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Court Reporting and Captioning Department

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Recipient of U.S. Department of Education Grant P116K100012, "Training for Realtime Writers" 2011 - 2015

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The West Valley College Court Reporting and Captioning Department has been offering quality career training programs for over 30 years. These careers are more relevant than ever. Trained court reporting and captioners are in high demand to meet the increased need for litigation, captioning services, text-video synchronization, email transcripts, and webcasting.

All students in the program are trained with innovative techniques to help them meet the requirements for state and national certification. In the Bay Area, starting salaries in the field range from $65-100K. A wave of retirements by active court reporters and captioners is expected to create thousands of job openings around the country. Choose Court Reporting or Captioning and you can enter these rewarding and respected careers.

For information about licensing and statistics for California Court Reporters
please visit: The Court Reporters Board of California

We serve students throughout California!  Please join us for our spring Career Night information session on Wednesday, January 27, from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., in room BU 7, across from Parking Lot 4.  If you would like to attend using free video conferencing, please see below:

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If you are new to Zoom, please download it before the information session. 

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Here is the link for the Court Reporting Information/Orientation Session:

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The meeting ID for this information session is: 719 238 793. (Do not put in spaces.)

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We will open the meeting about ten minutes before the information/orientation session.  If you have trouble logging on, please call Margaret (Maggie) Ortiz at (408) 318-4158. 

Please write to Margaret (Maggie) Ortiz at and she will email you additional program information. We hope to see you on January 27!


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