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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need a parking permit and where do I get one?

Parking permits are required at all times except in visitor parking. Daily parking permits can be obtained at red or yellow machines throughout parking lots. Semester permits can be purchased online @ westvalley.edu or at the Admissions and Records Office. (BOG eligible students pay a reduced fee for semester permits). There is no grace period during the Summer Session. See the District Police parking page for more information.

How do I register for classes?

If you did not attend in the previous semester, you will need to file an application for admission. If class has not started and is not closed you may register in the student portal or in person at the Admissions Office. If class has started or is closed you will need to obtain an add code from the instructor.

How do I know if I'm a full-time or half-time student?

Full-time students must be enrolled in 12 units or more.
Half-time students must be enrolled in 6 - 11.5 units.
This is solely for Fall and Spring semesters.
Please see a Counselor to discuss registration status when taking winter and summer term courses.
If you require proof of enrollment, you may request a letter of verification from the Office of Admissions & Records or you can print out your schedule in the student portal.

How do I get a listing of classes I have registered for?

A record of registered classes is downloadable on the web or in person at the Admissions and Records office.

How many times can I repeat a class?

Students are not allowed to repeat courses that have been successfully completed with a grade of A, B, C or P.

Students may repeat any course in which a substandard final grade (D, F, NP or W) was earned. If a student fails the same course TWICE, he/she is required to register in person, at the Admissions Office, for the THIRD and final attempt . An Academic Appeal Petition must be submitted to the Admissions Office for a FOURTH attempt when extenuating circumstances have occurred.

See the college catalog for more information regarding course repetition for substandard work, extenuating circumstances and/or significant lapse of time.

What does the designation LHS in the class schedule stand for?

The classes are offered at Leigh High School (LHS).

Where do I get an Add code?

ADD codes are obtained through the Instructor and may be added using WVCPortal.

Do I need my instructor's signature to drop a class?

Generally, no signature is needed, except when dropping courses in person for-Photography, Chemistry and PE (if a locker was issued).

How do I know which books I need for my class?

The instructor generally provides this information in the class syllabus (green sheet); Login to WVCPortal, go to student menu and then click on the link "My Textbooks".

I went to my class and no one showed up. Does this mean my class was canceled?

No, there is usually a sign posted for canceled classes. If no one is there after 15 minutes of start time, check your class schedule. If no errors are apparent, check with the Division Office.

When is the last day to drop with a full refund and without a "W"?

For short-term classes, you must drop within 10% of the class length for a full refund and 75% of the class length to drop with a "W". For example: A class starting February 2, and ending February 28, runs 27 days. Therefore, the class must be dropped within the first 2 days for a refund. For full semester courses, see schedule of classes, Dates and Deadlines page.

Can I register for a class that begins tomorrow if it isn't listed on the closed class list?

As long as the class has not started and there is space available, you may register online using the WVC Student Portal or in person at the Admissions Office.

I am unable to attend the first class meeting(s). What should I do?

Obtain the instructor's email and/or telephone extension number and leave a message. Instructor e-mail and phone numbers can be located: www.westvalley.edu, select tab at top of screen "Faculty and Staff". Then click the link for faculty and staff listing. If you unable to locate the instructors information, contact the division office coordinator. 

How do I pay for my classes?

There are several ways to pay your fees: 1. Online in the WVCPortal (click on Registration and then click on the link titled "Pay on My Account") using a Visa or Master Cards. 2. On campus at the Admissions and Records Office. 3. By fax (408 867-5033) using a Visa or Master Card. 4. By U.S. mail to:
West Valley College
Attn. Cashiers Office
14000 Fruitvale Ave.
Saratoga, CA 95070.

How do I get my loan check?

Our district has gone green and replaced paper checks mailed to your home address with our HigherOne Debit Card (MYWVMCCD card). All students will receive a card in the mail. If you do not want the card, please visit Admissions and Records within one week of applying for admission. Financial Aid payments go to the HigherOne Debit card.
Visit myWVMCCDcard.com to select your refund preference:
      Debit card - your refund will be loaded within 24 hours of processing.
      ACH Processing - your refund is transferred automatically to your personal bank account for immediate use  within 24 hours of processing.
ATM's are located on both WVC (bookstore) and Mission Colleges (Welcome Center lobby) for your convenience. Please activate your card as soon as you receive it. Instructions will be provided in the envelope.

I was told that I'd get the Board of Governor's Fee Waiver (BOGW) and that my fees will be waived? Why am I being charged a fee?

The fees waived by the BOGW are the cost per unit Enrollment fee. Parking permits for Spring and Fall are discounted for BOGW recipients. Other fees such as, campus center, student Health fee, ASB and web reg fee, are the responsibility of the student.

I am a high school student and I was wondering how my school will know what grade I got in my class?

Students must request an official copy from the Admissions and Records.

Do I need to take the assessment test in order to register for my classes if I don't want a degree?

Generally you will need assessments in English, reading, and math unless you've already attained a college degree. It is recommended to take the assessments prior to enrollment if you intend on taking courses with prerequisites in reading, math, or English. The assessment schedule is available online at westvalley.edu/admissions/assessment/

How can I study for my class when I can't afford to buy the book?

Text books are available in the library  to use for up to 2 hours at a time. Emergency book loan assistance is available through the Admissions Office the first week of the semester for Fall and Spring. This is an interest free loan. Due to limited funding, there is no book loan program during the Summer.

What does it mean to audit a class? How do I sign up for the class when I audit? What about high school students?

Some departments allow students to audit their classes for a reduced fee. Audit slips are obtained through the Division Office, signed by the instructor and processed in the Admissions Office. No academic credit, record or grade is given. Concurrent enrollment students are not allowed to audit.

How do I prove I have met a course prerequisite?

If a prerequisite course was taken at West Valley College or Mission College, the system will automatically verify it and allow registration. If taken at another institution, an unofficial transcript, grade report or in progress print out should be submitted to the Assessment Office. Students also have the option to submit a challenge form along with supporting documents to the Assessment Office. Final decision will be made within 10 working days of submittal.

When can I make an appointment to see a counselor?

Schedule an appointment online, in-person or call 741.2009.
Drop-in counseling is subject to counselor availability. Drop in counseling is for quick questions (10 minute maximum time allowed).
Distance Counseling is also available for help with academic or procedural questions.

New students are required to complete an orientation before making an appointment. Students are exempt from orientation if they...
• have obtained an Associate Degree or higher
• have completed orientation at another Community College
• are only taking classes for personal enrichment (example: Yoga)
• are a continuing student at an accredited University
• are taking a course which is mandated for employment

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