Academic Senate Sub–Committees



Charge: The West Valley College Academic Directions Committee serves as a standing subcommittee of the Academic Senate to provide support to the Senate and the College as a whole to ensure ongoing maintenance of student needs at West Valley College, including the following:

  1. Review ideas for new programs to determine whether they meet student needs and make recommendations to the Senate regarding whether the program should be allowed to go forward through the full approval process.
  2. Provide guidance for new program development once the program has passed through Senate pre-approval.
  3. Assist existing programs that have been identified as needing revitalization and track their progress.
  4. Make recommendations to the Senate to move forward with Program Discontinuance for programs that have not been successful. (may need to add reference to Program Revitalization process and fiscal emergency)
  5. Work with other constituent groups to forge consensus on matters pertaining to student needs.



2X/Semester, Fridays 9:00 - 11:00 am

Charge: To implement recommendations of the Basic Skills Task Force and to make recommendations about basic skills as needed.

Terms: Indefinite



(1st & 3rd Wed ea Month @ 2:30pm, TCA)

(This is a standing committee of the WVC Academic Senate.)

Charge: To review and recommend approval to the Board new/revised curriculum, degree and certificate programs that adhere to Title 5 requirements.

Terms: Two (2) years.



(Meets Monthly)

(This is a standing committee of the WVC Academic Senate)

Charge: To expand access to creative innovative educational opportunities in quick and efficient ways of learning that include on-line and off-line instruction and support services for students.




(1 Th/Month/TimeVaries)

(This is a standing committee of the WVC Academic Senate.)

Charge: To provide time and opportunities for faculty, staff, and administration to participate in growth and development activities related to staff, student, and instructional improvement, hence, supporting WVC's mission of facilitating successful learning, providing students opportunities to participate in a wide spectrum of educational experiences and encouraging them to be lifelong learners.

Terms: Three years



The purpose of the West Valley College Program Review Committee is to:

Provide and refine procedures that enable the systematic evaluation of programs to continuously improve student learning, student achievement, and institutional planning and effectiveness.

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