Printer and Copier Instructions

Printing from Student Computers in the Library

Library Print video

Student desktop computers print to the printers in the Print/Copy area of the library.

Wifi Printing from Your Device

Print to the WVC Library printers from any device, campus or off-campus. It all works the same.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your initials
  3. Upload your file to print
  4. Click the Next Button
  5. Click the Print Button
  6. Write down your Job#
  7. Go to the Print/Copy area of the library to print your file

Mac pages (.pages) files are not supported by the printers and will not be accepted for printing. Learn how to convert your file to a Word document before submitting the file to print. Instructions at 

Printing and Photocopying Costs

Black & White Print or Photocopy:  
$0.10 cents per page with a copy card;  $0.15 cents per page page with cash
Color Photocopy: 
$0.65 cents per page  

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