student learning, student achievement, and institutional planning and effectiveness.

The West Valley College Program Review Committee’s Goals are to:

  • To provide an opportunity for programs to demonstrate their contribution to the mission of West Valley College.
  • To improve linkage and accountability between program review and resource allocation.
  • To strengthen the quality of program reviews leading to improved program practices.
Student Learning and Program Effectiveness Committee Chair:
Melvin Vaughn, Science and Math 
Heidi Brueckner, Fine Arts
Kelly Cooper, Business
Jennifer Ho, Social Sciences
Elise Johnson, Student Services
Stephanie Kashima, Dean of Instruction & Student Success
Patricia Louderback, Physical Education
Elizabeth Maciel, Admin. Services
Julie Maia, Language Arts
Peggy Mathieson, Academic Senate
LeAnn K. McGinley, Assessment Coordinator
Betsy Sandford, Library
Amy Vu, Science and Math
Vacant, Applied Arts & Sciences

Policy and Procedure

Master Program Review and SLO/A

Integrated Planning

Example Only - 2014 Program Review Instrument

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