Library 04 Information Competency (GRADUATION REQUIREMENT for most Associate degrees)

(1 Unit - transferable to Cal State University and University of California)

This course will provide you with opportunities to develop and strengthen your research skills and learn the core concepts of information retrieval. You will learn the essential techniques to finding, evaluating, analyzing and presenting information-key skills for a successful college career.

Required for students entering in Fall 2005 and later in order to graduate with an AA/AS degree.

What is information competency?
It is the ability to recognize that you need information and then the ability to find, evaluate, use and communicate that information. Library 004 - Information Competency is a one unit course that can develop you skills in this area.

When should I take Library 4?
It is highly recommended that you take Library 4 in the same semester you take English 1A.

I am a returning student who initially entered West Valley in 2002 and took a few years off. Now I am back to finish my degree. Do I have to follow these graduation requirements?
Yes. According to the West Valley College Catalog, students who took a year or more off before returning to college must follow the catalog requirements in effect at the time of re-enrollment.

I am a returning student who initially entered West Valley in Fall 2006 and did not attend in Spring 2007. Do I need to fulfill the second part of the requirement by taking one of the courses certified for information competency?
No. Students who maintain continuous enrollment, meaning they attended at least one semester or summer session during the academic year, may choose to graduate under the catalog in effect at the time they first enrolled at West Valley. You will still need to take Library 4.

What if I took a similar course to Library 4 at another college? Can I substitute that coursework?
If the course outline and syllabus are similar to what is taught in Library 4, then this part of the requirement may be waived. Contact the Admissions and Records office. They have a partial list of transferable classes from local colleges.

Is Library 4 transferable?
Yes. The credit from Library 4 is transferable to the California State University system (CSU) and the University of California System (UC).

Can I test-out of Library 4?
Yes. You can take the Credit By Examination option and may take the examination only once. The grade received will be recorded on your permanent record. If you fail the examination, you must take the class. For more information and a schedule of times to take the exam, go to West Valley College Library Credit by Exam.

last published: 3/21/18