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Student Success Team


Mission Statement

The Student Success Team focuses the campus community on student success by cultivating best practices, encouraging innovations in teaching and learning, and establishing clear and effective student pathways.


2015-2016 Goals

1. Coordinate with campus-wide stakeholders to implement federal, state, and local student success initiative recommendations and mandates.

2. Promote successful execution of the three-year institutional benchmarking plan, as outlined in the March 2015 WVC Accreditation Follow-Up Report, Recommendation #2.

3. Reduce the achievement gap by furthering an ongoing cycle of conversation, planning, action, and evaluation in alignment with the 2015 WVC Student Equity Plan goals.

4. Drive efforts to strengthen existing tutorial and learning services while continuing development of plans for a new, comprehensive and vibrant learning and success center.

Fall 2015 Meetings
Student Success Work Team
2nd Thursdays, 3:30-5:00 PM 
Global Citizenship Room
Student Success Core Team
1st & 3rd Thursdays, 2:30-4:00 PM 
Global Citizenship Room
Student Success Core Team Members
Kuni Hay—VP Instruction
Victoria Hindes—VP Student Services
Stephanie Kashima—Dean of Instruction and Student Success
Matais Pouncil—Dean of Student Services
Whitney Clay—Faculty Student Success Coordinator, Reading Faculty
Gretchen Ehlers—Math Faculty
Cheryl Miller—DESP Faculty
Carol Pavan—Counseling Faculty
Melissa Salcido—Counseling Faculty
Susan Sherrill—DESP Faculty
Student Success Work Team Members
Mae Conroy—Career Ed/Workforce Development, Director Off Campus and Special Programs
Herlisa Hamp—Director of Student Equity and Success
Sean Pepin—Director of Student Development
Susie Tong—Counseling/Career Advisor
Jose Bautista—Psychology
Alyson Butcher—Math
Michelle Francis—Reading
Maryanne Mills—Library
Rebecca Wong—Math
Michelle Zajac—Communication Studies
Carlie Grace Surber—ASO
Student Success Core Team members 
The Student Success Work Team includes all Student Success Core Team members (above). 
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