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Certificate of Achievement:
Early Intervention

Major Requirements: 33 UNITS

Successful completion of 33 semester units in coursework listed below plus 18 units in general education. This certificate is appropriate for students who wish to work as an assistant or a paraprofessional in early intervention, early childhood special education, and child development programs serving children with special needs.

Early Childhood Certificate of Achievement

Course Number Course Name Units
CHS 2 Child Growth and Development 3
CHS 34A Introduction To The Child With Special Needs 3
CHS 34B Inclusion of the Child With Special Needs in Ed Settings 3
CHS 35 Practicum in Early Childhood Education 3
CHS 63 Child Family and Community 3
CHS 66 Child Health and Safety 3
CHS 70 Infant Toddler Development and Care 3
CHS 85 Adult Supervision 3
CHS 87 Observation and Assessment 3

ELECTIVES: Complete 6 units from the following list:

CHS 5 Diversity: Childhood and Culture 3
CHS 58 Language, Literacy and the Developing Child 3
CHS 59 Music and Movement for Young Children 3
CHS 67 Creative Art Experiences and Development 3
CHS 83 Documentation of Children's Learning 2
CHS 84 Advocacy for Children 1
CHS 88 Early Childhood Environments 3
CHS 60 Children's Ways of Thinking & Knowing 3
CHS 77A Routines & the Enviornment in I/T Progr. 1
CHS 77B Social Dev't in I/T Programs 1
CHS 78A Early Planning in I/T Programs 1
CHS 78B Family Partnerships in I/T Programs 1
CHS 86 Technology for Teachers & Administrators 3
CHS 88A The Outdoors Environment 1


Eighteen diversified semester units in general education should include at least one course in each of the following areas:

  1. Humanities and/or Fine Arts
  2. Social Sciences
  3. Math and/or Science
  4. English/Language Arts


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last published: 3/21/18